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The patches were caused by bad foundation or dry skin, causing powder to set on cracks on the face after applying foundation.

The degree of embarrassment was no less than “the bangs weren’t washed and got seen through” or “the pant zipper was open.”

There was a rush on the road and the foundation he applied wasn’t good enough, so he looked as if he had worn a mask.

Seeing President Chu critically hit Yin Yan, Chen Yifan subconsciously touched his face, only to remember that he didn’t wear makeup.

Although makeup was a requirement for artists, it was too lethal if it was exposed face to face.

Yin Yan’s smile condensed on his face.

He reacted very quickly and simply lost his idol baggage.

He laughed and said, “Really There was a bit of a rush on the road.

So I didn’t pay much attention.”

Yin Yan: Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.

She is Chu Yanyin’s daughter.

Peng Tao calmed down the atmosphere, “You are very important to us.

Why did you beat yourself up”

“Recently, I have been working too much and I’m not in good shape, so I wanted to look more energetic.” Yin Yan quickly resolved his embarrassment and smiled helplessly, “But it was seen through by President Chu’s fiery eyes.”

Since he himself appeared to be totally indifferent, other people would naturally just turn this matter into a short amusing event.

When Yin Yan said that, he looked at President Chu’s expression and found that the other party was drinking tea.

In terms of facts, although she had a surly personality and had scandalous history, she had a good appearance and family background.

Yin Yan used to cast a net everywhere, but he didn’t expect to hit a nail with President Chu.

He became more competitive.

Everyone was still dining and the atmosphere was more formal, Yin Yan didn’t dare to make any more moves for a while, for fear that she would say something heartbreaking.

The high-end private room had a lot of space and even had KTV functions.

After the meal, everyone moved to the sofa and took this opportunity to break the ice and get closer.

As a newcomer, Chen Yifan naturally had to take the lead in the scene, perform intense dances with a sense of power, which brought waves of applause. 

Xia Xiaoxiao communicated with the big guys.

They had to work with each other after joining the group.

The lights dimmed.

Everyone gathered in twos and threes to talk.

After Chu Chu had communicated with director Peng Qi, she hid in the corner and sent messages to deal with company affairs.

Light World Entertainment’s new game “The Misty Mountain Residence” was about to be launched and it was also somewhat related to Yinda.

Yin Yan took a casual look.

President Chu was lying in the dark, staring at the phone screen with a serious expression, as if frowning.

He found that it was a good time, so he went over to her quietly.

After Chu Chu put down the phone, Yin Yan asked, “What troubles has President Chu encountered”

Chu Chu asked curiously, “If I tell you, can you solve it”

Yin Yan smiled, “Since we are friends, maybe”

He quietly narrowed the distance between them.

There was no disgust on President Chu’s face.

He felt a little proud.

Boil the frog in tepid water*.

As long as she didn’t reject it, everything would be easy. 

Chu Chu said frankly, “I want to earn 10 billion and I am worried about where to find the money.

I heard from your agent that you also want to invest recently.

Why don’t you invest in Yinda”

Yin Yan: Would you please maintain your work personality The investment boss who controls the actors asks them for money.

Is that fair

Yin Yan said, “…What about the company’s rate of return”

Chu Chu used his words and said shyly, “Since we are friends, maybe less”

Yin Yan: “…”

Yin Yan changed the subject half-jokingly, “How can you be short of money You are joking.

What song does President Chu want to sing, I’ll help you.”

Chu Chu shook her head, “I can’t sing.”

Yin Yan didn’t force it, but instead suggested, “Then President Chu can choose one for me I can’t decide.”

Chu Chu nodded.

She didn’t refuse and walked to the song table.

Whatever song she picked, it must be related to her usual playlist and hobbies.

Yin Yan was confident in the amount of music he knew.

He held the microphone and said hypocritically, “Don’t give me something too difficult.”

Chu Chu: “No, it’s easy and catchy.”

Yin Yan thought it was a pop song and relaxed.

He turned his head to see the screen clearly and was about to show off his talents, only to find that she had clicked on “Song of the Smurfs.”

“On the other side of the mountain and the sea, there is a group of Smurfs, they are lively and smart…”

Yin Yan: “…”

Everyone stared at Yin Yan who was holding the microphone in shock.

Yin Yan’s lips trembled, but in the end he still didn’t sing and chose to cut the song with difficulty.

He wasn’t a fool.

He was convinced that President Chu deliberately caused trouble for him.

In fact, Chu Chu probably knew Yin Yan’s mentality.

He was the type who liked hunting.

He had a good career and wasn’t short of money.

There was no need to catch up with the unspoken rules.

He should be having fun.

She also reflected on herself.

She had countless unspoken rules (casting couch) gossip on the Internet, which made Yin Yan think that the two were the same.

Yin Yan was frustrated many times and he dared not  do anything for a while.

He turned to communicate with Director Peng.

Chen Yifan and Xia Xiaoxiao were busy doing business, but the onlookers were stunned by President Chu’s behaviour.

The lights in the room were dim and ambiguous and helping someone to choose a song was obviously the way to warm up feelings.

But it was directly washed away by a group of smart and lively Smurfs.

Zhu Qianyou ran to Chu Chu and gossiped, “Are you being teased”

Chu Chu glanced at her, “Aren’t you his fan”

Zui Qianyou righteously said, “I am.

I only love his face, not his person.”

Chu Chu said cruelly, “True.”

Zui Qianxian was quite philosophical, “King oyster mushroom is not a real oyster, but people also love it.”

President Chu didn’t say anything.

Zui Qianyou eagerly picked up the news, like a competent paparazzi and asked actively, “Then is your and Li Taihe’s relationship real What type do you like Chen Yifan is your new type”

Chu Chu: “I like you like this, especially when you are locked in a room for work.”

“…” Zui Qianyou got silent immediately and didn’t dare to speak any more.

The first small-scale gathering of the crew ended smoothly.

Yin Yan couldn’t understand whether President Chu was fake high, or whether her attitude had always been so sharp.

He was scrupulous about his image and didn’t dare to make a move, so he decided to continue to observe in the future.

On the other hand, Light World Entertainment encountered some trouble.

After Chu Chu attended the crew dinner, she returned to the company and asked Zhang Jianian for details, “What did Liang Chan say”

“The similarity is indeed very high and even many elements have collided.” Zhang Jianian understood the situation and answered, “Now Light World Entertainment is discussing countermeasures internally and considering whether to go online on time…”

“The Misty Mountain Residence” was a key game created by Light World Entertainment.

At the time of financing, it also specially played a promotional video for Chu Chu and asked her to play it.

Nowadays, a game called “Clear Mountain Prefecture” appeared on the market, which highly overlapped with “The Misty Mountain Residence”.

It wasn’t terrible to simply overlap in details, but from the planning content to the original style, they were extremely similar, even one step ahead of the launch of “The Misty Mountain Residence”.

This couldn’t be a coincidence.

Someone knew the content of “The Misty Mountain Residence” a long time ago and developed “Clear Mountain Prefecture” in secret.

The plagiarism and competition among game companies had little to do with Chu Chu.

The problem was that she once promised Liang Chan to use the first Weibo to help him advertise new games.  “The Misty Mountain Residence” encountered such a situation, so if she rashly recommended it, the situation would get more complicated.

As a major project of Light World Entertainment, if profitability of “Misty Mountain Residence” wasn’t good, it would affect the status of the entire company.

Since Yinda participated in the entertainment world, it was natural not to keep watch on the game.

Chu Chu was a little bit contradictory.

Advertising it now wouldn’t have much effect and might advertise competitor’s products.

The treachery was also not good.

If she abandoned the ship and fled as soon as the incident happened to Light World Entertainment, it would be too unjust.

Zhang Jianian thought for a while and suggested, “You only said that you wanted to help them advertise new games, but you don’t have to advertise “The Misty Mountain Residence”, right”

” ‘Win the War’ is a game that we participated in research and development.

It is reasonable to not post it.

I believe Liang Chan will accept it.”


(Frog is put into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.)


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