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On the quiet long street, Feng Xias expression was especially solemn while Zhu Youniang looked like she had exploded with anger.

She kept hissing as she stared fixedly at the butcher shop in the distance!

“This knife… Whats going on”

Feng Xia took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the uneasiness in his heart.

He felt an unprecedented sense of horror that seemed to turn into thousands of sharp needles that attacked him, piercing his entire body!

He tried to use his Sword-Heart to sense it.

However, once he came into contact with it, a sharp pain suddenly arose in the depths of his brows.

His bright Sword-Heart quickly dimmed like a pearl covered in dust, as if it was about to be assimilated by the terrifying fiendish aura!

“Could the evil aura that the Third Elder mentioned be from this butcher knife”

Feng Xia was stunned for a moment, but he immediately denied this conjecture.

“This butcher knife is indeed extremely ferocious.

Even my Sword-Heart Integration cant block it.

However, it seems a little different from the evil that the Third Elder mentioned.”

“Let me try first, Xia.”

Behind him, Zhu Youniang spoke softly.

At the same time, she released spider shadows one after another, like fine spring rain touching the ground, silently spreading into the distance.


The butcher knife on the platform trembled.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

One after another, the spider shadows exploded, turning into mottled black light that dissipated.

“Damn it! Whats with this knife!”

Zhu Youniang immediately showed an unhappy expression.

“Those can clearly be eaten for a long time!”

Feng Xia: “”


Did he unintentionally hear some incredible secret…

“No, the knifes murderous aura is too strong.

My clones cant get near it at all.”

Zhu Youniang had sacrificed a large number of clones.

Even though she was angry, she could only puff up her cheeks and shake her head after a long moment.

“Moreover, if we directly approach such a strong murderous aura…”

Feng Xia could imagine that situation even without her saying it.

A terrifying murderous aura that was difficult to observe with the naked eye surrounded the butcher knife like a prison cell.

It was one thing for Zhu Youniangs spider shadow clones, but if a living being with flesh and blood approached, the person would most likely be eaten up by the terrifying aura in less than a few moments.

The flesh and blood would disintegrate, melting away on the spot until only bones were left!

“Lets give it a try…”

Feng Xia held his breath and focused.

He pushed his strength to the limit and carefully took a step forward.

Then came the second step, the third step, the fourth step…

When he reached the seventh step, he seemed to have crossed an invisible boundary.

There was a loud bang and it was as if an invisible explosion had occurred in all directions.

The surging murderous aura that erupted like a volcano instantly headed towards Feng Xia!

In that situation, everything around him seemed to have disappeared, as if only an aura giant was left.

It strode forward with its huge feet that covered the sky and stepped brazenly towards Feng Xias head!

“I knew it!”

Without thinking, Feng Xias blood essence domain erupted and three Primeval Green Lotuses bloomed.

At the same time, a sword wheel formed by sword light slashed backward!


The two forces collided violently and there was an unstoppable recoil.

Feng Xia made use of the force of the recoil to run back in the direction he came from without looking back!

“Youniang, lets go! We cant afford to offend this!”

A white thread came out from the girls waist and wrapped around Feng Xias body.

Her entire body was as light as if she had no bones.

She was like an exquisite wilful kite that carried Feng Xia away.

“Xia! Slow down a little.

Youre shaking a bit too much!”

“Well be caught if were any slower!” Feng Xia was speechless.

“No, see for yourself.”

The moment Zhu Youniang spoke, a surging wave of vicious aura swept past, causing a violent wind to blow through the long street and stirring up dust that had been there for countless years.

Then, it quickly returned to a calm state.

“Whats going on… So its that private school!”

Feng Xia hugged the girl who was flying towards him and gently put her down.

He looked around and his gaze locked onto the empty private school again.

A holy and noble halo emitted from there, resisting the terrifying corrosive effect of the butcher knifes aura.

“As expected, on this long street, any building that is completely preserved is probably not simple!”

Feng Xia adjusted his breathing and took a deep look at the ordinary-looking private school again.

He shook his head regretfully.

“I guess this is as far as we can go today.

It seems that if I dont settle that butcher knife, I probably wont be able to continue forward…”

“I understand the logic, but Xia, why dont you just go around it”

At this moment, Zhu Youniang suddenly spoke up.

Feng Xia said nothing.



Wait a minute!

With Zhu Youniangs reminder, Feng Xia was suddenly inspired.

Then, he realized in shock that although this underground ancient street was quite magical and very in line with the OO Ruins XX Mystic Realm settings in many fantasy novels…

No one had ever made any rules that exploration of such ruins had to start from the beginning!

After all, it was a street that was at least tens of miles long—

If the path ahead was blocked, he could just change an angle and enter from another direction, right

“Youniang, youre right.

Its the fantasy novels that harmed me!”

Feng Xia immediately slapped his forehead and stopped in his tracks.

“Let me think about how to do it…”

His gaze swept across every corner.

Soon, Feng Xia locked his sight onto a row of buildings on the other side of the long street.

He could not tell the original purpose of those buildings, but they were stood motionlessly during the previous wave of murderous aura and were not affected at all.

“I choose you!”

Feng Xia chose the nearest building and barged in without saying anything.

The room was silent.

There were many tall cabinets by the wall, and a few bronze mirrors that stood upright at the side, reflecting Feng Xia and Zhu Youniang as they walked over.

“It looks like… a clothing store”

An epiphany appeared in Feng Xias heart.

Primary school, butcher shop, clothing shop…

This ancient street that had been buried underground for countless years was most likely an ordinary street in the so-called Heavenly Pattern Divine Kingdom!

“If its true, how powerful is the Heavenly Pattern Divine Kingdom” Feng Xia was shocked when he recalled the teachers words.

What kind of terrifying existence was the enemy that could make the Heavenly Pattern Divine Kingdom have to fight such an intense war

Feng Xia shook his head and did not dare to continue thinking.

“How rare.

I actually have guests”

At this moment, a slightly surprised female voice came from within the depths of the shop.

“What kind of clothes do you want I have ready-made clothes here, and I can also customize them according to your requirements.

I wonder which type do you like”

Both Feng Xia and Zhu Youniang suddenly froze.

There was actually someone else… in this clothing store

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