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Feel: Tell President Chu, my game ID is 18321, Bombman Thief 6.

I am willing to give her game coins to relieve her stress [doge].

Ya Ya Ya: Buddy, this is a mobile game version.

It hasn’t been launched yet and the ID of the old version is useless.

I am a prophet: Hot search booking, President Chu Unlimited Gold Coins.

Sweet Soup: This terrible amount of comments hahahaha, my CEO Chu is going viral

There are many dark clouds: The compilation is too fake.

The great player VIR played 7 consecutive years, but it is also a thing of the past, alas [heartbreak] if the economic system of “Win the War” didn’t change, the life of the game would have been very long.

Now it is only nostalgia.

I really want to play it again though.

Red top: How is it fake In the final analysis, it is a question of probability.

The low probability of 18 attacks doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Back then, many rangers could only have 3 consecutive attacks then their unlimited skills would change.

But a bunch of people had an average level of 6 or 7 consecutive attacks

Brother Xiaopiao: Wait, was I in a dream ten years ago Discussing the ranger skills sincerely, didn’t this game stop

Happy Little White Rabbit: Come out @President Chu Global Fan Support Club.

President Chu Global Fan Support Club: She is a business prodigy and also a king of rangers, a talk show person with witty words and a talk show with martial arts Gods, guarding the best [heart] in the world.

Huari Bright Light:  Hahahaha, the original Post, as the frontline, doesn’t show pictures.


Xiao Fanggai: Light World: She has charged up.

Win the War: understand, arrange.

Little panda staying up late: There are pictures and videos, but they can’t be posted.

The company has a confidentiality agreement and Mr.

Liang doesn’t allow it [Kneeling].

Coffee Essence: The prophet brother deserves his name and now the eighth hot search is arranged.

“Little Panda staying up late” originally posted a few life blogs proudly, but the amount of reposting was getting higher.

When other people in Light World Entertainment saw that, they also went on the scene, adding their energy to the live text broadcast, which further promoted the popularity of that Weibo.

Slay012: Where is your work station, Little Panda President Chu forbids President Liang to pick up her props.

I smiled sincerely.

I am very happy today.

Feng Shuu changes fate: Isn’t that the point I really envy the little brother next to President Chu.

Who can tell me how to lick the boss’s boots Is it too late to adjust the post now [doge]

poodle Bear: It’s the barbecue stall guy from last time! I beg them to get together to post pictures!

Ping An is a blessing: That little brother of the barbecue stall last time is the vice president.

If you want to play games with President Chu, you have to be a senior executive Advise everyone not to post pictures and videos for fun or this fun will come with a lawyer’s letter.


Xiaobai: A brief translation, your academic qualifications and resume are not too bad but you don’t even have the qualifications to accompany President Chu.


The hot search “President Chu Unlimited Gold Coins” slowly rose amidst everyone’s contribution.

Although no one had the guts to post pictures and videos, for fear of being sued by the boss, they could be broadcast live in text.

As the on-site personnel continued to join the chat, many people also spoke freely.

The law didn’t blame the public and the company bosses didn’t know who posted the Weibo.

The comment area was divided into two camps, the nostalgic technical pie of “Win the War” and the nostalgic pie of Chu Chu.

The former discussed the game data in detail, wanting to replay the end game and experience youthful memories; the latter went deep in the gossip of Chu Chu’s deeds.

They not only wrote the text repo, but also stood up to the CP (shipping couple) silently.

In the meantime, there were occasional discordant voices, but they were quickly turned down.

28392: Can the Light World really change the subject The plagiarism of “Misty” has not been solved and now you want to push new games by buying hot searches

Thunderbolt: Hey those two games aren’t on hot search, so don’t come here to catch the momentum!

Scales: Thank you for your attention, but please don’t snatch our top traffic.

[Lovely] “Win the War” is the project that President Chu participated in.

Don’t touch porcelain if you don’t have any games, thank you~

Inside the Light world entertainment.

After Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian finished testing the game, they finally met with Liang Chan and others in the conference room.

Zhang Jianian sat firmly at the negotiating table, changed his reticent image of when he played with him and said straightforwardly, “Mr.

Liang, President Chu and I have heard about the recent news about ‘The Misty Mountain Residence’.

The profit after the game went out was not as expected.

If it continues, according to the agreement signed at the time, the net profit target of Light World Entertainment may not be achieved.”

The emergence of the agreement was based on the protection of investors.

Many companies had made a big splash when financing, but no one knew the actual situation.

When Light World Entertainment received financing, it signed an agreement with Yinda Investment.

If the net profit target wasn’t fulfilled, it must make corresponding compensation, such as surrendering part of the equity.

Because New Vision initially intervened and raised the price rashly, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian gave Light World Entertainment some preferential concessions when actually finalizing the agreement.

But judging from the current situation, Liang Chan and Light World Entertainment may not even reach the most basic goal.

Liang Chan wiped the sweat from his forehead and explained, “Now ‘The Misty’ has just launched and is still in its infancy.

The company is also strengthening its promotion and the game still has a broad market space.”

Zhang Jianian reminded, “According to the current trend of public opinion, it’s difficult for “Misty” to surpass “Clear Mountain Prefecture” How do you plan to capture the game market next”

Liang Chan was speechless for a while.

In fact, he could say some grand-sounding words, but he felt ashamed when facing the sharp eyes of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian.

It may be difficult for the revenue of “The Misty Mountain Residence” to catch up, Liang Chan was very clear in his heart.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian cooperated in the combined punches.

They handed each other a step at the right time.

She said warmly, “Mr Liang, we didn’t make a special trip to ask you, after all, you are the one who is the most stressed.

Now that the problem has arisen, let’s solve it together now.

Find a way and work hard to solve the difficulties.”

“At the beginning you were willing to believe in us and Yinda.

Now we are also willing to believe in you and the light world,” she said with a sincere face.

Zhang Jianian had a white face first and Chu Chu made it into a red face.

The key question now was, who copied the game Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian hadn’t followed the entire development process of “The Misty Mountain Residence” and were equally unclear.

Liang Chan smiled bitterly, “President Chu, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know how that happened.

The employees of Light World also signed a non-disclosure agreement.

It is impossible for them to disclose the content of the project.

We have been investigating for a long time and have no idea.”

Zhang Jianian was surprised, “You mean, this is a coincidence”

Liang Chan said helplessly, “I know you may not believe it, but it is true.”

Chu Chu confirmed again, “Can you guarantee that ‘Misty’ did not have any reference elements”

“I do,” Liang Chan said loudly.

He still had the minimum industry ethics.

Chu Chu didn’t speak.

Liang Chan opened his mouth and said, “President Chu, Mr.

Zhang, if we fail in the first year, I will compensate according to the agreement, but please be sure to trust me.

‘The Misty Mountain Residence’ didn’t copy any games, it’s entirely our team’s hard work.”

Chu Chu calmly said, “The agreement may not necessarily fail.”

Liang Chan was puzzled and he confessed, “President Chu, in fact, after many games are launched, we can basically predict the future direction…”

“The Misty Mountain Residence” didn’t start well and it was still deeply involved in plagiarism.

It was really difficult to get a high return.

Chu Chu said calmly, “The Misty Mountain Residence is really not able to bear the pressure of the agreement, but if “Win the War” is launched, it might be able to catch up.”

“Win the War” had entered the closed beta stage and had received the game version number.

If it weren’t for fear of diverting the splash of “The Misty Mountain Residence”, it would have actually been launched after some time.

Light World Entertainment postponed the launch time of “Win the War”.

The big reason was that the current publicity resources were all piled on “The Misty Mountain Residence”.

Light World Entertainment’s bet was based on an annual basis and the net profit target that needed to be completed in three years increased year by year.

If “Win the War” was released, it would be difficult to reflect the return rate in the first year of the bet.

Liang Chan was hesitant.

This was indeed a way, but he had no confidence in his heart.

After all, the team size of “Win the War” was far from that of “The Misty Mountain Residence”.

To be honest, if President Chu hadn’t participated in “Win the War” before, the game would have successfully disappeared and retired from the stage of history.

Liang Chan was quite hesitant, “President Chu if Win the War is released.

It will be difficult to keep up with other publicity and promotion.

It is better to wait…”

Chu Chu bluntly said, “If you continue to wait, what if “Win the War” gets copied”

Liang Chan was a little bit distressed and had to say that President Chu’s words made sense.

They didn’t find out the truth about the game plagiarism.

This was an invisible bomb.


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