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Zhang Jianian suggested that mainly to relieve President Chu’s guilt of wanting to betray her faith and refrain from advertising.

In fact, he felt that Liang Chan had no guts to contact President Chu.

After all, “The Misty Mountain Residence” caused a mess and Yinda, as a shareholder, was fully qualified to intervene in accountability.

If the impact was too bad, the two parties could even terminate cooperation.

Similar cases abound in the business community.

Chu Chu was surprised, “Has “Win the War” been developed Is it available now”

“The beta version is currently underway…” Zhang Jianian reported, “It seems that the beta game version has just been made.”

Chu Chu’s eyes widened upon hearing that.

She was furious, “This is unreasonable!”

Zhang Jianian was puzzled as he didn’t know where her anger came from.

Chu Chu angrily said, “I have invested money, but they didn’t let me test the beta version”

Chu Chu: What’s the reason for investing in a game company if I can’t play it!

Her focus was really unique.

Zhang Jianian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “…Do you have time to play now”

President Chu had been busy with work and had no time for leisure.

How could she have time to play games

Chu Chu glanced at him and said cautiously, “If your working hours get longer, will I get free time”

According to Chu Chu’s law, Zhang Jianian’s working hours were directly proportional to Chu Chu’s entertainment time.

As his working hours increased, her entertainment time would also increase, because the workload would get reduced.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: She actually squeezed employees to get free time!

Taking into account the company’s profitability, Light World Entertainment finally made up its mind to launch “Misty Mountain Residence”, but as soon as the game promotion was released, it encountered many players’ rumors and questioned its high similarity to “Clear Mountain Prefecture”.

AERD: This is too similar to that game, right Is it a copycat

Xiao Shizi: You saw ‘Clear Mountain Prefecture’ was doing good and wanted to copy Even the original graphic looks really amazing [question mark].

Vine Snake: Isn’t “Misty” better than “Clear” The official blog had been posting things related to it for more than a year.

Xiao Miao: What can we see from the pre launch campaign I only know that “Clear” was released earlier than “Misty”.

The game mode is released first, right

Dancing elf: Aiguo Network has made “Clear Mountain Prefecture” and Light World Entertainment has made “Misty Mountain Residence”.

Dengzhan: I’m really tired of this style of game.

It’s annoying that Light World has also started to do female mobile games.

As a key project of the company in the near future, “Misty Mountain Residence” had received a mediocre response after its launch on the first day and the download numbers were also inferior to “Clear Mountain Prefecture”, far below Liang Chan’s expectations.

This loss had greatly affected the enthusiasm of the game team.

If the follow-up downloads of “The Misty Mountain Residence” were still not good, it may affect the next financing and development of Light World Entertainment.

In Light World Entertainment, CEO Liang Chan received the news that President Chu was about to visit and he got anxious, thinking that she was coming to inquire and back off.

He didn’t dare to mention advertising on Weibo at all.

The game had been turned upside down on the internet due to the high similarity with the other one.

They were simply a copy.

The most troublesome thing was that Light World Entertainment had developed “Misty Mountain Residence” first and “Clear Mountain Prefecture” was the first to go online.

The two had their own reasons.

Yinda was a shareholder of Light World Entertainment.

Now that Light World had made such a big strategic mistake and its leading products were deeply involved in plagiarism, President Chu and others could find trouble for CEO Liang Chan and related personnel.

Liang Chan: Let alone advertising, now I am afraid that the company’s earnings will not be good, so President Chu can hit people directly.

President Chu publicly threatened to cut people if “Win the War” had a loss.

If the entire company of Light World Entertainment lost money, she would cut people into several segments, right

Liang Chan stood at the door to greet her.

President Chu and Mr.

Zhang arrived with a ugly face.

He got more frightened.

He plucked up the courage and greeted with a stiff smile, “…How is President Chu doing recently”

Chu Chu ignored his question.

Instead, she raised her chin.

With a vague anger on her face, she said straightforwardly, “I’ve heard everything…”

Liang Chan lowered his head weakly, ready to come up with the excuses he prepared earlier, to deal with the accountability from the plagiarism.

He prepared the beginning and the general content was: President Chu, I’m really sorry.

We are also investigating the reasons why the two games are similar.

Although the current income of “The Misty Mountain Residence” hasn’t reached the initial target, there is still a lot of room for improvement and the team will continue to go all out.

Please rest assured.

Liang Chan must first stabilize the funder to ensure that the rear of the company wouldn’t collapse.

As long as the capital wasn’t withdrawn, anything could happen.

Chu Chu’s expression was serious and she said frankly with dissatisfaction, “Do you look down on the money I invested!”

Liang Chan hurriedly said, “Of course not, President Chu, we are also investigating…”

Chu Chu: “Then why do I have no account in the beta version of “Win the War””

Liang Chan: “”

Liang Chan: What does this have to do with “Win the War” Isn’t she here for plagiarism

Chu Chu said suspiciously, “You can look down on money, but you can’t look down on me!”

Liang Chan was so frightened that he almost knelt down.

He decisively abandoned the car to protect his soldiers and righteously said, “Absolutely not, Director Qin is too shameless.

I forgot about it.

I will arrange an account for you immediately!”

Liang Chan thought, as long as President Chu didn’t divest her capital, he could give her anything let alone a beta account of “Win the War”.

In the office, the named Director Qin sneezed.

He pushed the black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose and continued to debug the game data.

The main planner next to him was called Fatty and he caringly said, “Boss, what’s wrong with you Did you catch flu”

Since the investment in “Win the War”, the team grew.

Director Qin recovered many of the original creators of “Win the War” and recruited many young newcomers.

As he took the lead in the development of “Win the War” mobile game, he naturally took a firm position and was called the “boss” by others.

He rubbed his curls and said, “I feel that someone is talking about me.”1


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