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In the canyon.

Ye Yifan and the others realized that the experts from the Land of Origin team blocked them from behind.

Everyones expressions turned stern.

There was only one road in the canyon.

Ye Yifans team was surrounded by enemies in the front and the back.

Ye Yifan and the other experts naturally had no way to leave and could only fight.

“How did these people know we would pass by here They set up an ambush here.”

“Its over.

Its over.

Were all done for this time.”

“They are experts from three teams.

They have more people than us.

Im afraid we cant fight them head-on!”

“I wonder how long the earth attribute territory can last.”

“We have to break out of this encirclement.

Otherwise, well all be eliminated!”

“This is too despicable.

They set up an ambush here.”

The experts under Ye Yifan were panicked and angry.

Ye Yifan glanced at Luo Wei and couldnt help but feel regretful.

If he had listened to Luo Weis advice and detoured, things would not have ended up like this.

It was undoubtedly not good for them to get stuck here.

But at this moment, Ye Yifan had no time to regret.

He could only think of a way to break out of this situation.

Ye Yifan looked in front and behind him.

The experts from the Land of Origin team had surrounded them.

There were more people at the front and fewer opponents at the back.

It seemed that the threat at the back was smaller.

Ye Yifan used his detection skill to sense it and found that the opposing experts at the back were stronger.

He didnt have much time to think.

He had to make a decision and choose a direction to rush out.

Otherwise, the opposing experts from the front and back would surround them and form a pincer attack.

When that happened, they would have no chance to win.

Ye Yifan made a prompt decision and ordered, “Everyone, follow me and charge forward.

Dont try to battle.

Try to break out of the encirclement.

After breaking out, spread out and head to the fire-attribute territory to destroy the core!”

Upon hearing Ye Yifans order, the experts rushed forward.

When the group of experts led by Murong Xue saw this, they didnt panic and immediately got into a defensive formation.

Murong Xue had her S-grade shield, Rock Shield, as she stood at the forefront.

The rest of the team members also got into a defensive formation and began to defend.

Their goal wasnt to defeat Ye Yifan and the others but to defend and not let Ye Yifan and the others break through and leave.

When Allen Smith and the other experts surrounded them, they could easily defeat Ye Yifan and his team.

Very quickly, Ye Yifan and his group clashed with Murong Xue and her group.

Ye Yifan and the others had superior individual combat strength.

However, Murong Xue and the others had advantages in numbers and defensive ability.

They were able to withstand the attacks of Ye Yifans team.

In this short period, Allen Smith and the others had caught up from behind and immediately formed an encirclement.

Ye Yifan and the others were facing three times the number of opponents, so they naturally had no chance of breaking through.

Soon, the two sides began to fight.

And the battle situation was almost one-sided.

Ye Yifan and the others were not weak, but Liu Yans team members were all experts and were extraordinarily strong.

They also had an absolute advantage in numbers, so it was a one-sided battle.

When they were fighting, one of Ye Yifans team members suddenly turned invisible and disappeared.

Allen Smith sensed that someone was trying to escape and quickly gave chase.

Even if the other party was invisible, Allen Smith could still vaguely sense the other partys whereabouts.

However, the other partys speed was so fast that Allen Smith couldnt catch up with him.

Ye Yifan and the others were no match for them, so they stopped fighting and looked around in a group.

Ye Yifan and the others were happy to see Luo Wei successfully break out.

“This is great.

Luo Wei has successfully broken out of the encirclement.”

“Luo Weis invisibility skill is amazing, especially in this situation.”

“Haha! Luo Weis speed is the fastest among us.

Hes successfully broken out of the encirclement, and no one can catch up to him.”

“Luo Wei is our last chance.

I hope he can succeed!”

“I didnt expect that in the end, all the hope of our Red Star Empire team would be on Luo Wei alone.”

Ye Yifan and the others were all happy that Luo Wei had successfully broken out of the encirclement.

Even though their last hope was on Luo Wei alone, Luo Weis strength was also strong.

As the number one assassin in the Red Star Empire team this year, there was no need to doubt his strength.

Luo Wei was skilled in concealment and speed, so they believed Luo Wei still had a good chance.

Ye Yifan and the other experts were waiting for Luo Wei to rush straight to the fire attribute territory and destroy its core.

At this moment, Liu Yan had been watching from high up in the sky.

He flapped his Wings of Wind God.

Then, he suddenly appeared at a low altitude near the ground, right above Allen Smith.

“Ill track him.

Youre in charge of taking care of the remaining experts.” Liu Yan said indifferently.

Allen Smith looked up and nodded slightly before returning.

With Allen Smiths speed, he might be able to catch up to Luo Wei, but it would undoubtedly be more troublesome and would take a lot of effort.

However, it was much easier to hand it over to Liu Yan.

Allen Smith trusted Liu Yan and immediately returned to fight Ye Yifan and the others.

Liu Yan flapped his Wings of Wind God and quickly chased after them.

Ye Yifan and the others were surprised to see Liu Yan flying at such a high speed.

“He can fly, and its so fast.”

“Looks like Luo Wei was not mistaken.

There was indeed a figure in the sky.”

“Sigh, if I had known earlier, I would have trusted Luo Wei and made a detour.”

“Its too late to say anything now.

I hope that Liu Yan wont catch up with Luo Wei.”

“Its fine.

Luo Wei is the number one assassin on our Red Star Empire team.

His speed is terrifying, so there shouldnt be any problems.”

The Red Star Empire team exclaimed, but they couldnt help but feel worried.

Liu Yans flying speed was not slow, and it seemed to be even faster than Luo Weis.

They could only pray that Luo Wei used his stealth skill to avoid Liu Yan.

Luo Wei, who had successfully broken out of the encirclement, was the last hope of the Red Star Empire team.

At this moment, Allen Smith also returned.

As for Luo Weis matter, he could leave it to Liu Yan.

Allen Smith was not worried at all.

He just had to deal with Ye Yifan and the other experts in front of him.

After returning to his original spot, Allen Smith looked at Ye Yifan coldly and said, “Do you want a one-on-one or group battle Ill let you choose.”

The experts in Ye Yifans and Allen Smiths teams were all extremely famous.

Allen Smith had long wanted to fight with Ye Yifan to determine who was better.

Ye Yifan glanced at Allen Smith, but he didnt want to fight.

Compared to the individual victory or defeat, Ye Yifan was more concerned about whether the Red Star Empire team would not be eliminated and advance successfully.

It was the most important thing.

Ye Yifan smiled faintly and said, “Is there a point Even if I beat you in a one-on-one fight, you still have so many experts behind you.

Theres no need to fight in a group battle since there are so many of you.

Theres no way we can win.

Lets quietly wait and see if Luo Wei can succeed.

In any case, if he doesnt succeed, well lose.”

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