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Upon hearing this, Allen Smith was slightly disappointed.

Initially, he wanted to take this opportunity to fight Ye Yifan and see who was better.

However, since Ye Yifan didnt want to fight, Allen Smith had to give up.

He stood quietly at the side and waited for the situation between Liu Yan and Luo Wei.

When Murong Xue heard Ye Yifans words, she replied in disdain, “Whats the point of waiting That so-called number one assassin of yours, Luo Wei How could he be a match for Liu Yan Dream on!”

Murong Xue and Liu Yan had known each other for a long time.

She was well aware of how terrifying Liu Yan was.

Although Luo Weis concealment ability and speed were good, he was not a match for Liu Yan.

Murong Xue did not believe Luo Wei could escape from Liu Yan, let alone defeat Liu Yan.

When Ye Yifans subordinates heard Murong Xues words, they all felt Murong Xue looked down on them.

They were all somewhat dissatisfied.

“What are you saying”

“Luo Wei is the number one assassin in our Red Star Empire team.

Hes powerful!”

“Thats right.

You dont look strong at all.

You only know how to defend.”

“Little girl, dont be so arrogant.”

“I think Luo Wei has a good chance!”

The group of experts said in dissatisfaction.

When Murong Xue heard this, she still didnt think much of it.

She smiled and said, “Well wait for the results.

I dont care if Luo Wei is the number one assassin in the Red Star Empire team.

Hes nothing in front of Liu Yan! Moreover, I am a tank.

Why shouldnt I defend I think that even if you guys tried your best to break out, you wouldnt be able to get past me.

Whats there to be arrogant about”

When experts of the Red Star Empire team heard this, their expressions turned awkward.

They did not know what to say.

They had tried their best to break out of the encirclement but failed.

And the main reason was because of Murong Xue.

Even though Murong Xues offensive ability was not that strong, her defensive ability was exaggerated.

Even with all of them attacking together, they were still unable to break through Murong Xues defense.

From this, one could see how ridiculous Murong Xues defense was.

The team captain of the Land of Origin team, Liu Yan, had also left a deep impression on them.

Not only could he fly, but his speed was also fast.

If Luo Wei was not careful, Luo Wei might lose to Liu Yan.

For a time, the experts from the Red Star Empire team were all worried.

Could it be that the last hope of the Red Star Empire team, Luo Wei, was going to be defeated Was the Red Star Empire team destined to be eliminated

On the other side, Liu Yan was flying with the help of the Wings of Wind God.

He was fast and caught up to Luo Wei in no time.

When Liu Yan was in the air earlier, Liu Yan was still unable to track Luo Weis movements after he went invisible.

However, at a low altitude, Liu Yan could use his S-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, to find Luo Wei.

Coupled with the terrifying speed of the Wings of Wind God, Liu Yan was naturally able to catch up to Luo Wei easily.

Liu Yan flew in front of Luo Wei and said, “Your concealment ability and speed are not bad, but thats all you can do.

Give up!”

Luo Wei was surprised to find that Liu Yans speed was so fast that he caught up to him instantly.

Luo Wei had met experts before and lost many times.

He had lost in all other aspects.

However, he had never lost in concealment and speed.

Upon hearing Liu Yans words, Luo Weis face turned cold.

Unwilling to admit defeat, he directly walked past Liu Yan.

Liu Yan looked at Luo Wei, who was far away.

He was not in a hurry.

Instead, he shook his head helplessly.

Luo Weis speed and concealment were indeed not bad.

However, Liu Yan was also skilled in these two aspects.

Liu Yans current profession was a Dark Ranger.

He had the abilities of an assassin, and his assassination ability was even better.

At this moment, Liu Yan had many ways to defeat Luo Wei, who was extremely fast.

The simplest way was to use his S-grade weapon, the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, to shoot arrows directly.

No matter how fast Luo Weis speed was, it was not as fast as Liu Yans arrow.

After the wind and lightning attribute energies were added to the arrow, its speed was even more ridiculous.

It could easily catch up to Luo Wei.

Furthermore, Liu Yan also had an A-grade skill, Track, which made it impossible for Luo Wei to hide.

However, Liu Yan thought for a moment and did not shoot.

He did not want to get rid of Luo Wei this way.

Since entering the Tower, Liu Yan had encountered a few awakened ones with the assassin profession.

However, the number of awakened ones with the assassin profession was relatively small.

After all, the training of an assassin was more difficult than that of a regular profession.

It was also the first time Liu Yan had encountered such a powerful and pure assassin as Luo Wei.

“Then lets take this opportunity to spar and let you know what a real assassin is.”

Liu Yan spoke as he took out his S-grade weapon, the Blade of Night.

Immediately after, Liu Yan used the A-grade skill Shadow Cloak and the B-grade skill Traceless Silence.

Instantly, Liu Yans figure vanished from where he was standing, and his voice disappeared too.

It was as if Liu Yan was not there at all.

His concealment ability was terrifying.

In terms of concealment ability, Liu Yan was beyond Luo Wei.

Luo Wei ran in the front rapidly, but he kept an eye on Liu Yan behind him.

Luo Wei was surprised to find that Liu Yan had disappeared completely.

Luo Wei tried to sense his surroundings again but couldnt find Liu Yans figure.

He was surprised.

A regular concealment skill could only hide ones figure, but one could still find the other party through other senses.

Sound was one of them, and Luo Weis hearing ability was superb.

However, Luo Wei couldnt understand why Liu Yans sound had disappeared too.

He couldnt even hear Liu Yans heartbeat.

Luo Weis expression changed as he realized that Liu Yan was also incredible.

At this moment, Luo Wei was rushing toward the fire attribute territory rapidly, and he was not far from it.

However, Luo Wei did not feel happy at all.

On the contrary, he was a little flustered.

At this moment, he was undoubtedly in the open, while Liu Yan was in the dark.

In a battle between assassins, whoever was in the open was doomed to fail.

Even if their strength were about the same, the result would be the same.

Furthermore, Luo Wei could sense there was a huge gap between his strength and Liu Yans.

However, even though Luo Wei was flustered, he did not give up.

All he could do was continue forward at full speed so that Liu Yan would not catch up with him.

However, Luo Wei underestimated Liu Yans speed.

Liu Yan was invisible.

He didnt even need to use his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, to increase his speed.

Just by relying on his high agility and the speed boost from the Wings of the Wind God, Liu Yan caught up to Luo Wei effortlessly.

He arrived beside Luo Wei and stabbed his sharp Blade of The Night at Luo Wei.

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