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Since Zhang Jianian had his mother’s surname, there must be a story behind it.

Chu Chu usually didn’t have the opportunity to ask, but just followed Zhang Yafang’s words to ask.

“Don’t mention that tortoise son!” (Tortoise, indicating that he is a useless thing who shrinks his head.) Zhang Yafang said, angrily after she finished picking up the dishes, “If I see him, I will crack his head!”

Chu Chu was more curious.

She took the initiative to serve Zhang Yafang, even her tone changed, “What did he do”

Chu Chu and Zhang Yafang were both unpretentious and cheerful characters.

Coupled with Chu Chu deliberately seeking news, the two quickly talked happily.

It turned out that Zhang Jianian’s father had done business in partnership with other people, but he lost his money, leaving behind a huge debt and ran away by himself.

He was not seen for many years.

Zhang Yafang was able to learn the news as many creditors caught up and began to harass the mother and son.

Zhang Yafang had a violent temper and her words were quite harsh.

She was not scared by the creditors, but little Zhang Jianian’s childhood life was obviously not good.

He was frightened.

Chu Chu was taken aback.

The child’s life experience was so miserable.

She asked with concern, “Were there a lot of debts”

While speaking of the past, Zhang Yafang was quite calm after going through the storm, waved her hand and said, “It’s okay, it’s tens of millions.”

The tens of millions of debts in Zhang Jianian’s childhood was definitely a huge sum, after all, the average house price in first-tier cities did not exceed 10,000.

She understood the reason why Zhang Jianian had a high salary but lived in the old house.

It was probably also related to debt repayment.

Zhang Yafang’s tone was carefree, but the story depicted was not easy.

The father abandoned his wife and son, leaving behind a debt.

The mother and son lived in the poorest urban village and were expelled by the landlord due to threats and harassment from the creditor.

Relatives and friends all ran away after hearing it and did not dare to come forward and support them.

“If it weren’t for Director Chu’s help, I would have jumped off the building with my baby…” Zhang Yafang murmured and she reacted again, “Your surname is Chu too”

Chu Chu wondered, “…President Chu Chu Yanyin”

Zhang Yafang nodded, “Yes.”

Chu Chu didn’t expect that Old Chu would still have a role in the memory.

She was quite surprised and speculated, “He lent you money”

Chu Chu remembered Nan Yandong’s WeChat content.

Zhang Jianian wanted to repay old Chu.

Could it be that he borrowed money

Zhang Yafang shook her head, “He is the creditor.”

Chu Yanyin was the one who was cheated by her husband the most.

He had never done a loss-making business in his life, but suffered a loss.

The two were friends.

So they trusted each other to do business together.

But Zhang’s father immediately ran away after poor management, making Chu Yanyin angry.

Chu Yanyin rushed to the world to ask for accounts, only to realize that his former friend owed countless foreign debts and left his lonely wife and child.

He looked at the dilapidated iron door stained with red paint and at the little boy’s vigilant and pitiful eyes.

He couldn’t bear it when comparing him to his beautifully dressed daughter.

A tiger, even if cruel, would not devour it’s cubs.

If it were him, he would not have left his child behind.

“Anyway, he owes me so much, that a little won’t make a difference.”

“Business is business, but I am a human anyway.”

This was what Chu Yanyin said at the time.

He could not look away on the child’s suffering, so he simply paid the debts for the mother and son.

He paid out the other people and was successfully promoted to the only creditor of the Zhang family.

Not only did he not force the mother and son to pay back the money immediately, he even helped Zhang Jianian return to school.

“A businessman keeps his promise, You can pay it back when you grow up,” Chu Yanyin held out his finger toward the young boy.

The little boy hiding behind his mother hesitated for a moment and finally stretched out his hand and agreed with Chu Yanyin.

The little boy who grew up was also a person who kept promises.

After graduation, he entered the Qisheng Group and with his outstanding ability, he rose to the top and even became the princess’s companion.

Chu Chu didn’t expect that Chu Yanyin was so kind in the past and she couldn’t compare him with her cheap father.

This was a model of a story of grievances with virtue. 

She asked, “So Mr.

Zhang did not pay off the debt until after he worked”

After the little boy grew up, he relied on his own hard work to fulfill his childhood promises.

Zhang Yafang said, “It hasn’t been a long time since his hometown was demolished when he was in college.

He sold more than a dozen units for the money and bought the current one.”

“…” Chu Chu heard that he was willing to bow down and immediately clasped her fists, “I can only admire him for that.”

Chu Chu: Sure enough, the most expensive word was the circled “demolition”.

The heavy topic went with the hot pot and the two went home.

When they opened the door, they saw Zhang Jianian sitting silently in the living room.

He stared at them with condemning eyes.

Zhang Yafang had no guilt about leaving him behind and instead asked, “You really don’t need to work overtime”

Zhang Jianian stared at Chu Chu and said, “My boss is on holiday today.”

His boss and his mother ran out for a day to play.

How could he work

Zhang Yafang: “Why don’t you go to the hotel next door to stay for the night”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Zhang Yafang: “I thought you won’t be back today…”

Zhang Jianian worked overtime all night.

He would usually take a nap in the company’s lounge and would not go home.

Zhang Yafang had long said that Chu Chu could stay overnight.

Who would have thought that Zhang Jianian would come back after they left him.

It was inconvenient.

The two women could stay at home freely, but it was a bit strange for him to stay.

Chu Chu hurriedly said, “It’s okay, I’ll go to the hotel…”

Zhang Yafang stretched out her hand to stop.

She looked at Zhang Jianian and sincerely suggested, “Why don’t you call your boss and ask for overtime”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: Maybe he should agree to the proposal of President Chu to exchange his parents


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