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Liang Chan: Does the chef have the skills to build a house Shall I make a kitchen knife and a pot for you

Director Qin saw that his leader was miserably rejected by President Chu and hurriedly said, “The three of us will explore in a team.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t have a house for 25 minutes.”

The chef had to leave the ranger and the architect with hatred and ran to the warrior and the bomber.

Others resisted the burst of laughter and murmured, “So it turns out that one needs a look at the face to be a flatterer.”

On the screen, the female ranger and the architect stood together and the fatty chef insisted on being in the same frame.

It really meant that “the person is born with talents and only a monster could oppose it”.

The five quickly cleared up the way of most of the map.

Zhang Jianian didn’t build a house and helped President Chu with all his might.

The team could only use guerrilla tactics and finally met the BOSS, Miss.C, drilled out of the ground, surrounded by bats with wings fanning her. 

She said, “To give your heart is to pay with money.” 

Director Qin felt guilty, lest Chu saw the clues, he suggested, “President Chu, we may not be able to fight without building a house.

The boss will make big moves in three minutes and the current team can’t resist…”

Chu Chu had never seen Miss.C’s big move.

She didn’t understand Director Qin’s worries and said, “It’s okay.

I will hurt her with my skills.”

Director Qin saw the ranger rushing upwards and the architect also dropped a shield on her in cooperation and said helplessly, “But the skills have a cool-down period and you can’t hit infinitely…”

The skill of the Ranger was called “Unlimited Gold Coins”.

It was a skill that looked at the probability of combos.

In short, it tested the player’s luck.

(Infinite gold coins: Lucky gold coins have two sides.

After the flower appears, there is a 50% probability to give the enemy a heavy blow and the skill cooldown is refreshed instantly.)

When the game team used the ranger, the highest combo record was seven times, which was basically the capped data.

Miss.C’s HP had been hit seven times without a problem.

She would be destroyed by the BOSS’s ultimate move.

Director Qin saw that President Chu didn’t care and he had to sigh inwardly.

Anyway, he was also entertaining the boss.

It didn’t matter if he won or lost.

He never expected that he was slapped in the face and looked at the data on the screen in surprise.

The numbers on the screen kept beating and the gorgeous “7 Combo” appeared!

President Chu told everyone personally that she had unlimited gold coins in reality and games.

“Wow, it’s the eighth time!” The others exclaimed excitedly, staring at the light ranger who kept throwing gold coins on the screen.

The gold coins were actually unlimited every time.


C seemed to be completely enraged.

She roared and attacked the female ranger, not even looking at the warrior who rushed to attract her.

Countless bats pounced on the ranger.

The female ranger was about to be swallowed by the bat swarm.

The architect’s sudden shield helped her block the blow.

The female ranger escaped and bounced to the ground with ease.

She kept throwing gold coins in her hand and she was going to hit the boss to death!

The onlookers counted excitedly, “Fifteenth time!”

“The sixteenth time!”

“She will win! She won!”

Miss.C finally fell to the ground and turned into a shiny gold prop.

President Chu’s ranger actually killed the BOSS, hitting a record of up to 18 combos.

Director Qin stood up in disbelief and said in astonishment, “She won’t have any chance of moving, right”

The main programmer Director Qin couldn’t believe that if the ranger could hit the BOSS to death, the balance of the game would be a problem.

This has to be the European Emperor, can it be so strong without recharging

Chu Chu waved calmly and said: “Young man, don’t be too excited, I can get unlimited gold coins when I am reborn, not to mention it’s only a game.”

Director Qin was speechless: “…”

Chu Chu sternly said: “The game is very fun, but can I make a suggestion”

Director Qin was still in shock.

As soon as he heard about it, he immediately got serious: “Yes.”

Chu Chu: “Can you set a single loot I don’t like anyone who can pick my props.”

On the screen, the chef and bomber who were excited about picking up trash froze, only the architect was still bending over to pick it up.

Faced with the difficult problem, Director Qin explained with difficulty: “In fact, only the same team can pick and other teams cannot.”

Chu Chu: “Then how do you expel the three of you from the team”

Director Qin: “…”

People were not afraid of big things when watching the excitement: “Hahahahaha!”

Chu Chu: [Dad doesn’t want you anymore.jpg]

Director Qin: Just give you a two-person model Can the connection be made as a standalone

Chu Chuchu felt good to play and tried other modes.

The mobile game “Win the War” had quite a potential.

There were 25 minutes, 45 minutes and 90 minutes in the game.

There were exploration and competition according to the mode, taking into account the needs of various players.

Player level was related to the performance and level of each game.

Low-level players also had the opportunity to counterattack and the gameplay was very diverse.

In Light World Entertainment, President Chu was addicted to games.

On the other hand, the company’s onlookers launched a live broadcast on the Internet, describing the scene vividly.

Little panda staying up late: President Chu came to the company to inspect and participate in the beta testing! I was so excited that I exploded on the spot.

She must be the ranger!

Little panda staying up late: The two bosses in the game squad, plus the main plan, are awesome and President Chu id too decent.

Little panda staying up late: Woc Ranger Eighteenth Company! President Chu is super god and peerless!

Red Carp: What game did they make How can the ranger’s unlimited gold coins in “Win the War” be 18 consecutive times The highest data of the mobile version is 7 times.

It is too fake.

Shutter: Tell me honestly, who messed the server to deliberately please the boss [doge]

Xiao Ke jumped up: Chu Yanyin: When she was born, I messed the server.

The giraffe: sister, you are venomous hahahaha, the main job of the light world is to play games with the boss Then I can apply too [doge]


Boot licker: 

舔狗: Lick the dog : Flatters with no dignity and bottom line. 

This sounds weird do I used boot licker from now on. 


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