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“Could it be… the same situation as that private school”

Feng Xia made the connection almost immediately.

Earlier, when he entered the private school, it was as if he had crossed time and space in an instant and arrived at a strange place that did not belong to the current era.

He had stayed there for eight hours, but only half an hour had passed in the real world.

Now, this clothing store might be in the same situation!

“No, the street outside hasnt changed.

Were still in the same place!” However, in the next second, Feng Xia retracted his gaze from the door and shook his head imperceptibly. “Inside this clothing store… Its owner is really still here!”

“Whats wrong Why dont you turn around”

The womans voice came from behind them with a hint of sadness and grievance.

“Could it be… that Im too ugly and Ive scared my two guests”

I understand this!

Usually, in horror movies, this kind of scene would cause a shock when one turned around.

If one turned around at moments like this, one would definitely see a terrifying ghost face.

If it was not the protagonist, blood might splatter in the next second!

“Lady boss, youre overthinking.”

Feng Xia was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, he smiled and replied in a clear voice, “Ive witnessed the rise and fall of PS.

Ive witnessed the four great evil techniques go from insignificant to glorious.

My Dao heart has long been steady.

Appearances cant affect me at all.”


He was telling the sincere truth!

“P… P-S The four great evil techniques What… is that”

The owner of the female voice paused.

It was obvious that Feng Xias answer had greatly gone beyond her expectations, especially when she heard Feng Xias tone.

He did not sound like a hot-blooded young man.

Instead, he was like an old man who had been through all kinds of situations and gone through all kinds of dangers, retaining an eternal Dao heart!

“Just some trivial past.”

Taking advantage of the moment when the other party was in a daze, Feng Xia turned around suddenly without another word!

What entered his vision was a piece of white cloth hanging down, tattered and fluttering.

It carried a scent of faint decay and blocked Feng Xias sight.

It was a curtain hanging down from the rafters.

“What this young master said… is really interesting.”

The voice of the lady boss of the clothing store was still coming from a deeper place.

She seemed to be completely unaware of Feng Xias actions.

“Are you buying clothes for your companion Then youve come to the right place!”

“You can go outside and ask about the clothes in my shop.

Theyre definitely the best on this street!”

“Not only that, if you have any needs, you can also customize the clothes into precious clothes that have both aesthetic and practical effects.

It looks good on anyone who wears it!”

When he heard this, Feng Xia suddenly had a thought for some reason. Mo Yuanlong, you seem to have died an unjust death…

He turned to look towards the source of the voice.

In the deepest part of the clothing store stood a screen.

Behind the screen, there was a moving figure.

That should be the lady boss.

“Ill have to trouble the lady boss then.”

Thinking of this, Feng Xia did not refuse.

Instead, he nodded and said, “Please customize one set each for both of us.

Oh right… How much is the price of customizing two sets of clothes”

He suddenly thought of a problem.

He did not seem to have any money on him!

When he first transmigrated, he was trapped in the Ancient Forsaken Land and had no use for money at all.

Later, when he came to the Thousand Autumn Valley, he was an esteemed guest at the start.

After a few days, he became a guest elder and then the Sect Master…

Why would a Sect Master need to pay for eating and drinking in his sects canteen


You said that divine beings needed to spend money on their cultivation

Uh, sorry… I dont know that cultivation costs money… jpg

“Its rare for me to have guests.

Today, I wont charge you.

However, I hope you can help me with a small favor.”

The lady boss giggled again.

Feng Xia thought for a moment, then nodded and asked, “May I know what kind of help the lady boss needs from us”

“Its just to pass a message for me.

You wont know, but its not convenient for me to move.

Without the help of others, its very difficult for me to walk out of this shop.”

“If its just a message, its fine.”

Feng Xia agreed.

The moment he nodded, a residual shadow flew out from behind the screen.

Feng Xia looked over and realized that it was a tape measure that seemed to have a life of its own.

It snaked over and quickly circled around the two of them.

“Hey, it escaped!”

Zhu Youniang reached out to grab it, but she missed.

The tape measure flew back to the back of the screen.

The figure behind the screen moved, and then a chuckle sounded.

“I have your measurements now.

Please wait for a moment.

Ill be able to give you the most perfect clothes soon.”


How can this be the final stage!

Lady boss, you cannot do business like this.

Dont you even let others choose the style

Feng Xia complained in his heart, but he did not say it out loud.

After all, there seemed to be a different mystery in every building on this street.

Perhaps there were invisible rules here.

Before completely understanding the situation, he did not intend to try for the time being—as in try to see if he would die on the spot.

“Oh right, lady boss, I have nothing to do while waiting.

Who do you want me to send a message to”

After waiting for a moment but getting only silence from behind the screen, Feng Xia suddenly suggested, “I can take advantage of this time to deliver your message first.”

“Might as well.”

Behind the screen, the lady bosss voice sounded.

Immediately after, an exquisite jade pendant flew over.

There was a nameless mutated beast carved on it.

The moment he touched it, a cool feeling spread through his hand.

“My husband has a strange temper.

He will only listen to you if you hold this jade pendant.” Her voice paused for a moment.

“So, please dont lose it.”

Feng Xia nodded and put away the jade pendant.

He smiled and said, “I wonder what message the lady boss wants us to send, and where should we go to find that person”

From what the lady boss said, there seemed to be someone else on this street besides her!

This was quite a significant discovery.

The next moment, the lady boss behind the screen chuckled and spoke.

“My husband is called Tu Kuo.

Hes currently in the butcher shop across the street.

If the two of you see him, please tell him that our child will be back tonight.

Tell him to remember to bring a few pieces of meat home for our child.”

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