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With a sneer, Lasette looked at Beces.

Is it because she was unable to complete the mission due to an unexpected event Her face was filled with thought.

“It’d be a lot easier if we had the witch’s power; how much of your power has returned”

Beces cast a cold gaze down at her hands.

Her pigment-less eyes gradually took on a vibrant purple hue.

“It’s approximately halfway back.”

Lasette nodded and issued an order in response to Beces

“As always, let the ninth brother handle the preparation; there should be no failure.”

Everything according to our wishes.



Giorgio jumped to his feet and struck the desk hard.

He was so furious and perplexed that his shoulders trembled.

His aide, who had rushed to report, couldn’t bear making eye contact with his superior and bowed his head.

“Again…, say it again.”

“……Your Majesty has dispatched tax evasion investigators to the territory and the mansion in the capital.”

Giorgio was taken aback for a moment by the aide’s report, which had not changed in the least.

“D, duke!”

The startled aide rushed to assist Giorgio.

Giorgio, on the other hand, firmly pushed his aide’s hand away.


“Did you deal with it”

“The capital’s mansion handled it immediately, but the territory…”

“Damn! Why are you moving so slowly”

“Sorry, I’m sorry! The Imperial Investigator came in so suddenly…… We just…….”

As the bad excuses continued, veins appeared near Giorgio’s temple.

He bit his lower lip to keep his rage at bay.

Yes, dealing with the situation right now was more important than getting angry.

‘Tax evasion.

The big ones are the problem but other than that, I can cover it up.’

What on earth is the emperor doing attacking Valkyr so suddenly As long as the Valkyr family had a saint, the imperial family always had to give Valkyr a break.

The saint is the only one who can completely control the disaster… No, it was Valkyr.

Fortunately, all physical evidence relating to “them” was kept in a location only family members knew about.

But he couldn’t be happy.

The Valkyr family’s fate was already in jeopardy these days.

Any further conflict with the imperial family would be too far out of character for the picture he was painting.

“Take care of the territory’s case right now! No, don’t.

I’ll just go there myself.”

The assistant’s eyes widened in confusion at Giorgio’s remarks.

The capital was already in a state of confusion.

It was a situation where foreign envoys arrived and there were verbal battles going on due to different interests.

Furthermore, it was strongly connected to Giorgio.

Considering the circumstances, he finds it hard to believe he will leave.

Of course, there were facts that the assistant was not aware of.

The fact that there are things in the territory that could shake the family if discovered by the emperor.

The assistant, who was unaware of this, cautiously and anxiously questioned.

“Are you going back now”


Is that a question Keep the investigators as far away from the territory as possible to prevent them from seizing it.”

Giorgio hurriedly put on his coat while hurriedly giving orders.

He’ll return to their territory for the time being and do his best to convince the investigators.

He intended to threaten and bribe them.

Or perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use strong force to stop the investigation altogether.

Giorgio’s plan was, however, obstructed in the middle.

“Duke Valkyr.

Are you planning on going down to your territory I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, you should protect the capital for the time being.”

Two figures appeared out of nowhere, without giving any prior warning.

Giorgio’s assistant yelled cautiously at the two men, who were dressed in black robes.

“Who are you How did you get in”


Giorgio swiftly shut his assistant’s mouth.

He was familiar with the owner of that robe.

He was well aware of how dangerous they were.

They were also the ones who created this troubling situation.

With a firm face, the aide reacted to Giorgio’s incomprehensible behavior.


“……go out.”


“Get out!”

Giorgio shouted at the hesitating aide in a voice mixed with urgency.

“That’s a wise decision, Duke Valkyr.”

The owner of a soft voice praised Giorgio.

It was a strange sight for the aide.

What is their identity that made the Duke of the Empire so scared

“……then I’ll step aside.”

The aide, who could hardly keep up with the situation, chose to leave his seat.


The two unexpected visitors calmly removed their hoods as soon as the aide left the office.

Beces and Peloche were the faces hidden beneath the hood.

Giorgio looked at the two with as much composure as he could manage while trying to conceal his irritation.

“What brought you here, and why do I have to remain in the capital for a while What are you talking about”

Giorgio’s voice, which had a frustrated tone, caused Beces’ eyes to slant.

It was hilarious to watch him conceal his fears before saying anything.

He is somewhat cowardly.

‘However, he was useful, which is why I chose him.’

It goes without saying that the circumstances were flexible and constantly changing.

If he continues to act in this manner, then, well.

Beces’s mouth formed a significant smile.

“Duke, you look like you’re in a pretty awkward situation right now.”

“……it’s a problem that I can solve with my own strength.”

Giorgio bluffed.

Revealing his weaknesses to them was like giving away his neck to a hungry beast.

Beces laughed at Giorgio.

“Do you really think so”

“………what do you mean”

“I’m saying that this will be a little difficult to overcome for the Duke alone.”

Bezos calmly undermined Giorgio’s pride while also stimulating him.

Giorgio was ostensibly drawn to Bezos’s provocative behavior.

“Even if you’re a princess, your words are impolite!”

“Duke, calm down.”

Peloche, who had been quiet up to this point, calmly interrupted Giorgio.

After becoming briefly agitated, Giorgio calmed down when Peloche spoke.

After confirming that, Peloche sighed and opened his mouth.

“Actually, things don’t look good to me either.

The emperor must have sharpened his sword, since you made an opinion against him this time and have accumulated something.”

It appeared as though he was soothing and luring a young child.

Giorgio was quick to express how he felt about Beces’s remarks, but he had already begun to consider Peloche’s words seriously.

“……Does the priest Peloche think so, too”

Peloche gave a somber nod.

Seeing the figure, Giorgio wiped his face and closed his eyes.

Beces made an effort to keep her demeanor relaxed and cover up her smile.

The atmosphere abruptly changed.

“The Duke is a crucial turning point for us.”

“……I know.”

“Our plan will fail if Valkyr collapses,”

Beces exaggerated the Valkyr family’s and Giorgio’s importance to them.

As soon as Giorgio heard the words, a sigh of relief appeared in his eyes.

“So we made the decision to alter our plans.”

“How are you going to proceed”

Beces was certain that Giorgio was almost convinced.

‘But it’s okay to exercise caution.’

Beces’ eyes gradually grew purple.

Giorgio looked into her eyes as if possessed.

“I hope the Duke will be the mainstay in our attempt to bring about civil war in the Empire.

Of course, as always, we’ll be behind the Duke, so don’t worry.”


Hestine has been having trouble falling asleep lately.

She hasn’t felt this tense in a very long time.

‘I’ve never felt this way since I came to the Duchy……’

The Valkyr family had provided her with stability, but that was no longer the case.

Perhaps the stability was a façade from the start.

Only a false sense of security

“No, It’s all right, Hestine.

Yes, it’s just that things got strange for a while.”

Hestine kept muttering, as if she was hypnotizing herself.

However, the anxiety that had taken root in her heart was not easily dispelled.

In fact, if she gave it a closer look, she would have been unable to avoid realizing it unless she were an idiot.

Disaster was no longer a pressing concern.

Hestine had been imprisoned in a lavish bedroom for quite some time.

“What the hell is going on… the rumors about Adelia-nim being a witch…….”

Hestine couldn’t keep up with the situation, which she assumed was going smoothly.

Although dealing with disasters was obviously painful and draining, she held the view that if she kept working with people, it would eventually come to an end.

After all of this, she will be able to live a happy life without worry as a saint and Valkyr princess……

‘But I don’t know anymore.’

Where did this fear come from in the first place

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen my father and brother in a while.”

Hestine didn’t bother looking for them because he did not want to disturb them, who appeared to be very busy.

Her family was very important to her.

Given that she had never before experienced that, it was only natural for her to feel that way.

“All right, let’s not worry about it right now and go see father.”

When Hestine finally made up her mind, she herself unlocked the bedroom door.

There was nobody stationed in front of the bedroom to keep watch.

Hestine grinned bitterly, feeling a little hollow about it.

“Because everybody is busy,”

Hestine shook her head, shaking her thoughts away.

Then she quickly walked over to the Duke’s office.


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