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Liu Yan looked at Lu Dajiang, whose eyes were red, and immediately slapped him, wanting to wake him up.

“Dajiang, wake up quickly! Were leaving now!” Liu Yan shouted.

However, Lu Dajiang showed no signs of waking up.

The red light in his eyes was even brighter.

“How dare you disturb my time with my gold and silver!” Lu Dajiang got up and roared as he rushed toward Liu Yan.

However, Lu Dajiang had lost his mind at this time.

He was not as intelligent as he used to be.

Liu Yan used his superb agility to dodge Lu Dajiangs assault instantly.

Turning his head back and looking at Lu Dajiang, whose eyes were red, Liu Yan gradually realized that he had to wake Lu Dajiang up.

It was impossible to wake him up directly.

Liu Yan was strong, but Lu Dajiangs level was too high.

Liu Yan was no match for him.

However, the situation was different now.

First of all, Liu Yan had many powerful treasures on him.

Although they could not bring the treasures out of the Bizarre Plane, they could use these treasures there.

Liu Yan was using these treasures to increase his strength temporarily.

On the other hand, Lu Dajiang only had mountains of gold, mountains of silver, and banknotes.

They were not of any help in increasing his combat strength.

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Lu Dajiang had lost his mind, and his combat strength dropped drastically.

In this way, Liu Yan might have a chance to defeat Lu Dajiang.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan picked up the Thunder Hammer on his back and walked forward.

The Thunder Hammer was originally an A-grade treasure, but after Liu Yans Divine Extraction, it had already reached S-grade, and its power was astonishing.

Even with Liu Yans terrifying strength, using the Thunder Hammer was strenuous.

Facing the powerful Lu Dajiang, Liu Yan didnt dare to lower his guard.

He directly activated his B-grade skill, Power of Desolation, and Liu Yans strength instantly received a terrifying increase.

With the strength amplification of ten times, Liu Yan could use the Thunder Hammer effortlessly.

At this moment, Lu Dajiang had already charged toward Liu Yan with a crazed expression.

Even though he did not use any skill or equipment, his terrifying stamina was not something an ordinary person could withstand.

Liu Yan immediately raised the Thunder Hammer and smashed Lu Dajiang.


A loud sound rang out as the Thunder Hammer directly hit Lu Dajiang.

Lu Dajiang was pushed back a few meters and fell to the ground.

However, Lu Dajiang immediately got up and charged toward Liu Yan once again.

From the looks of it, not only was he not injured, but he was pissed.

The impact on his entire body was even more terrifying.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately clicked his tongue.

Lu Dajiang was indeed one of the strongest students of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

His strength was so terrifying.

He used his physical strength to withstand the strike of the S-grade weapon, Thunder Hammer.

It did not leave any marks on him.

Lu Dajiangs stamina was too overwhelming.

Immediately, the two of them continued to battle.

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As the battle progressed, Liu Yan activated some elemental energy to attack.

Liu Yans strongest attack was still using the S-grade weapon, Blade of The Night, or the S-grade weapon, Flying Cloud Mystic Bow.

However, the damage would be too great, and it would hurt Lu Dajiang.

After all, Lu Dajiang was not an enemy, but a teammate.

He had only temporarily lost his mind.

Liu Yan only wanted to wake him up, not to hurt him.

And the process of waking him up was undoubtedly extremely difficult.

In the exchange of blows, Liu Yan had relied on the Thunder Hammer and his own powerful strength to cause quite a bit of damage to Lu Dajiang.

But at the same time, Liu Yan also received some hits.

In the face of Lu Dajiangs terrifying stamina, Liu Yan was somewhat unable to hold on.

At this moment, the two were fighting in close combat.

Although Liu Yans physical strength was not as good as Lu Dajiangs, he had the B-grade skill, Power of Desolation, to increase his strength.

In addition to the way Liu Yan had trained in the Eastern Medicinal Garden, he could still barely resist Lu Dajiang.

At this moment, after close contact, Liu Yan suddenly had an idea.

He remembered that he had just completed the advancement of Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan had already been in contact with Lu Dajiang for more than three seconds.

So, he should be able to use Divine Extraction on Lu Dajiang.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan used Divine Extraction on Lu Dajiang.

A white light enveloped Lu Dajiang, and a notification immediately appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Lu Dajiang (A-grade talent, level 51) successful.

Congratulations: Absolute Defense (A-grade) ! ]

[ Absolute Defense ]

Level: A grade

Effect: After activation, will be immune to all physical damage for a certain period, and will be physically invincible!

Current duration: 1 second (upgradable)

Current usage: 3/3,8 hours recovery time (upgradable)

When Liu Yan saw that he had successfully extracted the skill, he was a little surprised.

He obtained a defensive skill, and its level had reached A-grade.

Previously, Liu Yan already had a defensive skill, Counterattack Storm, which was also a grade.

Counterattack Storm was a great defensive skill.

It could defend against physical attacks as well as elemental attacks.

It could also counterattack, but it was not invincible.

As for Absolute Defense, although it didnt have any offensive ability and couldnt counterattack, its defensive ability was over the top.

As long as he activated Absolute Defense, he would be immune to all physical attacks.

One second might seem very short, but in reality, in a battle between experts, one second was already very long.

It was enough to change the situation.

Currently, it could last for one second and could be used three times at most.

The duration and number of times of Absolute Defense could be increased as Liu Yan increased his strength.

Without a doubt, this Absolute Defense was an extremely powerful defensive skill.

If the increase in time after that lasted longer, then Liu Yans combat strength would improve.

Seeing Lu Dajiang charging at him again, Liu Yan didnt choose to dodge this time.

Instead, he directly activated the A-grade skill, Absolute Defense.

Liu Yan used the skill he had obtained from Lu Dajiang to deal with Lu Dajiang.

Immediately, Liu Yans entire body flashed with a golden light, and he entered his invincible state.

Lu Dajiang crashed into the golden barrier, and his bulky body suddenly stopped.

He could not move forward at all.

Lu Dajiangs collision also caused Liu Yan any damage.

When Liu Yan saw the effect of Absolute Defense, he immediately had a look of admiration on his face.

It was truly a top-notch defense skill.

At the same time, Liu Yans hand movements were not idle.

He lifted the Thunder Hammer and used all the terrifying stamina in his body to hit Lu Dajiang.

Relying on Absolute Defense, Liu Yan was invincible.

Liu Yan withstood Lu Dajiangs attacks and kept attacking Lu Daijiang at the same time.

Three seconds did not seem to be a long period, but it was enough for Liu Yan to hit Lu Dajiang seven or eight times with the Thunder Hammer.

When the third time of Absolute Defense was about to end, Lu Dajiang finally fell.

The red light in his eyes gradually disappeared, and his eyes returned to normal.

He gradually regained consciousness.


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