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What the ** is this?

Why haven I been his wife that there is already this kind of drama? What the hell does David think I am that makes him casually treat me like this with a cheap threat!?

Especially seeing him and his girlfriend making out in front of me. Wasn there anywhere else he could do that?

"Why don you just go to the room?" I said not to give an option but rather an order.

David got up from his chair, pulled my hand to his feet, and dragged me away from his beloved girl.

"Whats your problem!?" the man asked, sounding squealish.

"My problem? Ive never had a problem with anyone. However, if you feel that I am harassing you, then it means that you are the one with the problem!" I locked my gaze on the gray eye that belonged to the man before me.

At first, he seemed to return my gaze long enough that I could see another look there. I don know what, but that look felt different instantly.

"You remember, you are the one who needs me for your benefit, not the other way around! So never dare to touch me without rules, Mr. Matheo!"

The man smiled crookedly. He turned his head in the other direction, then turned his eyes back to me.

"You need me too, Miss Carra. Don forget your ace. I can dismantle it at any time!" he threatened, which left me pointless for a moment.

David was right. He has my secrets, even everything that I don show to anyone and any man.

David knew the birthmark in my core; he knew how I passed the sigh when he touched me, and he even knew the parts that were very sensitive to me.

What a **! Is this a trap?

"You did this on purpose. You deliberately framed me to sleep with you, and now you use all of that to threaten me. You coward!"

I turned around, no matter what he was about to say. My chest felt ached. This incident shouldn have happened. It shouldn be like this.

My virginity ... It should have been enjoyed by a man who truly loved me, not one who did it intending to benefit from it all.

I walked into the room. My room and David. I locked it from the inside so that no one could enter, even Mariana. I don want to see anyone for now.

I feel so despicable now. Nothing else is a reason for me to survive. Theres nothing else to defend; its all gone.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Zane ... are you okay?" asked Mariana from outside. I didn want to answer, even with all my might to hold my sobs from being heard by her.

And indeed, before long, her voice disappeared. I, who was still behind the door, seemed to be no longer able to bear the weight I was carrying until my body slumped to the floor.

I sobbed until I didn realize that I had been asleep for a while. I woke up when I heard the knocking—correct; it sounded more like a bang than a beat.

"Nina, open the door!"

Urgh! That jerk again! I want to go back to my villa instead of to this place and deal with the man and his spoiled girlfriend.

Especially after what I had experienced, that beautiful night now felt terrible. And disgusting.

"Nina, open the door, now!"

I don want to wait for that guy to destroy someone elses property. So, not wanting to wait for the third call, I opened the door to the room and found David already standing there, of course, with his girl.

"Why did you close the door? Have you forgotten that this is also my room? You have no right to lock—"

"Tell me whats in your interest?" I cut, not wanting to hear any ramblings coming out of his mouth.


"What is your purpose for coming here?" I asked as if this room was my territory, and he had no right to set foot and go inside.

"This is also my room; have you forgotten? Open the door wider, and let me and Lavenia come in!"

The man had already stepped, barely passing through my body, but I quickly blocked his steps and didn let him give me in the slightest.

"Nina, don mess with me!"

"Im not messing around, David Matheo! You are not allowed to come here because this villa your father rented for me—"

"And me!"

"Yes, but not with that girl!" I pulled out my phone and showed him Gerald Matheos number printed on the screen with my thumb ready to press the green button that was there.

"You choose, want me to contact your father, and all your plans will fall apart or are you the one who followed my wishes?!" threatened me.

Eat that, David!

He thought he could keep playing pranks on me as if I were a toy he was free to play with at will.

The man let go of the arm wrapped around his lovers waist, then lifted both in the air as a gesture for me not to contact his father.

"Thats not how it works, Nina. We have a treaty, don we?" he said.

"Yes, but you have broken it!" I insisted.

"Whats this all about, David?" the girl before me asked, seemingly wanting to know why the lover had focused his attention on me since just now.

"Its none of your business, miss! So youd better stay away and don interfere!" I again focused on the man still sculpting before me, no matter the spoiled girl who was now scowling while pulling Davids shirt.

"What do you want, Nina?" the man asked.

"Its easy; we

e back to the rules and clauses stated in that contract you made. You don want your lover to know about that night, do you?" I said softly in her ear, hoping her lover would hear too, but it didn seem to be.

David had already asked his girlfriend to wait for him in the living room.

Smart, David!

He then snored.

"So now its you who threatened me? Are you sure, virgin girl?"

Hearing him call me with that disgusting call, my hand floated and almost landed smoothly on his jaw; if only he hadn grabbed my hand and now gripped it.

"Take off your dirty hand of me, David Matheo! I would never be willing you to touch it for a second or any number of times!"

The mans face looked resentful, as seen from his tightened jaw. He then pulled my hand in and locked the door. Not only that, he pushed my body until it hit the wall, then closed it there.

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