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Zui Qianyou covered her face with excitement, “Won’t I see him today”

The staff would meet for dinner in a private room with not only the director and the screenwriter, but also important actors.

Yin Yan would naturally come.

Zui Qianyou had been writing for a long time.

She hadn’t seen the leading actor.

This was the first time.

Chu Chu wasn’t so excited, mainly because she didn’t know the actors and stars in the novel.

Her knowledge of Yin Yan was only based on text and video data.

Although the two greeted each other briefly during the audition, they didn’t communicate much.

The director Peng Qi came forward.

Before long, Xia Xiaoxiao arrived with Chen Yifan.

Xia Xiaoxiao was the project leader with low qualifications and Chen Yifan was the company’s main newcomer.

This gathering could be said to be dedicated to them.

Chu Chu had to recommend them before arranging their follow-up work.

When Chen Yifan saw President Chu, he got a little weak subconsciously, lest he owed another million.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s expression was much more natural and she curiously sighed, “President Chu, you came so early.”

Chu Chu said indifferently, “As there are noob characters to reveal, I have to prepare early.”

Xia Xiaoxiao blinked.

President Chu’s internet addiction had deepened in the previous few days.

She spoke with game terms whenever she opened her mouth.

When director Peng Qi entered the room, he found that Chu Chu was present and he was quite embarrassed, “President Chu, there was a traffic jam on the road.

I am really sorry to let you wait for a long time…”

“No, I arrived early.” Chu Chu smiled relaxedly, “Today is my game.

I can’t let Director Peng wait.”

There was an outsider in the room and Chu Chu switched to the business mode with one click and said, “Director Peng, let me introduce you to Chen Yifan, who will act as Lin Jian.”

Chen Yifan hurriedly said, “Good Director Peng.”

Chu Chu nodded with satisfaction and then introduced Xia Xiaoxiao, “This is Xia Xiaoxiao.

Basically, she is responsible for the execution of the crew.

She is still relatively young and she has to learn more from Director Peng.

Please take care of her.”

Director Peng said enthusiastically, “You’re polite…”

Chen Yifan heard President Chu’s introduction and deeply felt that the company favored women over men.

President Chu introduced him in 12 words and Xia Xiaoxiao in 45 words.

Chen Yifan didn’t complain.

It was quite reasonable.

President Chu had a total of one million yuan worth per minute.

Xia Xiaoxiao was obviously an RMB player.

The level of gold coins was much higher than that of him, so her introduction was of course longer.

Others also arrived one after another.

Yin Yan appeared followed by the agent behind him.

As soon as he entered the room, Zhu Qianyou’s eyes shined. 

He politely greeted the people around him and then smiled, “Sorry, I am a little late…”

Yin Yan’s dressing style that day followed the yuppie route, which was not the same as Chen Yan’s style.

But it was also impressive.

“Come, Yin Yan, sit down!” Everyone had reserved seats for important figures.

President Chu, the lead actors and the director were the important people.

When Director Peng saw Yin Yan coming over, he simply gave up his seat, “Sit here…”

“No, I don’t dare to offend the director, otherwise I will suffer,” Yin Yan declined humorously and sat directly next to Chu Chu, unwittingly touching her leg.

His movements were smooth and natural and no one around him noticed any abnormalities. 

Chu Chu was blocked on both sides and moved a little uncomfortably to avoid Yin Yan’s seemingly non-existent touch.

She had Peng Dao on the right, Yin Yan on the left and there was no way back.

The seats were basically ranked according to everyone’s position.

Naturally, Xia Xiaoxiao, Chen Yifan and Zui Qianyou couldn’t sit next to Chu Chu, nor could they save her.

Inexplicably, Chu Chu felt that Yin Yan was too close to her, so that she could see the opponent’s face.

She pulled away a little bit calmly.

In all fairness, Yin Yan was very successful, surprisingly handsome, basically invisible, but still unable to escape Chuchu’s golden eyes.

Yin Yan didn’t seem to notice it, but took the initiative to speak up.

With bright eyes, he looked at her intently and said with emotion, “President Chu, long time no see…”

Chu Chu thought that Yin Yan probably used small diameter cosmetic contact lenses, otherwise his eyes wouldn’t achieve this effect.

She looked at the green tea in the cup and when she faced Yin Yan, she thought it was very suitable.

For the first time, she experienced firsthand that she was rich.

After working in the circle for many daya, she finally had a celebrity come to touch porcelain (trick)

Chu Chu reminded him, “I just saw you last week.”

Yin Yan was taken aback and then joked, “A single day I don’t see you feels like three autumns.” (m.

three years)

Yin Yan was stunned by President Chu, but he was not angry and showed a very contagious smile.

He refreshed the favorability value of many people in the room.

At least Zui Qianyou had already turned her head.

Chu Chu looked at his smiling face and calmly pointed out, “You got patchy foundation on your face”

Yin Yan: “…”

For many years, Yin Yan had harvested the hearts of many girls.

He never expected that he would encounter such a situation.


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