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When Han Fei saw all the disadvantages and notes of the Star Devouring Technique at the bottom, he was shocked.

This was indeed a Supreme Divine Technique, and it was even the best technique in human cultivation history.

However, this technique could only be ranked on the Monarch Roll in the Infinite Ocean.

However, Han Fei felt that it was normal because the path to godhood had almost been severed.

The God of War hadnt been found yet, so the Star Devouring Technique couldnt be ranked on the God Roll.

Also, the God of War said that the Star Devouring Technique contained a soul cultivation method.

But in fact, when Han Fei learned more about it, he found that the so-called soul cultivation method was actually to snatch the soul imprinted on others Origin Stars.

Therefore, once he practiced the Star Devouring Technique, his physique would become stronger and stronger as he progressed.

As for the power of his soul, because he didnt cultivate his soul fast enough, the distance between his soul and his physique would increase.

However, Han Fei found it strange.

If it were him, he wouldnt be afraid.

This was because with the Demon Purification Pot, his soul and physique could mutually transform.

This time, in the Demon Domain, after Dao Domain Sunflower Head injected a large amount of World Origin into him, Han Fei instinctively felt that the number of this transformation had undergone a drastic change.

He would find out after he experimented with it, but before that, he had to go to his Eldest Senior Brother.


Activating the void mark, Han Fei asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, I encountered some questions on my way of cultivation.

I wonder if you have time to give me some pointers”

The Eldest Senior Brothers response was no slower than the God of Wars.

As soon as Han Fei sent the message, the Eldest Senior Brother replied, “Come to the Void Temple.”

This was a one-on-one meeting.

Han Fei was overjoyed.

The Void Temple had such a huge resource.

Wouldnt it be a waste if he didnt use it Didnt the Time Temple tempt him before, saying that the Time Temple was the one with the most knowledge and the fastest growth in the Monarch realm

Han Fei didnt believe that the Void Temple was inferior to the Time Temple.

When Han Fei pushed open the bronze door and entered the Void Divine Mountain, Eldest Senior Brother was already sitting here as if he had never left.

Han Fei said, “Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother.”

The Eldest Senior Brother nodded slightly, his tone gentle but distant.

“What doubts do you have, Little Junior Brother”

Seeing that the Eldest Senior Brother was getting straight to the point, Han Fei didnt want to hide anything.

The Eldest Senior Brother knew that he was from the human race.

With his strength, he probably couldnt hide anything from his eyes.

Han Fei said, “Eldest Senior Brother, I just have some questions.

Someone told me that I can skip the Star Path.

Is it really possible”

The Eldest Senior Brother replied straightforwardly, “Yes, and there are many ways.”

Han Feis heart did a flip.

“Will skipping the Star Path really not affect my combat power and future potential”

The Eldest Senior Brother said, “It depends on the cultivation method.

As long as the cultivation method is correct or compatible, it wont.

Star Sea Giant Beasts dont need to undergo star transformation or embark on the Star Path.”

Han Fei realized that it did make sense, so he asked more directly, “Senior Brother, have you ever heard of the Star Devouring Technique”

This time, the Eldest Senior Brother paused and then said, “Its the strongest cultivation technique of the orthodox human race.

The strongest person who cultivates this technique is the God of War of the Wild Ancient Race.

Hes a dual-blooded descendant of the orthodox human race and the Wild Ancient Race.

Hes very strong, but I havent seen him for nearly 100,000 years.”

Han Feis heart trembled.

It seemed that what the God of War told him about the Star Devouring Technique was true.

The God of War probably knew that this divine technique had limitations.

He wasnt afraid of other races knowing it because it belonged exclusively to humans and humanoids.

Besides, the more orthodox the human bloodline was, the higher the success rate of practicing this technique.

Han Fei asked, “Senior Brother, is there a difference between the Star Devouring Technique and the orthodox Star Path”

The Eldest Senior Brother said, “Its not the technique that matters, but the person.

However, Little Junior Brother, as an orthodox human, youll have more advantages if you cultivate this technique.

Your growth will be much faster than taking a normal star path.”

Han Fei said, “However, this technique seems to have many shortcomings.

It seems to be a shortcoming in the soul.

Senior Brother, Ive already mastered the Void Body Refining Technique.

Does our Void Temple have any advanced soul cultivation and body tempering techniques”

Eldest Senior Brother said, “If you cultivate the Star Devouring Divine Technique, you dont need any body-refining techniques of the Void Temple.

The Star Devouring Divine Technique is essentially a body-refining divine technique.

As for soul cultivation techniques, there are.”

Han Feis heart did a flip.

In that case, once he successfully mastered the Star Devouring Technique, the shortcomings in his soul could be made up.

Of course, he didnt know how much he could make up for.

But if he proved Dao, even if the growth of his soul power couldnt keep up with the growth of his physique, there should be many ways to make up for it.

At least, he still had the Demon Purification Pot.

Suddenly, Han Fei thought of something and couldnt help but ask, “Senior Brother, between you and the God of War, who is stronger”

Han Fei thought to himself, Didnt they say that although the God of War hadnt become a god, he had the power to contend with gods

What about the Eldest Senior Brother It was said that there were no gods in this world, but there had to be a reason for the Void Temple with only a dozen or so people to be ranked as one of the three temples, right

However, this time, Eldest Senior Brother didnt answer but said leisurely, “Little Junior Brother, you will find out in the future.”

Since the Eldest Senior Brother didnt want to tell him, Han Fei didnt ask again.

He just thought that Eldest Senior Brothers strength should be about the same as that of the God of War.

Void Temple! If Eldest Senior Brother wasnt as powerful as the God of War, then what was the difference between the Void Temple and an overlord-level power in the Sea Realm

But how could an overlord of the Sea Realm compare to the Void Temple

Han Fei thought that it definitely couldnt.

Otherwise, why would the Three Temples be called the Three Temples

After getting the answer he wanted from the Eldest Senior Brother, Han Fei had actually made up his mind.

One thought that he and the God of War shared was that there was no completely broken road in this world.

However, no one had ever walked this road, or rather, someone had once walked it, but no traces were left behind.

This meant that he needed to explore this path himself.

Perhaps if he practiced the Star Devouring Technique, he might face the same trouble as the God of War in the future.

However, this Star Devouring Technique was indeed the most suitable path for him.

Even the Eldest Senior Brother had admitted that this was the strongest cultivation method of the human race.

This meant that there was no other path in this world that was more suitable for the orthodox human race to cultivate than the Star Devouring Technique.

In the end, Han Fei said, “Thank you for clearing my doubts, Eldest Senior Brother.

Can I choose a soul cultivation technique”

The Eldest Senior Brother asked, “Have you decided to cultivate the Star Devouring Technique Although this technique is good, you may end up in the same trouble as the God of War.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “The ominous is coming.

If our predecessors all have the ability to resist the ominous, its fine for me to take other paths.

I might not become a god, and even if I become a god, I might not be able to resist the ominous.

In that case, why dont I take an unknown path that is most suitable for me”

The Eldest Senior Brother nodded slightly.

“Thats good.

As for the soul cultivation technique, look back.”

Upon hearing this, Han Fei immediately looked back, only to see countless spots of light appearing on the opposite mountain where the Fifth Senior Brother used to stand.

The Eldest Senior Brother said leisurely, “Everyone has their own opportunities and techniques that suit them.

There are infinite Great Daos in the world.

Little Junior Brother, focus and choose the most dazzling one.”

Han Fei knew that the opportunities the Eldest Senior Brother gave him couldnt be bad.

Han Fei focused.

In his eyes, those light spots began to shine.

In a daze, Han Fei seemed to be in a starry sky, looking at the stars.

Some stars were emitting dazzling light.


One star, two stars, three stars….

The light of many stars began to shine.

Han Fei even felt that they had the urge to fly towards him.

However, there were infinite Great Daos in the world, but he only wanted one.

Therefore, even though Han Fei felt that he could catch any one of them, he held himself back.

Slowly, as the stars trembled, finally, a shining spot of light stood out.

As time passed, it seemed to turn into a bright moon, outshining the other stars.

“This is it.”

Han Fei waved his hand, and the moon seemed to be blown into countless spots of light by the breeze, crossing the void and surging into Han Feis body.

A moment later, Han Feis heart did a flip, and information popped up.

Heavenly Dao (Monarch-level, Divine Quality)

Introduction: Turn oneself into the Heavenly Dao to envelop the world, watch the birth and death of all living beings, and comprehend the Dao of all living beings.

This technique ranks third on the Monarch Roll.

Deduced Art: Not available

Effect: One can use everything to cultivate the soul.

Shortcomings: To cultivate the Heavenly Dao, one needs to create a world or find a domain to replace its Heavenly Dao.

Note: All things have spirits.

The Heavenly Dao is the Dao of all living beings.

“Third place on the Monarch Roll”

Han Fei subconsciously grinned.

This was very strong.

It seemed that for a long time, this was completely enough for him.

Now, his next step was clear, and he had found a new soul cultivation method.

It could be said that Han Fei could keep going down the Sky Opening Realm, and there might not be any obstacles until he reached the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

As for how to surpass the perfected Star Transformation Realm, it was about the Dao Bones.

He could ask the God of War later about how to refine the Dao Bones.

After all, the Star Devouring Technique was about body refinement.

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