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HIS CHOSEN ONE Chapter Nine: A Present For You

Author:Dishi Category:Unreal Update time:2022-11-27 17:07:42

Reids POV

I was not a dancer.

I watched slightly amused, slightly annoyed as Sunn went on twisting and gyrating her curvaceous body in the hopes of teaching me a TikTok dance. She claimed that this was somehow going to boost our sales. I didn see how but hey, she was the Sales Manager here. I trusted her instincts.

I was more focused on how her hips swayed than learning the dance. Did she know how much I was being turned on by this? She spun around on her Bottega-clad feet to see if I had been watching her. Oh, I was watching alright, just not for the same reason that she wanted me to. It took her a minute to recover her breath. "Can you do that?" she asked with eyebrows raised in my direction.


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