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The God of War bragged happily, but he didnt hide the flaws of the Star Devouring Technique.

So far, this technique couldnt help him become a god.

The God of War didnt seem to care about this.

Perhaps he felt that there must be a way to make the Star Devouring Technique work.

Han Fei asked, “Senior, since this Star Devouring Technique can skip the Star Path, whats its purpose How is it stronger than ordinary Star Paths”

The God of War didnt keep it a secret.

Perhaps because Han Fei was too outstanding, he really wanted to teach him this technique.

The God of War responded, “Let me ask you, is it difficult to compress the star core”

Han Fei thought for a moment.

How could it not be difficult It was like refining a fist-sized piece of divine iron into a nail-sized piece of super divine iron.

More importantly, the weight of the two was equivalent.

Because it was pure energy, Han Fei had to reduce its density.

Just like water, if a thousand cubic meters of water was pressed to one cubic meter, could water still be called water Once compressed to a certain extent, the elements that constituted water would collapse and decompose.

Assuming that it was compressed forcefully, it would produce super-high temperatures, nuclear fusion or something like that.

Therefore, when Han Fei crazily compressed his star core, firstly, it was because the energy could be compressed and its density was too high.

Secondly, Han Fei didnt know why the energy could be compressed so crazily.

However, even if the energy could be compressed like this, the further he went, the more terrifying the compression difficulty would be.

Han Fei responded, “Very difficult.”

God of War: “Whats the difficulty”

Han Fei said, “I cant give enough pressure.

Besides, if the star core is compressed uncontrollably, I feel that it will explode or cause some unknown change.”

God of War: “Star Devouring Technique can give you a lot of pressure.

You can use the power of other peoples Origin Stars to compress the energy of the Star Core.

As for the unknown changes, a Star Core Seed can be born after the Star Devouring.

With its existence, you can keep compressing your Star Core.”

“The Star Core Seed Why”

Han Fei was shocked.

My Dao Seed had been swallowed by my Star Core, and I still dont know why.

God of War: “You can regard the Star Core Seed as a Dao.

Its a Dao, a rule, a Heavenly Dao, an irreversible and indestructible thing.

It has an extremely powerful stabilizing effect.”

Han Fei hurriedly responded, “Isnt this just a Dao Seed Then if someone has a Dao Seed, can he just throw his own Dao Seed into it”

Han Fei didnt say that his Dao Seed had been absorbed, but the God of War replied, “Its a Dao Seed, but you forcibly gave birth to this Dao Seed.

Have you heard of anyone who can forcibly give birth to a Dao Seed No, right A Dao Seed is either born, inherited, or born from Dao Enlightenment.

But forcibly giving birth to a Dao Seed is unheard of.

But essentially, produced Dao Seeds and born Dao Seeds have no difference.

At least, I havent found any difference yet.

As for putting in the original Dao Seed, this isnt a big problem.

A person, a seed.

No matter how many Daos you have walked, you will only be able to give birth to one Dao Seed in the end.

Therefore, if you have a Dao Seed, it should be able to fuse with the Star Core.

This wont affect the cultivation of the Star Devouring Technique.”


Han Fei was slightly relieved, but then he was relieved again.

In this case, didnt it mean that he had embarked on the path of the Star Devouring Technique

Han Fei hurriedly asked, “Senior God of War, have I embarked on the path of star devouring”

God of War: “Not yet.

Youre only qualified to practice the Star Devouring Technique.”

Han Fei asked, “What if I take the path of Star Devouring Path and the normal Star Path together”

God of War: “Ive tried the method you mentioned, but the situation will be a little special.

When you reach the Monarch realm, you can try walking like this.

What I told you at the beginning is meant to save you the trouble of taking the Star Path, which will waste your time.”

Han Fei snorted in his heart.

You deliberately didnt tell me that the normal star path was to be taken at any time, not to be completed in one stage.

Your purpose is just to let me practice the Star Devouring Technique.

Do you think I dont know it

Han Fei asked, “In that case, Senior God of War, when can I prove my Dao if I practice the Star Devouring Technique”

God of War: “Its not certain.

In the Sea Realm, it should be easy for you to know the comprehensive strength of perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

When you can easily crush them, youre equivalent to a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

If there has to be a sign, when your Dao Seed swallows enough Star Core Seeds and starts to spin slightly, you can be considered already in the perfected Star Transformation Realm.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows.

“Directly to the perfected Star Transformation Realm No peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm”

God of War said, “What are you talking about Can peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators beat you now If you have toreach the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, well, when you compress your Star Core by ten times more, you can be considered already reaching this realm.

But at that time, you will be much stronger than normal peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.”

Han Fei: “”

Han Fei almost rolled his eyes.

Ten times more How much terrifying power would it take to compress it

Wait, wasnt the main function of the Star Devouring Technique devouring stars and giving birth to a Dao Seed He would find out when he tried it.

Han Feis heart did a flip.

In any case, he should get the Star Devouring Technique first.

When he got it, he would immediately ask Eldest Senior Brother about it.

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, so if I practice the Star Devouring Technique, I can almost crush my peers in the same realm”

God of War: “Of course.”

“No disadvantages”

God of War: “The disadvantage is not big.

Its just that the cultivation speed of your physique will surpass the cultivation speed of your soul.

The further you cultivate, the more obvious it will be.

Of course, this doesnt mean that your soul power will be weak.

In fact, the Star Devouring Technique includes soul cultivation methods.

You can rest assured.”

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, I have one last question.

Among the Great Dao that gods deduced , is the Star Devouring Technique the strongest”

The God of War patiently explained, “Han Fei, do you know why Im willing to teach you this technique”

Han Fei was puzzled.


The God of War said, “Because you are a human.

Among the myriad races in the Infinite Ocean, the human race has existed since the chaotic world and the primeval era and has continued to this day.

Even though the human race has had ethnic changes in history, most of the races derived from the human race are humanoids.

In this world, there are countless humanoids, but they dont know that their true ancestors are pure human beings.

As for the pure-blooded humans, there are actually fewer and fewer of them, and they are getting weaker and weaker.

They might be scattered in the countless Origin Grounds in the endless Sea of Stars.

But one thing remains unchanged.

That is, the potential of the human race is infinite.

This is a perfect race with almost infinite potential.

And this Star Devouring Technique was deduced by an orthodox human god in the past.”


Han Fei suddenly perked up.

“An orthodox human god Did human beings once have a god”

God of War: “Yes, the history of the human race is much longer than you think.

The origin of the Star Devouring Technique is unknown, but it has been passed down to this day.

After the deduction of countless gods through endless years, it can almost be regarded as the strongest cultivation technique in the history of the human race.

It can be said to be a supreme divine technique.

Furthermore, only humans and humanoids can cultivate it.

If living beings of any other race cultivate it, their bodies will explode and they will die because human blood has never flowed in their bodies.”


“Oh my god, it seems that the Star Devouring Technique is even more terrifying than I imagined!”

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, please teach me the technique.

Im the Human Emperor.

My bloodline is the purest.

Who else can practice the Star Devouring Technique other than me”

No matter what, he would just get the Star Devouring Technique first.

The God of War nodded in satisfaction.

From the fire curtain, a flame reflected in Han Feis mind.

After throwing out the Star Devouring Technique, in the distant Sea of Stars, the God of War smacked his lips.

“Alas! I wonder if Han Fei, an orthodox human, can make it.

Ive already given out more than 30,000 copies, but its a pity that less than one-tenth of them can prove Dao.

When will someone come to me”

Han Fei didnt know the little tricks of the God of War, but he didnt need to know.

After the altar of the God of War disappeared, he quickly browsed the Star Devouring Technique and immediately went to find Eldest Senior Brother.

However, when he saw the introduction of the Star Devouring Technique, his heart skipped a beat.

Good lord, it was really a Supreme Divine Technique.

Star Devouring Technique (Supreme Divine Technique)

Introduction: The Star Devouring Technique is an ultimate cultivation technique handed down by an orthodox human god after generations of repeated deductions.

It was created as the top cultivation technique among the human races myriad techniques.

However, because the level of this cultivation technique is too high, no one can become a god with this technique except for its original creator.

The Star Devouring Technique borrows the power of others, the power of the Heavenly Dao, the land of all things, and myriad techniques to help one cultivate.

Once one cultivates this technique to prove Dao, he cant give it up.

Either he keeps becoming stronger, or his body and soul cant withstand the growing power of the Star Devouring Technique and explode.

This technique ranked first among the human race techniques and ranks seventh among the techniques of the myriad races in the Infinite Ocean.

Deduction: Cannot be deduced for now

Effect: Once you prove Dao, you can cultivate automatically at all times.

Disadvantage 1: Except for the creator, no one has ever become a god with this technique.

Disadvantage 2: Once a cultivator has proven Dao, they have to try their best to improve their soul power.

Disadvantage 3: If your Dao heart doesnt reach the realm of gods, youll die sooner or later.

Note 1: If you cultivate this technique, youll either become a god or die.

The rest of the time, youll have to think about how to improve the power of your soul all the time.

Note 2: Taking the Extreme Dao can prevent you from dying because your soul hasnt improved enough and exceeds the upper limit of your soul.

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