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On the empty ancient street, the atmosphere was rather quiet.

Given Zhu Youniangs sudden actions, Feng Xia was stunned for a long time before he finally recovered.

Well done!

He felt that he had done well at that moment .


“Yes, about 100 times.

I didnt count them too carefully either.”

The girls expression was very calm.

There was nothing unusual about her at all.

Sensing Feng Xias strength, she puffed out her chest and replied with a smile, “Its about that long!”

After saying that, she revealed an expression that meant, “Im a genius, quickly praise me.” She looked at Feng Xia expectantly.


After a few moments, Feng Xia smiled resignedly.

He reached out his other hand and stroked the young girls hair as he said with a smile, “This method is not bad, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Zhu Youniang blinked and stared at him.

“Tell me.”

Feng Xia said earnestly, “Although this method is good, its best not to use it again in the future.

Oh… Its fine to only use it with me.

Theres no need to use it with others.”

“Alright!” The girl agreed without thinking.

Time passed minute by minute.

Feng Xia patiently counted the girls heartbeats, going from 1 to 100.

During this period, Zhu Youniang seemed to be too bored from waiting.

She simply grabbed Feng Xias other hand and did the same thing with it.


Feng Xia felt like a pervert teasing a young girl on the streets.

Although this ancient street was indeed very soft, oh no, he meant that these books were quite big…

Finally, when she counted to 100, Zhu Youniang let go of Feng Xias hands and gestured with a smile.

“Thats about how long it was.”

“The physique of a divine being far surpasses that of a mortal.

It takes half an hour to count 100 heartbeats.”

Feng Xia silently calculated the time.

Unknowingly, his gaze became even more solemn.

He had left this place inexplicably and finished a complete lesson under the teachers care.

That was about eight hours long.

Based on the stamina of a divine being, eight hours was not considered long.

However, compared to the time he stood still, which was 100 heartbeats as Zhu Youniang had said, it was about half an hour.

Eight hours seemed a little too long for that.

“Is it because only my consciousness left, or is it because of some other reason that the time I sensed is completely different from the real passage of time”

With Feng Xias current knowledge and experience, it was clearly impossible to answer this question.

Therefore, he very sensibly gave up thinking.

“If it involves time, even Patriarch Chenhai might not be able to explain it clearly, right” Thousands of thoughts flashed through Feng Xias mind in an instant. “In that case, this long street was not left behind by the first Sect Master.

He might have even found this place by accident and then chosen to build a mountain gate here!”

Unlike the other sects that migrated to Mount Canglan later, the Thousand Autumn Valley had always been located in Mount Canglan, since the days when it was still the most important holy land.

Indistinctly, Feng Xia felt that the distance between him and the truth seemed to have closed in a little.

“Yes, lets continue forward and take a look.

Perhaps we can find something else.

If theres nothing worth paying attention to, well just explore this area for the time being.

When we come next time, well investigate that strange private school again.”

Feng Xia instantly made a plan.

If he confirmed that this ancient street was not suitable for further exploration, he would temporarily focus all his attention on the private school.

After all…

That place was simply a movable cultivation technique library!

Moreover, there was a patient and good teacher guiding you the entire time!

The only problem was that there were other students inside, and certain students were more detestable than others, making people want to slap them to death.

As they continued down the empty ancient street, the surroundings remained silent.

Feng Xia activated the Perfect Sword Heart, illuminating everything and sensing everything around him.

In stark contrast to Feng Xia was Zhu Youniang, who was following behind him.

The young girl placed her hands behind her back, her fair feet untainted by dust.

She swayed as she walked past the ruins of the ancient street, humming an incomprehensible tune as she looked left and right.

Clearly, she was in a good mood.

—Of course, she was not really window shopping.

As they advanced, Zhu Youniang had already released her spider shadows to spread out to every corner of the street to investigate the blind spots that were difficult for Feng Xia to detect.

Feng Xia could only sigh at this almost innate ability of hers…

I cant learn it, I really cant!

“Unless the Sword-Heart Integration can also be split, but if thats the case, wont it become schizophrenia”

Feng Xia shook his head vigorously and threw this unreliable thought out of his mind.

“I wonder what this street is for Since theres a private school, will there be… Hmm”

He suddenly stopped in his tracks.

About 100 feet away from him, there was a relatively intact building with a wide stone table at the entrance.

The table was empty, and above it was a piece of metal wire that was as thick as a thumb.

Inside the building, there were a few shelves placed high and low.

There were hooks hanging down from the shelves, but the most eye-catching thing was a platform that was about half the height of a person!

As the saying went, we were all meat on a chopping board.

The so-called platform was actually a chopping board.

However, these platforms were usually big and heavy and could withstand greater impacts.

The platform in this shop was completely made of metal.

Just by looking at it, one could feel an indescribable weight.

However, what really made Feng Xia stop in his tracks was the knife on the platform!

No one knew how much blood it had been stained with as it had turned black from the handle to the blade, and half of the tip of the blade was poking into the platform.

It was a butcher knife!

“Theres something wrong with this knife!!”

Feng Xias heart skipped a beat for no reason and he became extremely vigilant almost instantly.

He could clearly feel a wave of delicate goosebumps crawling on the back of his neck in the blink of an eye!

Zhu Youniang was even faster than him.

The young girl pressed her body low on the ground, which was a rare sight.

Her long hair danced in the wind and her pale pupils flickered with a dangerous light.

She stared fixedly at the butcher knife as a hoarse hissing sound kept coming from her mouth.

“Xia… this knife is very fierce!”

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