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Chapter 20: Explanation

After exchanging the elixirs with spirit stones, Xiao Qianhan finally found out the astronomical prices of the spirit stones.

Spirit stones were much more expensive than most elixirs! It didn’t matter if she had a special physique or that she had to use different cultivation methods than others. 

Why on earth must I squander a lot more money than others!

Isn’t this too miserable

“Cough…cough… Mistress, although spirit stones are expensive, we could exchange a lot of them with these scraps! Mistress would also be able to concoct elixirs in the future, so you absolutely need not to be worried that you’ll be short of spirit stones to cultivate!” Qianzi hurriedly explained after seeing Xiao Qianhan’s shocked look.   

Xiao Qianhan nodded, “Alright.”

She picked up the two books of cultivation techniques she had exchanged before.

She took a quick read about the introduction to cultivation.

She had zero foundation, thus she had to practice from the start.

Furthermore, she also got an enchanted tool that could protect her at the crucial moment.

Xiao Qianhan noticed that the sun was about to set, but her parents had yet to return.

She thought for a while about how to explain the recovery of her appearance and veins to her parents.

Xiao Qianhan originally wanted to keep it a secret for a few days, but seeing how her father got up in the middle of the night and risked his life to go to gather herbs and how her mother also felt apprehensive for his safety, she had better explain the situation as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, her father had been plotted by someone a few years back.

It was so bad that he declined back to the early stages of Purple Mystic Realm.

For many years, he had been trying to recover his wounds before making a breakthrough again, yet he hadn’t made any progress.

Now that Xiao Qianhan had grasped the medicinal knowledge from Thousands Cauldron Mark, she should be able to help her father recover his wounds after she had become proficient.

Xiao Baihao and Xu Yuman’s chattering voices could be heard from outside the door. 

Xiao Qianhan immediately collected her train of thoughts.

When Xiao Baihao and Xu Yuman walked inside the room with some medicinal herbs in their hands, they were dumbfounded to see Xiao Qianhan sitting upright and sipping tea!

They were stunned! So much that they couldn’t react for a moment!

Xu Yuman rubbed her eyes forcefully.

It felt so unreal to see that Xiao Qianhan’s appearance had recovered and she looked even better than before. 

Am I dreaming 

She turned her head stiffly to look at Xiao Baihao and said, “Husband, is that Qianhan Is that her Am I dreaming” 

Xiao Baihao clenched both his hands into fists so tightly that his fingertips pricked his palms.

He was certain that this wasn’t a dream!

His daughter Qianhan truly had her appearance recovered.

Not only that, she could already get out of bed.

Even her tendons had recovered… 

Xiao Qianhan stood up with a glimmer of a smile on her face.

Then she looked at her parents who were still shocked and explained slowly, “Father, Mother.

It’s me.

I’m already well.”

Xu Yuman burst into tears as she rushed to Xiao Qianhan’s side in a few steps.

She looked at her up and down and noticed that there weren’t any scars on her body anymore.

“Qianhan How did you…”  

Xiao Baihan stood right where he was while feeling stirred up.

Although he felt ecstatic in his heart, he still restrained the emotions on his face.

“I went to sleep for a while after taking the Heavenly Fungus Herb that Father had retrieved this morning.

When I got up, I noticed that my appearance had recovered and my wounds had also healed.

Moreover, there weren’t any bruises or scars left in my body.” Xiao Qianhan explained.

“Heavenly Fungus Herb How could Heavenly Fungus Herb have such great effects” Xiao Baihao felt moved yet puzzled.

Heavenly Fungus Herb was only an ordinary medicinal herb.

It wasn’t concocted into an elixir like other medicinal herbs, so its effectiveness was practically next to nothing.

Xu Yuman wiped her tears then asked while still feeling perplexed, “Heavenly Fungus Herb Could it really help to heal your wounds and recover your appearance”

Xiao Qianhan also showed a puzzled expression just like them.

“I was really bewildered, too.

They were such terrible wounds, how could they just recover so suddenly In the end, my body had recovered when I woke up.

Today, I ate some congee, ate the pastry left by Mother at noon, then ate Heavenly Fungus Herb.

Could it be that the Heavenly Fungus Herb that father harvested wasn’t an ordinary one It looks very similar to Heavenly Fungus Herb, but it might be some other unknown herb with miraculous effects instead”


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