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The Duke was silent, then bent down on his waist.

“I made a mistake.

I offer my apologies to the two of you.”


The emperor issued a clear congratulatory order.

The Duke of Celeste immediately bowed politely and disappeared.

‘It was worthwhile to feed and put him to sleep…’

Forgive me for being harsh, Male lead.

Impressed by the emperor who repays favor, I wiped away my tears and said,

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

But before I could finish my words, the emperor grabbed me and held me, and strode into the palace of the empress.

“Y-Your Majesty”

“Stay still.”

Then he quickly take me to the bedroom without any fuss.

When I woke up, I was wiping my eyes with the warm towel that Lauren had brought.


And the emperor was sitting on a chair in one of the bedrooms, staring at me.

I frowned and spoke to him.

“Your majesty.

Why are you there”


He blinked at the warm mug that Lauren had just placed in my hand.

I rolled my eyes and quietly emptied the glass.

Meanwhile, the emperor bit everyone in the room.

“Lie down.”

Then the emperor strode over, took the cup, and laid me on the bed.

‘Why did you treat me like a sick person’

I wouldn’t have listened to him because  coming late.

Was it because the Duke grabbed my wrist earlier

Covering the end of my chin with a soft blanket, I rolled my eyes and said.

“Your Majesty, I am fine.

It’s nothing.”

“Go to sleep.”

“Already It’s time for dinner now…”

“You talk a lot.”

Then he lay down next to me and closed his eyes.


But today, he looked after me and took my side.

I glanced at him for a moment, then sniffled my nose, which had become red as I cried.

And naturally I turned to the emperor.

“Your Majesty, are you tired Then shall we talk about it today”


The emperor gave a short answer and shut his mouth tightly.

He can’t be honest anyway.

I pouted my lips and worked hard to choose a theme for today.


This is a secret, but I have a bit of a drinking habit.

For the first time when I just became an adult, I drank a mixture of bombs, no, strong alcohol…”

So today, I told you about my drinking habits and funny things related to them.

It was still early, but I guess it was because my body was suddenly startled.

Every time I fell asleep at dawn, I fell asleep together at one point next to the restless emperor.

And two hours later, the Empress’s bedroom—

Xi’an opened his eyes and looked back at the sleeping Empress.


The eyelids and the tip of the nose are still red.

The Duke held her wrist, trying not to show her crying.

Even so, she was softly calling out to her father.

I kept thinking of the Empress I saw during the day.

It looked pathetic and weak.

‘Your Majesty, I’m fine.’


Xi’an quietly stroked the soft silver hair with his fingertips.

Then, a slightly pale, slender face was revealed in the moonlight.

Sleepy eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Xi’an recalled reports of the Empress doing really hard work for her four harem mans, whom she had hired as her attendants.

‘Only I know….’

The appearance of the empress that all the remaining concubines who were chosen did not know.


I felt a little strange.

Xi’an lay down next to her again.

And, deep in thought, he looked into the face of the sleeping empress in the darkness for a very long time.

Keep going until dawn.

It was the first night that the Empress’s Night story didn’t work.

When I left the bedroom at dawn, I got a migraine from lack of sleep after a long time.

Weak tinnitus also began to be heard.

But Xian was not annoyed.

It was very strange.

* * *

“I mean, it’s really weird.

I got tested again by my doctor, and it came out okay.”

With a serious expression on my face, Lindo looked through the medical chart.

“I did a blood test and there was no response.

You’re not addicted to it.”

“I have no chronic illness, and I am not addicted.

Then what was it that hurt so much in front of your father”

I went to see Dr.

Merton as soon as dawn came.

Then I called Lindo to discuss what had happened with the Duke of Celeste yesterday.

“There is usually only one reason for this.”

Lindo covered the chart in front of me who was in trouble.

“Really What”

Also, the talent is different.

I listened with anticipation.

“It is alchemy.”


He’s not saying anything out of pride because he doesn’t know.

I looked at Lindo suspiciously.

“If it’s alchemy, isn’t it supposed to turn stones into gold”

“When do you talk about That’s an ancient theory.

Modern alchemy is a university that includes metallurgy, processing, astronomy, astrology, and even witchcraft.”

“If you keep pretending, I’ll cut your pocket money.”

“I think it has to do with witchcraft among alchemy.

It’s my minor, so you know.”

Lindo, who became very polite, began to explain it easily to a non-major.

“It is a discipline that cannot be explained by scientific evidence.

It used to be called magic.”

After that, to summarize the explanation that continued for about 30 minutes, it was as follows.

After mana, the source of magic, disappeared from nature, a spell that uses power through a specific medium was developed.

The materials required are difficult, and the wishes must be very strong and specific.

Above all, the necessary medium must be a creature related to wishes.

“The medium must be intact until the enchantment is complete.

But while the spell is taking place, good or bad, you get hit, so you have to focus on maintaining it.”

This feels kind of dirty.

I asked with an annoyed expression.

“Then, am I involved in witchcraft”

“If there is a disease that cannot be diagnosed by medicine and pharmacology, it is usually the case.”

That man was a scary man.

I’m already married, though, using her daughter for his spells

“Is he trying to kill me”

I asked with a serious face.

If I get sick for no reason, it’s the only reason.


But Lindo shook his head.

“There is no way the Empress’s father would want to kill Her Majesty.”

Seriously, if he does this for a successor.

I nodded my head, but still didn’t understand why.

“Then it would be correct to cast a spell through me.”

“That’s right.

First of all, we should find out what kind of magic it is.”

The work increased because of the sudden duke action.

I just wanted to live a long and healthy life.

I sighed heavily and tapped my forehead.

“Can’t you tell the ingredients of the drug I drank from the ingredients in my blood”

“I don’t know if it’s right after you drank it, but it’s difficult right now.”

“What are the experts doing”

Lindo’s eyes widened at the remarks that the general public ignores the majors.

“Then you wouldn’t need an antidote made by such an expert.”

“Suddenly, that expert is so hard to get, I’m about to die.”

“My heart was expressed in money.

Both hands heavy.”

Lindo politely extended his hand.

I untied the diamond necklace she was hanging on.

After that, Lindo, who took it quickly, took the medicine bottle out of my arms.

“It is a universal antidote.”


such a precious thing

A chime rang in my ears.

Goodbye to poisoning… No, no.

I drank the vial on the spot, but handed it to Lindo.

“You first.”

“I’m sorry that you still don’t believe me.”

Lindo smiled with a typical traitor’s remark.

I motioned for a quick drink with his sullen face.

“You don’t believe me either.

So you kept asking for money and collecting an emergency fund.”

“You heard it.”

Lindo shrugged.

After all, there is no other young fox.

Well, it’s better to be honest with each other while risking their lives.

Anyway, Lindo took a sip of the medicine and returned the bottle to me.

“This is a universal antidote, but it is in  infancy due to lack of ingredients.

So every time I add an ingredient, you have to take an extra dose.

First of all, I put my ingredients in.”

“What kind of ingredients”

I asked, sniffing the liquid, tilting to drink.

“It’s my hair.”

What, dirty! I quickly closed the lid.

“Your Majesty, I drank it first.”

When I looked into the eyes of a child who had eaten dirt, Lindo made excuses as if it was unfair.

Well, that’s it.

I slid the pill down and blinked as if to continue.

“The universal antidote is made by adding various poisons to a powerful detoxifying drug.

You have to fight poison.”

For example, the effect was similar to that of a vaccine.

“However, if a sudden poison enters the body from the beginning, it is no different than poison.

So that the poison does not harm the human body, the universal antidote puts a part of the body and the poison together.”

And the most poisonous part of the human body is the hair, so it is favorably used in academia.

Lindo reassured me that if it dissolves in the detoxifying drug anyway, it will be clean and there is no need to worry about hygiene.

“Usually in academia, it is said that if you put about 10,000 pieces, it’s complete.”

“Oh, is it easy Do you have any plans to change your hairstyle”

As I coveted the shiny blonde, Lindo pulled the chair back with sullen face.

“By the way, each person has to have a different haircut.

That way we can collect a variety of poisons.”

it’s good you could do it in this room.

I gasped and opened the cap of the medicine bottle.

Hmmm, I still have quite a bit of income.

Anyway, if you complete the universal antidote, the risk of poisoning will be greatly reduced.


And for a great effect, it has to be male hair.

Studies have shown that female hair is less toxic.”

In short, starting today, I had to collect men’s hair one by one.

10,000 more, no, 9,999 more.


There may be some strange rumors, but… It would be quick if we start with the attendants of the Empress Dowager.”

Although I already cleared my name, now  I would be nicknamed “hair obsession” after the stalker.

‘It’s because it’s so hard to make a living.’

I grunted and took a sip of the drug.

“Well, it tastes pretty good.

It’s just sweet.”

He even put his hair in it, but if it tasted weird, I almost got spit it out.

I was satisfied and looked in front of the mirror to see if there was any strange effect.

At that time, Lindo, who was watching me next to me, coughed.

But there’s blood coming out of his mouth!


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