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Luo Wei was advancing quickly.

At the same time, he also tried to sense his surroundings, but to no avail.

He could not find Liu Yans figure at all.

However, Luo Wei suddenly felt a sense of danger.

Even though there was nothing besides him, Luo Wei suddenly felt a sense of danger.

Luo Wei immediately realized it was Liu Yan, so he quickly dodged.

However, it was too late.

Liu Yan immediately activated his B-grade skill, Backstab, and appeared behind Luo Wei in an instant, his dagger stabbing downwards.

Instantly, blood flowed out.

Luo Wei lost control of his body and rolled on the ground dozens of meters before stopping.

Luo Wei, who had fallen to the ground, struggled to get up in a sorry state and looked at his shoulder.

The attack just now had injured Luo Weis right arm, and he could no longer use it for the time being.

It also meant that Luo Wei had lost his ability to fight.

Luo Wei instantly felt helpless.

He was the last hope of the Red Star Empire team.

Initially, Luo Wei thought that he had a good chance.

After all, he was the number one assassin in the Red Star Empire team.

He was skilled in both concealment and speed.

At the moment, the temporary camp of the Land of Origin team in the fire attribute territory was empty.

If Luo Wei could go there and destroy the core, he could eliminate the Land of Origin team.

However, Luo Wei did not expect Liu Yan was not only strong but also an assassin.

In the short exchange just now, Luo Wei knew he had lost to Liu Yan.

Whether it was in concealment ability or speed, he had lost to Liu Yan.

He was not a match for Liu Yan in the two fields he was most skilled.

The dagger pierced his arm, but it had caused him such injuries.

If the dagger stabbed his vital point, Luo Wei did not doubt that he would have been a corpse by now.

At this time, Liu Yan had also canceled his A-grade skill Shadow Cloak and B-grade skill, Traceless Silence, revealing his figure.

The sharp Blade of Night in his hand was dull and did not have any blood on it.

However, Luo Wei could tell that the dagger in Liu Yans hand was extremely powerful.

Liu Yan looked at Luo Wei with a faint smile and said, “Do you still want to continue”

Even though he had won against Luo Wei, Liu Yan still admired Luo Wei.

Luo Wei had only met Liu Yan.

If it were anyone else, they would not be able to do anything to him.

Even an expert like Allen Smith, who was extremely powerful, could easily defeat Luo Wei.

However, if Luo Wei wanted to hide, leave, or assassinate, Allen Smith couldnt stop him.

After seeing Liu Yan appear, Luo Wei couldnt help but feel a little surprised.

Liu Yan was so close to him, yet he didnt notice him.

It showed how terrifying Liu Yans concealment ability was.

After hearing Liu Yans words, Luo Wei sighed and said, “No, Ive already lost.

Thank you for showing mercy.”

Luo Wei did not want to give up.

He did not want the Red Star Empire team to get eliminated just like that.

However, Luo Wei knew that he had already lost.

If not for Liu Yans mercy, he would have died by now.

There was no point in struggling.

Luo Wei knew that he had no chance against such a powerful Liu Yan.

When Liu Yan heard this, he took the lead and smiled, “Youre pretty good.

Youre one of the most powerful assassins Ive met in the tower.”

When Luo Wei heard this, he couldnt help but smile bitterly, “I am nothing compared to you.

I didnt expect not only you have terrifying combat power, but you are also good at concealment and speed.

Its really surprising.

At this moment, Luo Wei was impressed by Liu Yan.

Even though Liu Yan was his opponent, Liu Yans strength truly shocked Luo Wei.

Before this, Luo Wei knew that Liu Yan was powerful and could even defeat the guardian beast alone.

However, Luo Wei did not expect Liu Yans concealment, speed, and assassination skills were also outstanding.

It made Luo Wei admire him.

“Alright, the battle is over.

Come back with me to end this battle.” Liu Yan said indifferently.

Luo Wei nodded slightly.

He stood and took out some herbs to apply to his wound, treating it temporarily.

Despite the pain, his face was calm.

He was already used to this.

Luo Wei followed Liu Yan and returned to the canyon.

Not long after, Liu Yan brought Luo Wei back to the canyon.

When Ye Yifan and the others, who were surrounded and waiting, saw Liu Yan return with Luo Wei, their hearts turned cold.

They knew that they had failed.

Luo Wei walked forward and looked at Ye Yifan guiltily.

“Im sorry, Captain.

I lost because I wasnt strong enough.

I dont have a chance.”

When Ye Yifan saw the wound on Luo Weis shoulder, he immediately understood what had happened.

Although Luo Weis injuries werent serious, he was skilled in concealment and speed.

This time, Luo Weis mission was to destroy the core of the Land of Origin team in the fire attribute territory.

Naturally, there was no need for him to fight Liu Yan.

Luo Wei would not take the initiative to fight Liu Yan.

However, even in such a situation, Liu Yan could injure Luo Wei at close range.

Not only was Luo Wei weaker than Liu Yan, but he also couldnt even escape.

There was no point in continuing to fight or get entangled with him.

Luo Wei had no chance at all.

“Its not your fault,” Ye Yifan sighed.

“Its our fault for not being strong enough.”

Ye Yifan and Qin Chu had placed the fate of the Red Star Empire team on Luo Weis shoulders.

They felt ashamed.

The experts under Ye Yifan were also in despair.

Over at the earth attribute territory, the battle between the Land of Origin team and the Red Star Empire team had just begun.

Sun Wen led the Red Star Empire team, and they tried their best to defend.

However, there was no doubt that the Red Star Empire team was bound to fail in the face of such a difference in strength.

It was only a matter of time.

Sun Wen and the Red Star Empire teams mission was only to stall for time.

They had never thought that they would be able to defend against the attack of the Land of Origin team.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too great, and it was impossible to defend against it.

The hopes of this battle were on the experts from the Red Star Empire team.

However, their operation had undoubtedly failed.

At this moment, the experts were surrounded by the opposing experts of the Land of Origin team.

The other party was not weak and had three times the number of people.

They naturally had no chance.

At this point, it also meant that the Red Star Empire team no longer had any chance.

“I didnt expect we would be defeated just like that.”

“The difference in strength between the two sides is too big.”

“Captain, what should we do next”

“Its all because the European Federation team lost too quickly.

If they held on a little longer, we might have had a chance.”

“Thats right.

If we can fight the Land of Origin team with the European Federation team, we might still have a chance.”

“Its too late to say anything now.”

“I didnt expect that our team would be eliminated.

How embarrassing.

“We are weaker, and the gap is too big.”

The experts of the Red Star Empire team were all sorrowful.

They felt that they no longer had a chance.

Everyone looked at their Captain, Ye Yifan, and waited for his next order.

Many experts felt it was meaningless to continue resisting and would only increase the casualties.

However, many experts were unwilling to give up.

They had put in a lot of effort, sweat, and blood to get to this point, so they naturally didnt want to give up easily.

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