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Wood attribute territory, deep in the forest.

Liu Yan and the others hid in the forest, waiting for He Yang and the others to arrive.

He Yang and the others had sent two squads.

Twenty awakened ones and a guardian beast of the wood attribute territory.

The squad led by He Yang was slightly behind.

The squad in front of them soon arrived near Liu Yan and the others.

Liu Yan had already instructed them to fight separately.

But at the same time, they didnt need to be too far apart to prevent either side from encountering danger, and the others could help in time.

A member of the Pan-ocean Community team came from a distance from Liu Yan.

Looking in his direction, he was going toward Liu Yan.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately activated his A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and B-grade skill, Traceless Silence.

Instantly, Liu Yan completely disappeared into the darkness.

It was already late at night, and he was in the forest.

It was difficult to notice the person hiding there.

At this moment, Liu Yans figure completely disappeared under the Shadow Cloak, making it even more impossible to find him.

At the same time, as he disappeared without a trace, all the movements on Liu Yans body disappeared too.

The surroundings were dead silent, without the slightest sound.

Liu Yan opened his A-grade weapon, Soft Blade Boxing Gloves, and prepared for battle.

Against these ordinary members, Liu Yans strength was already overwhelming, so he did not need to use high-grade weapons.

Just using the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves was enough.

On the other hand, Liu Yan did not want to be too ruthless.

After all, these members of the Pan-ocean Community team were fighting for the benefit of their continent.

They were also the awakened ones of the Blue Planet.

Liu Yans goal was to injure them and make them lose their combat strength.

If necessary, Liu Yan would consider killing them.

Soon, the members of the Pan-ocean Communitys team arrived in front of Liu Yan.

Liu Yan seized the opportunity and picked up the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves.

He immediately used his S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled, and landed a heavy punch at the right angle.

Instantly, the Pan-ocean Community team member was sent flying more than ten meters away by Liu Yans punch.

Accompanied by a scream, it also meant that this team member was seriously injured and had almost lost his combat strength.

Seeing this, the other team members not far away surrounded Liu Yan one after another.

However, Liu Yan was hiding in the darkness.

Once he succeeded in his attack, he once again hid in the dark.

Not to mention it was nighttime in the dense forest, Liu Yan could use his two powerful concealment skills, A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and B-grade skill, Traceless Silence, even in broad daylight.

Even if the awakened ones were in front of Liu Yan, they would not be able to discover him at all.

The team members rushed over, but they could not find Liu Yan at all.

After searching for a while, they didnt find anything.

“Strange, what happened just now”

“I dont know.

When I noticed it, Xiao Wang was already sent flying and heavily injured.”

“Could there be some terrifying fierce beast”

“It shouldnt be.

There arent any fierce beasts in this forest.”

“Its probably the attack of the Land of Origin team.

They left too quickly.”

“This speed is a little terrifying.

They disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

“The other party is an absolute expert.

We must not split up.

Otherwise, we will be defeated one by one.

We must gather together!”

The remaining members of the Pan-ocean Community team immediately reacted.

Although they did not know the exact situation, they also realized that it must be one of the experts of the Land of Origin team.

They could not split up.

They had to gather together.

Otherwise, they would be in danger.

In fact, Liu Yan was right beside them, but they did not notice him at all.

Hearing their conversation, Liu Yan nodded secretly.

After all, they were members of the Pan-ocean Communitys representative team.

They were not weak, and they realized the problem at the first moment.

They could not split up and let them break down one by one.

They had to gather together.

However, it was useless.

Their plan of sticking together might still be useful against the others.

However, it was useless against an expert like Liu Yan, who had a terrifying concealment skill and terrifying explosive power.

Liu Yan could look for an opportunity to continue attacking.

At this moment, this small squad hadnt discovered anything, so they could only head in the direction of the injured member.

Liu Yan allowed them to leave his side and did not make a move.

When the last person was about to leave, Liu Yan held his A-grade weapon, Soft Blade Boxing Gloves, and used his S-grade skill, Absolute Unrivaled, to attack again.

It was also an exquisite punch that contained a terrifying explosive power.

It once again injured this team member heavily.

After a successful strike, Liu Yan once again concealed himself.

However, this time, Liu Yan did not stay here any longer.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team were not stupid either.

They could only be fooled once or twice, so Liu Yan could not continue to attack them.

They definitely had their guard up.

After taking out the two team members, Liu Yan left and approached the direction of the other squad.

Since the members of this squad had their guard up, then Liu Yan could directly look for another squad.

There were plenty of opportunities for Liu Yan to make a move.

On the other side, Murong Xue, Xu Han, and Allen Smith were also looking for opportunities to attack.

Although the three of them were powerful, they did not have a terrifying burst of power and a powerful concealment skill like Liu Yan.

So, they did not have the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Most of them could only rely on the cover of darkness and the forest to launch a sneak attack.

After the first attack, they could only leave to avoid being entangled.

However, the three of them were not weak either.

Although the effect of the attack was not as good as Liu Yans, it was not bad either.

Especially Allen Smith, whose explosive power was equally terrifying.

Every time Allen Smith found an opportunity to attack, he could easily defeat a member of the Pan-ocean Community team.

As for Chu Long, she hid in the forest and observed the situation.

Before the battle began, she had already cast a buff skill to support Murong Xue and the others.

After that, Chu Long hid in the forest.

After learning and training in Lighthouse Academys Logistics School, Chu Long was clear about her position as a priest in battle.

She wanted to ensure her own safety as much as possible and stay away from the battlefield to avoid fighting.

As long as she wasnt injured and there was no danger, she could help her teammates with support and healing.

At the same time, she didnt need help from her teammates and wouldnt distract them.

A priest like Chu Long would be helpful on the battlefield.

Through his Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan observed the situation of his four teammates.

They were all alright.

At most, their attacks werent smooth, but they could still successfully escape and then find an opportunity to attack.

Overall, they were performing well.

The situation of his teammates made Liu Yan feel at ease.

Liu Yan also focused on what he was doing.

His figure was hidden in the darkness, looking for an opportunity to attack again.


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