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Chapter 1439 Reality King vs Dark King (1)

Meanwhile, the one who had been causing all this time was actually not participating in the mess directly. Even when he was in Japan, he didn't really talk to them about this matter except for chess.

After all, Theo had a few things to do before he started his plan. And one of those things lied on the other side.

Theo stood in the middle of a plain while declaring, "My friend, it has been so long since we exchanged that promise. And now is the time for us to finally fulfill our promise. I have come and am ready to fight you."

As if hearing that declaration, a huge explosion suddenly occurred, blasting a powerful shock wave that blew away the trees and grasses from the area, making the plain barren.

Suddenly, a crescent-shaped black energy wave ran through the ground, aiming for his life. If he took a peek at the one behind this energy, he could see a huge black knight marching toward him with his horse.

His voice was loud, but his cheerful tone seemed to let go of all the excitement in his heart. "I have been waiting for this time, my friend! Receive my attack!"

Theo smirked and floated in the air with his Telekinesis. He lifted his finger once as the entire ground started to expand, causing the energy to actually go backward. And with the black knight behind the energy, he ended up swinging his sword and deflecting it to the side.

"Kh!" The knight gritted his teeth and felt the impact of his own attack that Theo reflected earlier.

"You have truly become stronger. This shall be a good fight!"

"Of course. I have made you wait too long, I guess."

"What too long You're the fastest one to rise to this level." He smirked and raised his hand. "I, the Dark King, shall fight with my friend today. No matter what happens, he shall always be my friend."

"I, the Reality King, shall fight with my friend today. No matter what happens, he shall always be my friend." Theo smirked.

If one looked at this battle, Theo was like a small ant flying in the air compared to the humongous size of the Dark King.

However, the moment both of them made their move, it was clear that both of them had a similar power.

Their first move was none other than placing the Covenant Seal in their position so that they could take advantage of the energy in this fight. At the same time, it also allowed them to release all their power.

Suddenly, a golden Magic Power and black-colored Magic Power came out of their bodies. The seal increased the output to the point their Magic Power looked like a colossal blazing flame that was trying to overpower each other.

"Hahahaha!" The Dark King laughed as he swung his sword, releasing the same black energy wave. "It's on!"

Theo lifted his finger again. But this time, he didn't expand the area. Instead, he twisted reality, making the black energy wave swirl like a donut.F

Theo passed through the attack from the middle and took out his spear, thrusting it straight to the Dark King's head. "Why don't you use your true appearance right away"

The Dark King smirked and struck Theo's spear. Both of them had the same thought, which was to use Heisk to launch each other.

Theo and the Dark King felt the punch of each other's Magic Power, but because of the horse, the Dark King barely managed to withstand the force because his horse made a few steps to counter the force.

The Dark King smirked. "If you think you can do it, why don't you force me to use my original appearance"

"Then, so be it." Theo felt challenged as he raised his hand. The cloud suddenly gathered on top of their head as if Theo had attached a string made of Magic Power to gather them. The cloud soon turned dark as if it was going to rain soon.

"If you want to fight me, don't you think this is the worst move you can use I'm stronger in the dark, for I am the dark itself!" The Dark King moved forward. His speed became even faster as he reached Theo in an instant.

However, Theo suddenly snapped his finger. In that instant, the cloud suddenly disappeared, making the sunlight illuminate the area again. Due to the sudden change of brightness, the Dark King suddenly felt his body a bit sluggish because he relied on the power of darkness.

"Wha--" The Dark King was surprised and saw Theo taking advantage of his sluggish reaction to reach his face.

Theo punched the Dark King's helmet with Energy Blast, causing a powerful shock wave that launched the Dark King off his horse.

'He used the cloud to bait me to use the dark power so that he could take advantage of the sudden gap created from the change of my power' The Dark King gritted his teeth, realizing he was fooled by Theo. And now, his body landed on the side of his horse. It looked like he didn't fly too far, but if Theo used the human's measurement, the Dark King was five hundred feet away from the horse.

The Dark King laughed even when he was hit. He landed on the ground and pointed his sword against Theo. "This is great. I shall face you this way then."

"Yeah, like I said, you should go back to your original form. This is too big to face me." Theo's voice suddenly echoed from behind him. Theo flew toward him earlier, but used the Blink Skill at the last second to take advantage of a giant's body slowness.

"!!!" The Dark King widened his eyes in shock and turned around to hit him. But it was too late, Theo had reached his helmet again and struck it.

This time, Theo used a sword to cut his neck since he didn't want to reveal his original body. And this slash contained the Energy Blast and Enhanced Concentration Capacity. The latter allowed Theo to cut the neck cleanly and the former caused a shock wave in the middle so that the head flew away.

Theo smiled when he saw this giant corpse without a head. "Hurry up and show yourself."

The black energy soon enveloped the armor as they began to take off the armor, revealing the real appearance of the Dark King. A voice soon echoed from inside the armor before they fell to the ground. "Then, so be it. I'll be fighting you seriously from now on."

"That's what I'm hoping for." Theo released his Magic Power as he was looking forward to this battle as well.-

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