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Chapter 22 : I feel sorry for you

“I like clingy people”…


Duan Yu’s expression was unreadable,


but he was not actually answering Chen Yu’s question, he was actually showing off.


Chen Yu’s expression froze slightly, but within a moment, he regained his calm demeanor.


Duan Yu gestured slightly to Chen Yue.


Chen Yue hurriedly said with a smile: “Mr.

Duan should deal with it first, and it’s not too late for us to talk later.”


The secretary who passed Lu Yuanbai’s life-threatening serial message was relieved to see her boss took the phone.


However, before she could catch her breath, she felt a sharp gaze could not be ignored.


The secretary paused slightly, looked up, and saw the daughter of the former project partner looking at him with dissatisfaction.


Although it was really wrong to go up and interrupt the boss, the occasion just now was obviously not talking about serious business.


She has worked with Duan Yu for so many years.

Although her boss’s face doesn’t change a lot, and usually has a cold face, she can still observe how her boss’s expression changes when he is dissatisfied.


During the conversation just now, Duan Yu was obviously annoyed.


The secretary smiled decently, “I’m sorry, both of you, our President Duan has something to do right now.”


Chen Yu saw that the secretary was not pleasing to the eye, and the boss was talking here, so she would just interject when she came up.


When she came to deliver her mobile phone, she also glanced at it, and the contact above was Lu Yuanbai.


Suddenly, she felt disdainful.

Lu Yuanbai has been riddled with scandals recently, and it is expected that his life will not be easy in the future.


It is impossible for the Duan family to keep him after such a big incident.

Soon enough it will be a matter of time to divorce Duan Yu.


Seeing the disdain in the daughter’s eyes, the secretary frowned slightly.


The next moment, she heard the other person say, “He knows that Duan is always busy, yet he sent a message to disturb him.

He doesn’t seem to be so sensible.”


The secretary who was just about to turn around paused slightly.


Turning her head to look at Chen Yu with a smile on his face, there was an “mmp” in his heart.


No matter what, the secretary is someone who has worked with Duan Yu for many years, and her ability to see through people is very accurate.


She knew exactly what the young lady in front of him was thinking.


Is it unreasonable for the husband to say something private


Then you are here intentionally or unintentionally revealing that you want to be a small mistress for President Duan, isn’t it shameful!


They haven’t divorced, and yet they are thinking about the position of Mrs.

Duan, and I don’t know where such courage comes from.


Is this the kind of outstanding person you are looking for t become a rich ladyIs it important to find men with good appearance and great family financial situations


Why are you in such a hurry to become a mistress


I don’t know how your family educates you but your mind is so twisted.


But in the end, it was the daughter of the former business partner, so the secretary could only endure it and couldn’t say anything.


But he really couldn’t hold his breath.


“I’m really sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.


Lu and Mr.

Duan has a good relationship.

Sometimes there is a long period of not meeting each other so this happens quite often.”



Duan is so busy yet he still has to take care of him.

What a mess.”


The secretary sighed a little embarrassedly, “But…”


Chen Yu looked at her, “but what”


“But our president Duan…” The secretary raised her head and looked at Chen Yu, hooked her lips and smiled, “only eat





When the words came out of her mouth, the secretary was afraid that the wealthy daughter in front of him would quarrel with him, so she hurriedly turned around strategically and left first.


The two fathers and daughters were left to grit their teeth in place.


Chen Yu even felt that she had lost face, and stared at the back of the secretary with dissatisfaction.




Duan Yu took the mobile phone to the open-air balcony, watching the voice from Lu Yuanbai on the screen, the original stillness mood was slightly pleasant.


He opened the voice messages one by one and heard the young man’s clear voice.


“Wife, are you there”


“Wife, have you eaten yet”


“Wife, are you home yet”


“Wife, it’s dark and walk at night, pay attention to safety!”


Listening to Lu Yuanbai talking very enthusiastically, Duan Yu didn’t utter a word.


His wife didn’t answer for a long time so Lu Yuanbai was inevitably a little disappointed.


“Wife, why don’t you… don’t talk…”


Probing your brain.JPG


Duan Yu looked down at the emoticon package Lu Yuanbai sent over.

In the picture, Lu Yuanbai was hiding behind the door and looking out like a little mouse.


Then the slender fingers typed a few words and went back,


[I have something to do just now.



Lu Yuanbai, who was lying paralyzed on the hospital bed like a salted fish, got up and sat up when he saw his wife replying to the message.


Putting the phone to his lips,


[Then wife, are you done with your work]


[Not yet.


Lu Yuanbai looked at the clock on the wall of the hospital ward with a pair of peach blossom eyes.

Seeing it was almost ten o’clock, his delicate eyebrows instantly wrinkled.


Just as Duan Yu was about to light a cigarette, his phone began to vibrate.


It was a video call from Lu Yuanbai.


Duan Yu stared at the screen for a while, then sighed, put back the cigarette, and switched on the video mode.




Lu Yuanbai’s delicate face appeared on the screen, Duan Yu looked at it and responded, “Hmm”


“It’s so late, when will your work be over”


Duan Yu showed no expression on his face, “Not necessarily.



After hearing the answer, Lu Yuanbai felt a little depressed.


Duan Yu frowned slightly, and said in a low voice, “What’s wrong”


“Nothing.” Lu Yuanbai pursed his lips, “I just feel sorry for you.”


He had never heard anyone say that to him before.

Receiving elite training from childhood to adulthood would not give him a chance to say he was tired.


Some adults only understand the truth.

He started socialising when he was a child.

If he was tired and stopped moving forward, he would be eliminated, and he would have no right to speak.


That’s what it means to survive.


Even when he couldn’t help but go to his mother when he was a child, his mother just touched his head and asked him to continue to learn.

There was no way for him to retreat.


While other children are going through childhood, he is going through competition.

“Wife, can you sneak away We’re not here anymore, let’s go home and sleep.”


Lu Yuanbai began to babble with a small mouth, “Quietly so no one will find out.”


A pair of peach blossom eyes looked at Duan Yu, full of worry.


Duan Yu, who has always been a workaholic, would have refused without saying a word if he heard this, but now he said something unfamiliar like a ghost: “Okay.”


Lu Yuanbai laughed instantly when he heard this, “Wife, pay attention to safety on your way home, and remember to call me when you get home.”


Lu Yuanbai instructed a few words carefully, and then hung up the phone reluctantly.


It was already past ten o’clock in the evening.

Except for the medical staff on duty, most of the people fell asleep.


Just when Lu Yuanbai stretched out his hand and adjusted his pillow to lie down and sleep.


The door suddenly opened.


There was a loud bang, which shocked Lu Yuanbai, and instantly sat up.


He saw a strange man in sportswear looking in a hurry, gasping for breath.


“Brother Yuan, the van driver is awake!”


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