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After bidding farewell to the Eldest Senior Brother, Han Fei returned but didnt come out of seclusion.

Since he had decided, there was no need to hesitate.

There was still half a year to go until the real end of the fourth round of qualifiers.

He still had a lot of time to cultivate the Star Devouring Technique.

According to the Star Devouring Technique, Han Fei first went to the Origin Star of a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

This persons Origin Star, vitality, and Star Core had all been extracted by Han Fei.

Star Devouring Technique was to directly refine the Star Core of the other partys Origin Star into a Star Core seed, which was equivalent to the other partys Dao Seed, forming infinite compression power on his Star Core.

However, refining the Star Core wasnt easy.

How could the Origin Star of a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator be refined so easily It contained one or even multiple Great Daos.

If he accidentally refined it wrong, the Star Core would explode.

Then how terrifying the energy would be Han Fei felt that he might not be able to withstand it.

Therefore, Han Fei still used the old method to put the other partys Star Core into his Origin Star.

However, this time, Han Fei didnt return to his Origin Sea immediately.

This was because there were other stars near the Origin Star of this peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

Han Fei could see that among them, there were several dead stars and neighboring modified stars.

Because the core of the main star had been dug away by Han Fei, Han Fei could feel that these stars had lost the traction of energy.

Perhaps soon, they would leave this main star, leave here, and wander elsewhere in the Sea of Stars.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei summoned Little Black and Little White.

“Dad ~”

Now, these two little guys were not in the form of fish, but in the form of little people.

Han Fei picked up Little White and laughed.

“Girl, look what gift I found for you.”

Han Fei pointed at the ordinary dead stars and the modified stars and said, “Son, cant you activate World Devouring I havent seen what World Devouring is like.

Try it”

Because Little Black and Little White had just made a breakthrough, they hadnt used World Devouring, but during this period of time, they had swallowed a lot of Han Feis resources.

There was no telling if it was because their appetite had increased after they made the breakthrough, but Little Black snorted and glanced at Little White.

“Come help me.”

“Humph! Stupid brother…”

Little White reluctantly jumped off Han Feis shoulder.

Han Feis heart stirred and he couldnt help but rub his chin.

Oh, so Little Black is the elder brother! Then it seems that Little White is the younger sister.

But werent the two of them born at the same time

Little Black and Little White jumped into the Sea of Stars and came to one of the modified stars in the blink of an eye.

“World Devouring.”

When this move was launched, Han Fei saw that the modified star was actually enveloped by a white light.

Even Han Feis vision was blocked, and he could only see that the huge star was covered in white.

Then, Han Fei saw a black shadow begin to cover the modified star from the corner.

“Oh, a lunar eclipse”

Yes, what Han Fei saw now was like a lunar eclipse.

This originally shining star was slowly enveloped by darkness.

Or rather, it was not enveloping, because Han Fei could clearly see that wherever was covered by darkness, it had become nothingness.

There was nothing left but the endless void.

“F*ck, they swallowed the star just like that”

Although he had grown up listening to the legend of the Heavenly Dog eating the sun, this was f*cking ridiculous.

A star was swallowed just like that

The whole process of World Devouring lasted for half an hour.

This modified star was eaten clean as if this star had never appeared.

Han Fei was fascinated.

When he saw Little Black and Little White turning into two little people and reappearing, the two little guys still felt unsatisfied.

Little Black said coolly, “I can eat another star like this.”


Han Fei was horrified.

Although it was just a modified star of the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator, this modified star also contained huge energy.

This was equivalent to an Origin Star of a 250,000-kilometer star transformation.

Little Black and Little White had just entered the Star Transformation Realm, but they had already devoured an Origin Star of a 250,000-kilometer star transformation.


However, Little Black said that he could eat another one.

Han Fei was shocked by his appetite.

Little White said, “Daddy! Eat another one and we can level up.”

Little Black added, “We can continue eating after we level up.”

“Ah, well…”

Han Fei thought to himself, In the past, the Emperor Sparrow had been growing crazily and making breakthroughs every now and then.

But now, the Emperor Sparrows growth speed was no longer fast.

However, the growth speed of Little Black and Little White had accelerated rapidly.

Didnt this mean that the growth speed of Little Black and Little White in the Sky Opening Realm would be the same as the Emperor Sparrow back then

Han Fei certainly wouldnt be stingy with this modified star.

Anyway, he still had dozens of Origin Stars of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

While he practiced the Star Devouring Technique, he could let Little Black and Little White swallow stars to evolve, killing two birds with one stone.

Han Fei couldnt help but sigh.

It seemed that in addition to the mutual killing of people walking the same Great Dao, the strong might also consume the weaks Origin Stars!

After another modified star was swallowed by Little Black and Little White, Little White said to Han Fei tiredly, “Dad, Im going to sleep.

I may sleep for ten years.”

“OK, sleep! Dont return to the Soul Sea.

Just sleep on Daddys Origin Star.”

Han Fei had already made up his mind.

According to the time, it would be 128 years before the end of the fourth round of qualifiers.

Such a long time was enough for Little Black and Little White to sleep for a few decades.

Now, Little Black and Little White wanted to sleep because they had swallowed enough energy.

That was how they cultivated and evolved.

Returning to his Origin Star, Han Fei activated the Star Devouring Technique to extract the energy of the Star Core he had just taken out.

While letting his Star Core absorb the energy, he used the Star Devouring Technique to refine the Star Cores.

In this way, even if the refining wasnt done well, he would have his own Star Core and wouldnt be afraid of energy riots.

The cultivation that he didnt know how long would last officially began.

As Little White said, after sleeping for 13 years, they woke up and advanced to level 102.

This time, Han Fei directly fed the two little guys the Origin Star of that peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator except for the Star Core.

However, the two little guys were not full yet.

Therefore, they ate all the eleven dead stars nearby.

Then they began their second slumber.

However, Han Fei still found that something was wrong, because the amounts of energy devoured in the two times were quite different.

This time, Little Black and Little White only swallowed two modified stars.

What they swallowed the second time was an Origin Star.

Even without a Star Core, that Origin Star was comparable to four or five modified stars.

However, these two little guys had swallowed more than a dozen dead stars.

Their appetite had more than doubled! This had increased by three or four times!

After only 19 years of slumber, the two little guys had completed their advancement again and reached level 103.

Han Fei was shocked.

This was too damn fast.

In the past, Little Black and Little White had stayed in his Origin Sea for thousands of years, but it was difficult for them to improve by one level.

But this time, in just more than 30 years, they had improved by two levels in a row.

However, when Han Fei learned that they had their own inheritance path, he didnt stop them.

For the third time, Little Black and Little White studied the Origin Star of a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator whose Star Core hadnt been taken away by Han Fei.

This time, they gave up because they couldnt eat anymore.

Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief.

It was great that they couldnt eat anymore.

If they could still eat, he would doubt how big their appetite would be in the end.

But even so, the two little guys had cleaned up the modified stars and dead stars around theOrigin Stars of three peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

In total, they had swallowed 9 modified stars and 41 dead stars.

However, this time, they slept much longer than the last two times.

The two little guys slept for 67 years before waking up again.

And after they woke up, Han Fei didnt let them continue to swallow, and the two little guys didnt ask to swallow again, because they needed some time to digest themselves.

This digestion time was a consolidation process of strength, which might take hundreds of years.

Han Fei quite understood that.

How could there be such a thing as unreasonable crazy breakthroughs Eating all the time even without the need to consolidate the strength Only Le Renkuang could do that!

Han Fei chuckled.

Thinking of the fatty Le Renkuang, he wondered if he, Luo Xiaobai, and Zhang Xuanyu had come to this hundred-thousand-year competition.

When he taught them the Heavenly Fusion Technique, even if they came, they would definitely pretend to be humanoids.

It wasnt the official arena competition yet, and he didnt take the initiative to find them from the vast sea of people.

It was normal that he didnt find them.

Han Fei thought that it was impossible for them not to come to this kind of competition that happened once every 100,000 years.

Unless there was a greater opportunity than this, he would definitely be able to find them in the following arena matches.

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