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In the wood attribute territory.

Liu Yan and his group of five were heading deeper into the wood attribute territory.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue were at the front, with Xu Han and Allen Smith at the back.

Chu Long was in the safest position in the middle.

The five of them were protecting Chu Long.

After Liu Yan entered the wood attribute territory, he released Purple Wind Falcon.

It flew high in the sky to investigate the situation.

Purple Wind Falcons combat strength was weak.

It did not have much combat strength, but its functionality was exceptional.

In this kind of situation, it could be of great use.

Purple Wind Falcon was scouting the situation high in the sky.

With its help, Liu Yan and others could move in the wood attribute territory with complicated terrain easily.

At the same time, Liu Yan had also activated his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

In this complex terrain, Liu Yan could still clearly sense all the movements within a hundred-meter radius.

After traveling for a while, Liu Yan learned about the situation from Purple Wind Falcon and the temporary camp location of the Pan-ocean Community team.

At the same time, he learned that the other side had already sent out two squads.

Twenty awakened ones and a guardian beast were moving in their direction.

Liu Yan asked his teammates to stop for a moment and told them about the situation.

After Xu Han learned about the situation, he relaxed.

He smiled and said, “Its only twenty people.

We can split up and attack them one by one.”

Murong Xue did not take it seriously and said, “Its only twenty people.

We can take out four of them each.

Its not a big problem.”

Allen Smith did not say anything but looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan thought about it for a while.

Twenty awakened ones might be powerful to the others, but they were not a threat to Liu Yan and his sharp knife squad.

After all, Liu Yan and the others were all geniuses among geniuses.

It would not be too troublesome for them to defeat the incoming enemies.

Especially in this complicated terrain, it was even more convenient to move around.

However, Liu Yan knew there was also the wood attribute territorys guardian beast other than these twenty awakened.

The awakened ones combat strength might not be that great, Liu Yan and the others did not put them in their eyes.

However, the guardian beast was different.

The fire attribute territorys guardian beast, Undying Fire Phoenix, was a powerful fierce beast with a talent grade of SS and a level up to 60.

The guardian beast of the wood attribute territory should have similar strength.

They should not underestimate it.

Liu Yan pondered for a moment and analyzed, “These twenty people do not pose much of a threat to us.

It is easy to deal with them one by one.

The key lies in this wood attribute guardian beast.”

Hearing this, Xu Han also nodded, “This wood attribute guardian beast should not be weak.

It will not be easy for us to defeat it.”

“Its just a fierce beast.

Although its strong, were not weak either.

As long as we take out the twenty awakened ones, wouldnt it be easy for the five of us to deal with the wood attribute guardian beast” Murong Xue said indifferently.

When Chu Long heard this, she also agreed.

“I think this is a good idea.

The five of us will be able to deal with the guardian beast together.

Our chances of winning are quite high.”

Liu Yan thought for a while.

He nodded and said, “We must accept the challenge this time.

In a while, we will advance a part of the way.

We will set up an ambush in front of them and wait for them.

When they arrive, we will split up and try our best to break up the two squads.

Then, we will attack them one by one.

When we have finished with the awakened ones, we will deal with the wood attribute guardian beast together.

We could win this competition if we seize this opportunity to defeat the wood attribute guardian beast in one fell swoop.

If it doesnt work out, we will stop the attack and retreat.

If their reinforcements arrive, we will be trapped and unable to escape.

Remember, you must be fast and decisive.

You must not be left behind.”

Xu Han and the others nodded when they heard this.

They understood the crux of the matter.

The five of them were all very powerful.

They were all geniuses among geniuses.

In a one-on-one fight, they were not afraid of any member of the Pan-ocean Community team.

They could even deal with them.

However, they had only five of them.

If Liu Yan and his squad were surrounded, they would be outnumbered.

No matter how strong they were, they could only deal with a few of them simultaneously.

Five people could not defeat two squads of awakened elites.

Fortunately, the night sky and the complicated terrain of the wood attribute territory gave Liu Yan and the others a lot of space to maneuver around.

It would be more convenient for them to move.

Liu Yan glanced at Chu Long.

He then instructed, “When we move out, Chu Long, you should hide far away.

Then, see if any of the other four of us need help.

Then, you can use support and healing skills to help us.

When the four of us move, we should also pay attention to Chu Long.

If Chu Long is really in danger, help her.

Chu Long, you should try your best not to be entangled.”

Hearing this, Chu Long nodded and said, “Dont worry, you guys.

Although my combat strength is weak, my speed is still pretty good.

I wont be entangled by them and give you guys trouble.

You guys fight well.

Ill assist you.”

Xu Han and Murong Xue also nodded and agreed.

Although Allen Smith did not say much throughout the whole process, he listened to everything and said, “Alright.”

Very soon, Liu Yan and the others, who had decided on a plan of action, continued to advance.

They stopped not far in front of them.

The environment here was a little more complicated.

Many kinds of plants were growing everywhere, making it more convenient for them to set up an ambush and fight here.

Liu Yan and the others observed the environment and felt it was more suitable for fighting.

In addition, it was also the path that He Yang and the others had to pass, so Liu Yan and others stopped there and set up an ambush.

The reason why they had to fight separately was to be more secure.

After all, He Yang and the others were not weak either.

They were also the most elite existences selected from the Pan-ocean Communitys current batch of students.

If five people were to fight against twenty people, the twenty awakened ones would be able to help each other.

In addition, they also had the help of the wood attribute guardian beast.

Without a doubt, their combat strength would increase significantly.

It would bring some trouble to Liu Yan and the others.

Most importantly, if Liu Yan and the others could not finish them off immediately and were entangled, it was very likely that the other partys reinforcements would arrive.

At that time, it would be even more difficult for Liu Yan and the others to escape.

If they were to fight separately, they would have an advantage in individual strength.

Liu Yan and the others would have more space to maneuver around and launch attacks on the enemies.

It would be more convenient for them to fight one-on-one.

The key to this operation was undoubted to get rid of He Yang and the other 20 awakened ones as soon as possible and make them lose their combat strength.

Then, they would find an opportunity to get rid of the wood attribute guardian beast and win this competition.

Even if they could not get rid of the wood attribute guardian beast, they would still be able to injure He Yang and the other 20 awakened ones.

This way, they could damage the Pan-ocean Community severely, and their strength would be disrupted.

This way, they could achieve half of the goal of Liu Yan and the others in this operation!


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