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Chapter 99, Facing It Alone

The Awakened who were watching were all shocked when they saw that scene.

The Awakened, who could survive until now, were definitely the more powerful ones on level three of the Tower.

The weak had long died at the hands of the fierce beast or the other powerful Awakened.

But now, those twenty or so powerful Awakened were blocked by one person in a round of attack

Such a scene was truly beyond their understanding.

“Whats going on Is this woman so powerful”

“That seems to be a rock wall, made of Earth elements.

Its defense is relatively strong.”

“No matter how strong it is, it shouldnt be able to block more than twenty people by itself, right That is too strong!”

“No wonder her teammate looked like he didnt care about her.

It turns out theres no need to care and help.”

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“Damn, that is too comfortable.

It would be great if I could have such a teammate.

Shes so good-looking, and her strength is so heaven-defying.

I wouldnt dare do this even in my dreams!”


The twenty or so Awakened who had made their moves were also shocked.

They had already guessed that Liu Yan and the other two were relatively strong.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have been the first group to come to the Yang region from the Yin region.

However, they had never expected that they would be so strong.

At the same time, Liu Yan did not even glance at this place the entire time.

Using his Omniscient Insight, he sensed that the Ancient Draconic Croc was still under the Yang Lake.

Liu Yan used the same trick again.

He took out the Myriad Beast Bow, nocked the arrow, and used the A-grade skill, Flame Control.

Attached with fire elements, it formed an Explosive Arrow.

After that, he used his A-grade skill, Split, to expand the range.

Following that, an arrow was shot out, splitting into five arrows that landed on the lakes surface.

The suppressed fire elements exploded instantly, causing five rather large waves on the lakes surface.

The lakes surface calmed down for a while, and then it began to churn.

The giant Ancient Draconic Croc emerged from the water surface and appeared in front of everyone.

Its appearance was similar to that of a crocodile, but its body size was much larger and as tall as a building.

At the same time, two dragon horns were on its forehead, making it look highly terrifying.

The twenty or so Awakened ones, who were about to continue attacking Murong Xue, saw that, and their faces were instantly filled with panic.

The scene from yesterday had once again appeared in front of them, and it was like a nightmare.

How could they dare to continue attacking Murong Xue One after another, they turned around and ran, hurriedly leaving.

The Ancient Draconic Croc killed more than ten of their companions in one strike yesterday.

The terrifying scene was still vivid in their minds.

They did not want to follow in their footsteps and die under this fearsome Ancient Draconic Croc.

After they ran far away, the Awakened ones were panting heavily as they scolded Liu Yan.

“What is this guy trying to do by luring this terrifying fierce beast again”

“This fierce beast is too powerful.

Even if we attack it together, we wont be a match for it.”

“Is this guy crazy Why must he lure out this fierce beast Is he trying to drag everyone down with him”


Just as everyone was cursing, they were surprised to find that Liu Yan and the other two didnt run away.

Instead, they were facing the terrifying Ancient Draconic Croc as if they were preparing for battle.

When they thought of this, disbelief appeared on everyones faces.

They felt that it was impossible.

The Ancient Draconic Croc was so mighty that it might not even be an existence that should be on level three of the Tower.

With so many instantly killed, the three of them still want to attack the Ancient Draconic Croc

The Ancient Draconic Crocs face was filled with fury.

It was suppressed here and was responsible for guarding the treasures, but it didnt have any other mission.

Therefore, it could not be bothered with those Awakened.

The Awakened were too weak, so it could not be bothered to make a move on those weak Awakened.

However, those Awakened woke it up time and time again.

It had already taught them a lesson yesterday, but they still dared to disturb its sleep today.

The Ancient Draconic Croc raised its head and let out a long roar.

Its voice spread throughout the world, deafening and full of power.

Murong Xue and Chu Long, who were relatively close to the Ancient Draconic Croc, could not help but feel the pain in their eardrums and took a few steps back.

Liu Yan, who was at the side, had a calm expression.

With his powerful constitution and attributes, he did not feel much towards the roar of the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Liu Yan said calmly, “All of you take a step back and protect yourselves.

I can handle this myself.”

“Then be careful.” Murong Xue nodded slightly and instructed.

Then she quickly brought Chu Long away from the side of the Yang Lake.

Although Murong Xues personality was relatively tough, she was not stupid.

She could sense that her strength was still far from the Ancient Draconic Crocs strength.

Even if she stayed where she was to help Liu Yan, she would not be of much help.

On the contrary, she might be in danger because she was too weak.

When that time came, Liu Yan would still have to save her, causing him more trouble instead of helping him.

However, Chu Long was a little worried about Liu Yan.

She said worriedly, “Why dont I stay here Ill be more careful.

I can still help you.”

However, Liu Yan smiled faintly and said, “Dont worry.

I can handle it.

Chu Long, you just need to protect yourself.”

Chu Long saw Liu Yans confident face and could not help but feel relieved.

Only then did she leave with Murong Xue.

Having reached this level, the Ancient Draconic Croc already had a certain level of intelligence.

Seeing this scene, it could naturally tell that that puny human wanted to provoke it.

The Ancient Draconic Croc stared at Liu Yan, its pupils dilated and its eyes filled with anger.

Being provoked by such a puny human, it felt very humiliated.

Liu Yan tried to use the smart wristband, but he was somewhat surprised to see information about the Ancient Draconic Croc.

[Ancient Draconic Croc]

Talent: SS-grade

Level: 30

Description: Possesses the bloodline of a dragon.

Extremely powerful.

Suppressed here, which restricted most of its strength.

After looking at the information panel, Liu Yan confirmed that it was similar to the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

Both were mighty fierce beasts.

Its strength was greatly restricted while being suppressed here.

If it were at its full strength and high level, Liu Yan would not be a match for it since he was only level 10 or so currently.

Liu Yan was a little puzzled.

When the smart wristband checked the Golden-armored Blue Ape, it could not find any information.

However, when he checked the Ancient Draconic Croc, he could find out the information.

Could it be that the Golden-armored Blue Ape was even more powerful

This Ancient Draconic Crocs talent had already reached SS-grade.

Could it be that the Golden-armored Blue Ape was already powerful enough to reach SSS-grade or even higher than the legendary grade

When he thought of this, Liu Yan was extremely shocked.

No wonder the Golden-armored Blue Ape said that if it could display 10% of its strength, it would be enough to crush Liu Yan.

It seemed that it was not boasting at all.

It did have that strength in the past.

However, although the Ancient Draconic Croc in front of him was also terrifying, the gap between it and the Golden-armored Blue Ape was still huge.

In addition, its strength was also restricted by quite a bit.

Liu Yan naturally had nothing to fear.

“What are you looking at Ill kill you today.” Liu Yan glanced at the Ancient Draconic Croc glaring at him and cursed in a bad mood.

The Ancient Draconic Croc seemed to understand Liu Yans words and immediately roared toward the sky in anger.

Under the huge roar, the entire Yang Lake churned up huge waves.

The Awakened not far away saw that and were all trembling in fear.


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