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Chapter 98, Annihilate The Ancient Draconic Croc

“What Find that Ancient Draconic Croc Thats too powerful!”

Chu Longs face was filled with shock.

She had never thought that Liu Yans goal would actually be that Ancient Draconic Croc.

Yesterday, they had personally witnessed the power of that Ancient Draconic Croc.

It killed more than ten Awakened instantly in a single strike.

They were not on the same level.

Murong Xue was also a little surprised.

She looked at Liu Yan suspiciously and asked, “Liu Yan, how confident are you”

“This Ancient Draconic Crocs strength is about the same as the Golden-armored Blue Apes.

Im 80% confident.” Liu Yan said calmly.

In reality, Liu Yan was conservative when he said he was 80% confident.

After becoming a Dark Ranger and obtaining the S-grade weapon, Blade of The Night, Liu Yans strength had increased several times overnight.


Initially, when Liu Yan went all out, he was probably only on par with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

After increasing his strength by so much, it would be easy to deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

He was 100% confident.

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Looking at the entire third level of the Tower, other than the Golden-armored Blue Ape, Liu Yan probably did not have any opponents he was afraid of.

After Liu Yan removed part of the magic spell, the Golden-armored Blue Ape released a portion of its strength.

According to the Golden-armored Blue Ape, even if it had only released a small portion of its strength, it was still several times stronger than before.

Liu Yan could no longer sense the Golden-armored Blue Apes aura even if he relied on his A-grade perception skill.

He could not sense its strength at all.

After releasing a portion of its strength, the Golden-armored Blue Ape was clearly no longer on the same level as Liu Yan, that was why Liu Yan could not sense it at all.

Although he wasnt a match for the Golden-armored Blue Ape, it was fortunate that the Golden-armored Blue Ape had a good relationship with Liu Yan.

The Golden-armored Blue Ape, in fact, owed Liu Yan a favor and promised to help Liu Yan once, so Liu Yan naturally didnt need to worry about it.

Even though the current gap between him and the Golden-armored Blue Ape was huge, with his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, Liu Yans strength could increase exceptionally quickly.

Liu Yan believed that it was only a matter of time before he caught up to or surpassed the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

When Murong Xue heard Liu Yans reply, her expression was slightly surprised.

Although Liu Yan didnt say it, she had already guessed that Liu Yans strength had increased quite a bit.

And Murong Xue and Chu Long were clear that Liu Yan was not the type of person to talk big.

Since he said that he was 80% confident, then he definitely was.

“Alright then, lets go and fight the Ancient Draconic Croc together.

However, though my strength has increased quite a bit, I reckon I wont be of much help.

That Ancient Draconic Croc is too powerful.” Murong Xue nodded slightly.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, had a relaxed expression.

He smiled and said, “Its fine.

Just leave the Ancient Draconic Croc to me to deal with.

When the time comes, there will be a huge commotion during the battle.

It will attract other fierce beasts and Awakened ones.

You two will be responsible for guarding against the other fierce beasts and the Awakened ones, preventing them from causing trouble and affecting my battle with the Ancient Draconic Croc.”

When the two women heard this, they agreed.

At the same time, they were also a little excited.

They actually had the chance to deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Soon, Liu Yan and the other two arrived at the side of Yang Lake.

A few Awakened not far away immediately recognized Liu Yan and the other two and shouted.

“Look, arent these three Awakened from the Yin region yesterday Quickly call everyone over!”

“Its this guy.

He killed two of my teammates yesterday, making me a lone ranger all of a sudden.


“Quick, call the guys.

Lets take revenge together!”

“These three must have a lot of Yin cards on them.

If we get them, we can all pass the trial on level three of the Tower.”

“I was worried that I wouldnt be able to find these despicable guys, but they actually came to me.

Theyre really courting death!”


As those Awakened shouted, the remaining Awakened gathered soon after.

They had suffered more than ten casualties yesterday, and there were still more than twenty people left.

At the same time, many of the remaining Awakened heard the commotion and began to watch from afar, but they didnt dare to approach.

The Awakened had also realized during the trial on level three of the Tower that it wasnt just the fierce beasts which were dangerous.

There were also the Awakened, so they were all on guard against each other.

Liu Yan and the others heard that and glanced over.

However, they did not pay much attention to it.

Liu Yan said calmly, “Ill leave it to you to fend them off.”

Murong Xue and Chu Long nodded confidently.

Yesterday, when they were facing them, they might have been in a rather sorry state.

However, things were different now.

Both of them had completed their class transitions.

Moreover, both of them had transited into powerful and rare classes.

Furthermore, the Awakened on the other side had suffered heavy losses yesterday, and nearly half of them had died.

The current Murong Xue and Chu Long were naturally confident that they could stop those Awakened.

Liu Yan did not pay attention to Murong Xue and Chu Long.

On the one hand, he trusted their strength.

On the other hand, when he fought with the Ancient Draconic Croc later, those Awakened would definitely not dare get close to them and would hide far away.

Liu Yan had absolute confidence in dealing with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

However, to the other Awakened, it was an existence that could crush them.

It was simply not an existence that they could afford to offend.

The Ancient Draconic Crocs attack yesterday had even left a big psychological scar on those Awakened.

The Awakened from the Yang region rushed forward.

There were more than twenty of them.

Liu Yan didnt even look at them.

Chu Long hid behind while Murong Xue stepped forward alone.

Seeing that scene, the people watching from afar were shocked and started discussing.

“Whats the situation with this group of people So many people are surrounding a small team.”

“How can a small team of three send just one person to face so many Awakened while the other two stand behind”

“This man is too B*stard.

He didnt even care about this side.

Why is he looking at Yang Lake Sending a woman to defend, is he still a man”

“I heard that this team is the first Awakened team from the Yin region to block the Awakened from the Yang region.

They had conflicts with the Awakened from the Yang region yesterday, and seems like they killed more than a dozen of them.”

“More than ten So powerful.

It seems like these three people arent as simple as they look.

They might be very powerful.”

“Interesting, interesting.

Theres going to be a good show today!”

“So what if theyre powerful Can three people be a match for more than twenty people”


At the same time, Murong Xue looked calm as she faced more than twenty Awakened charging at her.

“Rock Guardian!” Murong Xue shouted in a low voice.

A circle of earthen yellow rock elements formed a rock wall around her and it was used as a defense.

Behind her, Chu Long also activated her support skill.

“Knight Reinforcement!”

As soon as her voice fell, a ball of green and sacred light landed on Murong Xues body.

Murong Xue immediately felt that her physical fitness, which was already extremely strong, had become much stronger.

The strength in her body had become even stronger.

Murong Xue was a little surprised.

Chu Longs skill had increased her vitality and strength by around 20%.

It was ridiculous!

At that moment, more than twenty Awakened on the opposite side had already rushed forward.

Their attacks all landed on Murong Xues rock wall.

The attacks from more than twenty people did not have much effect.

The rock wall completely blocked the attacks of more than twenty powerful Awakened.

Only a few cracks appeared on it, but it was not seriously damaged.


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