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In the plaza of the Gifted Academy.

Hong Kewei also looked at Liu Yan with some surprise.

Liu Yan was one of the most outstanding students in this trial.

Catching a fierce beast was not a problem for him at all.

Hong Kewei asked with some doubt, “You didnt capture a fierce beast”

“I did.”

At this moment, Liu Yan took a cage out of his spatial ring.

There was a mutated green skunk in it.

When the students saw this scene, they were all a little surprised.

“What fierce beast is this Why is it so small”

“It looks like a skunk.

Its tiny!”

“I didnt expect Liu Yan could catch such a tiny fierce beast.”

“I think Liu Yans fierce beast will get the first place, and he will obtain another sacrificial gemstone”

“So, Liu Yans final move in the altar of fragrance was to capture this skunk.

He actually did it.”

“Wow, such a small fierce beast.

Its score must be very high or even the highest, right”

The students from the Gifted Academy were shocked when they saw the fierce beast that Liu Yan had captured.

They did not expect Liu Yan could catch a small fierce beast.

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They were all students who had come out from the trial of the altar of fragrance.

They knew how difficult it was to capture a fierce beast in that large swamp, especially a small fierce beast.

It was hard to spot and catch a small fierce beast.

Those fierce beasts would also move and escape in the mud, making it difficult to capture them.

For example, the skunk in Liu Yans hand.

Although everyone had not seen Liu Yan capture it, they could imagine how difficult it was.

At this moment, Hong Kewei was genuinely surprised when he saw the mutated green skunk that Liu Yan had taken out.

He said, “I didnt expect you would capture the smallest and only mutated green skunk in the altar of fragrance.

No student has successfully captured this mutated green skunk for many years.

I announce that Liu Yan will receive a full score of 200 points in this trial.

In addition, he will also receive the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of fragrance.

The principal will come over in a while to award the sacrificial gemstone to Liu Yan!”

The students were all stunned when they heard Hong Keweis announcement.

They did not expect that Liu Yans skunk was the smallest and only mutated green skunk in the altar of fragrance.

Liu Yan had successfully captured it, and Liu Yan would be able to obtain another sacrificial gemstone.

Not long after, Murakami arrived.

After understanding the situation, he directly gave the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of fragrance to Liu Yan.

Murakami looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

Liu Yan got the highest score and three sacrificial gemstones from three altars.

Even though Murakami had previously learned from Zhong Yuntian that Liu Yan was extraordinary, he was still somewhat surprised by Liu Yans performance at this moment.

It was because Liu Yans performance was too eye-catching.

Murakami seemed to have made up his mind, but he did not say anything on the surface.

He only gave the sacrificial gemstone and left.

After Liu Yan received the sacrificial gemstone, he returned to the stage.

The Gifted Academy students all looked at Liu Yan in astonishment.

At this moment, they had also learned about the situation from the smart wristbands local area network.

Allen Smith and Xu Han, who were exchange students at Lighthouse Academy, also performed quite well in this trial.

Both of them scored 190 points.

The two fierce beasts that they caught were the size of a palm.

They were small and fast.

Their fierce beasts were also worth high marks.

However, compared to Liu Yan, they were still a little inferior.

Liu Yans performance was even more outstanding.

At this point, it also meant Liu Yan had already obtained three sacrificial gemstones in a row.

The first three sacrificial gemstones from three altars had all been taken by Liu Yan alone.

Very quickly, todays trial ended, and all the students were dismissed.

The news that Liu Yan had obtained the third sacrificial gemstone spread quickly.

When the students of both academies learned of this news, they were all extremely shocked.

The students of the Lighthouse Academy were thrilled.

Liu Yans outstanding performance undoubtedly brought glory to the Lighthouse Academy, making the students of the Lighthouse Academy proud.

As for the students of the Gifted Academy, they were unhappy.

Gifted Academy had been suppressing Lighthouse Academy for the past two years.

Gifted Academy had always been a little more formidable in terms of the combat strength of both academies top students

This year, the Gifted Academy was confident.

After all, they had two top-notch genius students at once.

Who would have thought that Lighthouse Academy improved even more than Gifted Academy A terrifying monster like Liu Yan suddenly appeared.

And at this point, although the trial on the fourth level of the Tower had not completely ended, it was obvious that the Lighthouse Academys results would be even better.

After all, there were only five sacrificial gemstones in total, and Liu Yan had already obtained the first three gemstones.

Even if the Gifted Academy could obtain the remaining two sacrificial gemstones, they would still be inferior to the Lighthouse Academy.

The result was already determined.

In fact, the Gifted Academy might not even be able to obtain the last two sacrificial gemstones.

After all, Liu Yan was so powerful.

He had great strength to compete for the latter two sacrificial gemstones.

Some students even suspected that Liu Yan would have a chance to obtain five sacrificial gemstones.

At this moment, many students were discussing this matter.

“Do you guys think that Liu Yan will obtain five sacrificial gemstones Thats too exaggerated.”

“Its really possible.”

“Thats too ridiculous.

A person obtaining five sacrificial gemstones from five altars has never happened before.”

“There was a strange person who did it a few decades ago, but that was a long time ago.

Indeed, it hasnt happened recently.”

“What kind of person is this Liu Yan Ive never heard of him before.

Why is he suddenly so terrifying”

“He seems to be just an ordinary person who grew up through trial.

He doesnt have a deep background like Allen Smith and Xu Han.”

At this moment, in a corner of Lighthouse Academy.

Allen Smith and Xu Han were chatting with strange expressions on their faces.

“We had gone through so much trouble to capture those two fierce beasts and obtain 190 points in the end.

However, we are still inferior to Liu Yan.” Xu Han said with a bitter smile on his face.

Allen Smith also helplessly said, “In the entire altar of fragrance, only that single mutated green skunk was able to surpass our fierce beasts.

I didnt expect that Liu Yan would be able to capture it.

I thought that the fierce beast back then was his final result.

However, it wasnt the case at all.”

Xu Han sighed and felt helpless.

At that time, they felt a little relieved when they saw the fierce beast in Liu Yans hands.

After all, even though that fierce beast was small, it was only about 180 points at most.

However, they did not expect it was not Liu Yans final fierce beast.

In the end, Liu Yan still managed to capture the only mutated green skunk and directly surpassed them, successfully obtaining the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of fragrance.

Even Xu Han, who had always been smiling mischievously, could not help but become a little serious.

“Allen, we cant let this happen again.

Weve already allowed Liu Yan to obtain three sacrificial gemstones.

Its embarrassing to our academy.

Although were destined to lose, we must obtain the last two sacrificial gemstones no matter what.

Otherwise, itll be too embarrassing.”


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