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In the dark forest.

The five-man squad of Liu Yan was hiding in the darkness.

The two squads from the Pan-ocean Community teams were attacked by Liu Yans squad.

The opponent had a lot of people.

There was a total of twenty members.

They were all the elites of the Pan-ocean Community, and their strength was not weak.

However, they were unlucky to face the sharp knife team formed by Liu Yan and others.

Liu Yan and his teammates were the geniuses among geniuses, and their combat strength was tremendous.

In a one-on-one fight, the members of the Pan-ocean Community team were not a match for Liu Yan and the others.

Liu Yan could seriously injure the opponents with a single strike.

Then, he would retreat unharmed and complete the attack.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team could not do anything to Liu Yan.

On the other side, Allen Smith, Xu Han, and Murong Xue were equally strong.

They were able to finish off their opponents easily.

Not long after the battle had begun, more than half of the twenty members of the Pan-ocean Community team had already been injured.

When their captain He Yang saw this scene, he was shocked.

He Yang had not expected that the strength of these five opponents would be so terrifying.

He Yang had specially brought two small squads.

The number of people was four times that of Liu Yans squad.

However, he had not expected that the strength of the opponents had far exceeded his expectations.

The twenty of them were not even a match for these five people.

The most terrifying thing was that He Yang had not even discovered a single figure of their opponent until now.

Every time the opponent appeared, they would launch a thunderous attack.

They injured one of He Yangs team members and quickly left without giving He Yangs squad to fight back.

At this moment, the two squads of the Pan-ocean Community were formed by elites.

They were not weak at all.

But at this moment, these two squads were in a mess, and there was no room for resistance.

He Yang knew that if this continued, the opponents would wipe out his two squads.

He might be heavily injured too.

If the captain of the Pan-ocean Community team was defeated on the first day, it would be humiliating.

He would not be able to raise his face in the future.

He Yang immediately ordered, “Everyone retreat now.

Dont make any futile resistance.

The guardian beast will cover our retreat.

Lets hurry back and call for reinforcements!”

The team members who had long lost their will to fight received the order to retreat.

They were immediately relieved after hearing the order.

They quickly brought the injured team members beside them and left.

Liu Yan and the others, who were hiding in the dark, naturally would not let the squads of the Pan-ocean Community leave.

The purpose of Liu Yan and his teammates was to crush the Pan-ocean Community team, heavily injure them, and destroy their strength.

Liu Yan and his squad could not let them return safely.

Liu Yan and the others immediately continued their offensive.

At this moment, the members of the Pan-ocean Community team had no fighting spirit anymore.

They retreated one after another.

Such a situation made it even more convenient for Liu Yan and the others to attack.

If the opponents gathered together to fight them, it would make things more difficult for Liu Yan and the others.

Liu Yan and the others continued to attack, and one by one, their opponents fell.

Soon, only the strongest He Yang was left.

Murong Xue was the closest, so she seized the opportunity and immediately rushed forward to attack.

Murong Xues strength was not weak, but He Yang was also strong as a captain.

He was not someone that ordinary members could compare.

After a round of exchange, He Yang was slightly at a disadvantage, but he did not suffer any losses.

Murong Xue still wanted to continue chasing, but the guardian beast of the wood attribute territory appeared and stopped Murong Xue.

Sturdy Back Ape went forward and attacked, knocking Murong Xue back a few meters and slightly injuring her.

Chu Long, who had been maintaining the distance between them and hiding at the back, saw this and immediately used her skill.

White light and blue light landed on Murong Xues body.

Murong Xues injuries recovered quickly.

At the same time, she also used some buffs on Murong Xue to increase her strength.

Murong Xue looked at the wood attribute guardian beast in front of her with some surprise.

She did not expect it to be so powerful.

Just a casual strike from it had directly injured her lightly.

However, Murong Xue did not retreat.

She picked up her S-grade weapon, Crystal Gloves, and charged forward again.

Murong Xue knew how powerful the wood attribute guardian beast, Sturdy Back Ape, was.

She did not dare to underestimate it.

Murong Xue stomped on the ground, and her aura soared.

She entered level 3 of the Tyrant Body and charged forward to fight with Sturdy Back Ape.

At this time, Allen Smith, Xu Han, and Liu Yan also arrived at the same time.

“Its a pity that He Yang escaped.

Otherwise, our operation would have been more successful if we had caught this captain.” Xu Han looked at the dark tunnel that had disappeared into the distance with some pity.

Liu Yan was not surprised.

There were not many powerful experts in this Pan-ocean Community team, and He Yang was quite strong.

Judging from the situation of the fight, He Yang did not use his full strength at all and was on par with Murong Xue.

If He Yang had used his full strength, he might not lose.

Although Murong Xue was weaker than He Yang, she should have no problem escaping.

“Its okay.

Its just a team leader.

Its not that important,” Liu Yan said indifferently.

Allen Smith did not say anything and stared at Sturdy Back Ape not far away.

Allen Smith did not say anything, but from the fervor in his eyes, one could tell he had a deep desire to fight.

Allen Smith wanted to fight with Sturdy Back Ape.

It was the desire to fight with an expert.

At this moment, Liu Yan also looked at the battle in the distance.

Even after Murong Xue had used level 3 of Tyrant Body, she still was not a match for the Sturdy Back Ape.

She was at a disadvantage and got injured right after the battle started.

If Chu Long had not healed Murong Xue and helped her recover from her injuries, Murong Xue would have been heavily injured by now.

Meanwhile, Murong Xues battle had already turned from offense to defense.

She had already brought forward her Rock Shield to block the attacks.

Fortunately, Murong Xues defense was exceptional.

With Chu Longs help, she could barely withstand the attacks of the Sturdy Back Ape.

However, a discerning person could also see that Sturdy Back Ape was likely not using its full strength yet.

Murong Xue would have been defeated long ago if Sturdy Back Ape had used its full strength.

Xu Han glanced at Chu Long and exclaimed, “Her healing ability is not bad.

She healed Murong Xue almost instantly.

This is the first time Ive seen such a powerful priest among the students of the same year.”

Xu Han had seen many priests before, but it was rare to see someone as powerful as Chu Long.

He had never seen anyone like Chu Long among the students of the same year.

Liu Yan heard this and smiled faintly.

Liu Yan was very clear about Chu Longs talent.

Although Chu Long was a priest and did not have much combat strength, her healing and support abilities were outstanding.

It was also the reason Liu Yan had brought Chu Long here.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield.

The strength of Sturdy Back Ape was gradually increasing.

Even if Murong Xue relied on her salt shield, she could no longer hold on.


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