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“This skunk is very small.

It should be able to get the highest score, right” Murong Xue said excitedly.

Luo Qingcheng looked at this mutated green skunk with great interest.

“I remember that there was news that the smallest fierce beast in the altar of fragrance was a skunk, and it was the only one.

This time, Liu Yan will definitely win first place!” Luo Qingcheng explained.

Liu Yan and the others were a little surprised when they heard that.

They did not expect this skunk was the tiniest fierce beast in the altar of fragrance.

It was also the only one.

This way, with the help of this mutated green skunk, Liu Yan would get first place in the altar of fragrances trial.

Besides, he could also obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of fragrance.

At the same time, Liu Yan also felt that his luck was good.

After all, the altar of fragrance was so huge.

Even though Liu Yan and the others had wandered around the altar of fragrance for half a day, they still could not reach the end.

The entire altar of fragrance was incredibly huge.

There was only one mutated green skunk in the gigantic altar of fragrance.

It was naturally difficult to encounter it.

However, Liu Yans luck was pretty good, and he happened to encounter it.

It was also because Liu Yans ability was sufficient that he was able to capture it.

If it was any other student in the trial, they might not even be able to discover the skunk if they were near it.

When this skunk passed by Luo Qingcheng, it was within her detection range.

However, this skunks size was too small, so Luo Qingcheng did not notice it.

Even if the average student in the trial could detect this skunk, it would be tricky to capture it.

It was because this skunks senses were too sensitive.

Even in this stinky swamp, its sense of smell was so powerful.

In addition to the skunks terrifying speed, it was almost impossible for an ordinary person to touch it, let alone capture it.

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In the distance, a group of Gifted Academy students was looking in Liu Yans direction curiously.

They could only see that Liu Yans entire body was covered in mud.

They thought Liu Yan might have captured a fierce beast.

However, the students were too far away.

They did not know what fierce beast Liu Yan had caught or did he catch a fierce beast at all.

The skunk was too small, so it would be difficult for them to notice from far away.

At this moment, the time was up.

The students were teleported out and returned to their respective entrances.

Liu Yan took the cage containing the skunk and appeared at the entrance.

Murong Xue and the other girls returned to their respective entrances and temporarily parted ways.

The instructor in charge of the altar of fragrance was Hong Kewei.

He looked at the group of students and said with a smile, “Everyone, congratulations on successfully passing the trial of the altar of fragrance.

The elimination rate for this round is a little high.

So, you are incredible to pass this round of the trial.

The score doesnt matter much.

Next, you will hand over the fierce beasts you captured.

I will check if your fierce beasts are injured and give you a score.

Finally, after descending the stairway, the two academies will calculate the final highest score and award the sacrificial gems of the altar of fragrance.”

Very soon, the students stepped forward and handed over the fierce beasts they had captured.

“Wang Wu, the body of your fierce beast is slightly larger, and its speed is slightly slower.

There are no wounds on its body.

You have passed the trial with 80 points!”

“Zheng Tainan, the body of your fierce beast is slightly smaller, and its speed is slightly faster.

There are no wounds on its body.

You have passed the trial with 150 points!”

“Li Xiu, the body of your fierce beast is slightly smaller, and its speed is slightly faster.

There are wounds on its body.

You are eliminated!”

Hong Kewei evaluated the scores of every student based on the fierce beast they had captured.

Compared to the previous two trials, this trial was undoubtedly much crueler.

The elimination rate had reached 50%, which was more than the elimination rate in the previous two trials combined.

Moreover, the fierce beasts the other students had captured were mostly average.

Their scores were not high, not even reaching 120 points.

It also meant that although they had passed this trial, the points they obtained were not enough.

They had to get more points in the subsequent trials to make up for it.

Otherwise, they would not be able to reach 600 points in the five trials.

They would not pass the trial on the fourth level of the Tower and lost the chance to the fifth level of the Tower.

Some students had caught small fierce beasts.

They should be able to pass the trial with good points.

Unfortunately, during the capturing or plundering of the fierce beasts, they caused some wounds to their fierce beasts.

If there were a wound on the fierce beasts, the students results would be immediately nullified.

It meant they got eliminated.

Liu Yan looked at these eliminated students who had left the arena dejectedly and shook his head slightly.

If Chu Long was with them, she could help them to treat these fierce beasts.

She could heal the wounds of the fierce beasts.

Things would be totally different.

It was just a pity that the students could not treat their fierce beasts themselves.

However, Liu Yan was not a kind-hearted man.

He would not let Chu Long help them.

Everyone should depend on themselves to complete the trial.

At this moment, it was also Liu Yans turn to step forward and hand over his fierce beast.

When the students saw Liu Yan walking forward, they were all extremely curious.

Previously, Liu Yan had already obtained two sacrificial gemstones from two altars in a row.

The students of the two academies were curious about his result.

It was especially so for the students of the Gifted Academy.

They were concerned about this matter.

After all, a student who obtained the most sacrificial gemstones was undoubtedly a symbol of which the academys top students were more powerful.

It also represented the glory of the entire academy.

Gifted Academy had already suppressed the Lighthouse Academy in the past two years.

This year was a crucial point.

If Gifted Academy won the trials, it would mean that the Gifted Academy had truly surpassed the Lighthouse Academy.

Every student of Gifted Academy was curious about this, and they were eager for glory.

Liu Yan had already obtained two sacrificial gemstones out of five.

The students of Gifted Academy did not wish for Liu Yan to obtain more sacrificial gemstones.

Otherwise, they would lose to the Lighthouse Academy this year.

At this moment, when they saw Liu Yan come up, many of the students were curious about what kind of fierce beast Liu Yan had captured.

However, when they saw Liu Yan walk up with empty hands, many students were somewhat surprised.

But at the same time, they were happy.

“Is this for real Liu Yan did not capture a single fierce beast”

“Doesnt this mean that Liu Yan will get eliminated”

“Thats great.

Otherwise, Liu Yan would be too much of a threat to us.

Without Liu Yan, our Gifted Academy will get the remaining sacrificial gemstones.”

“I wasnt too far away from Liu Yan.

I thought Liu Yan caught a fierce beast, but I was not paying too much attention to him.”

“Looks like Liu Yan didnt manage to catch one.

Thats simply too great.”

When the students from the Gifted Academy saw Liu Yan walking forward empty-handed, their faces were filled with joy and gloating.

Liu Yan had displayed his terrifying strength.

Without a powerful competitor like Liu Yan, the combat strength of Gifted Academys top-notch genius students would surpass Lighthouse Academy.


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