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Sometime after that study session in the library.

I made use of my day offs as I prepared for the midterms.

And now, tests were being returned for each class, and our homeroom session went on our individual tables to inform us of our rankings.


As our tests were returned, the reaction from the students as they saw their test results varied.

Some guys would strike a slight guts-pose in front of the teacher's table, while others would shrug, perhaps because their scores were much lower than they expected.

I always thought about this, that since students were at an age where their emotions tend to appear on the surface, others could tell which subjects they were good at by looking at their reactions.

It wasn't human observation done in bad taste.


My two best friends, looking satisfied with their test results after they received their papers, seemed like they were feeling good and would probably brag to me later about their rank.

I hadn't seen their results yet, but I had a hunch that I wasn't too far off from them.

Something like that.

This time, Tasuku suggested, 'Let's show each other our scores at the end,' so none of us still knew how the others did.


As Maekawa-sensei ended the homeroom session, students quickly left their seats and went to their friends to compare their scores.

And then, cheers and despairs of those who made bets with each other could be heard.


As I was looking at such a scene with my eyes, the two approached me with happy expressions and moved right next to me.


"Well, well, I did good.



Tasuku was the first to show me his ranking.

The results of his hard work paid off, as he scored around 80 points in all five subjects and was ranked 32nd out of 180 students in our year.


"Oh, that's pretty good, huh"

"Wow, Tasu-kun passed me."


Next, Ayane.

Unlike Tasuku, whose scores were somewhat balanced, hers varied more with highs and lows, and she ranked 48th out of 180.


"If I had done better in math or science, I might have placed a bit higher."

"Ayane was always bad at science, huh."


I can't remember anything at all."

"I'm 23rd.

Praise me."



I showed my ranking and was relieved that I was higher than them.

It was cowardly that I intended to show mine last, but if I was to rank below the two I was teaching, I would die of embarrassment.

Well, it was just the midterms this time.

The final exams would have a wider range of questions, including those covered as of now, which would make it a test of one's capability for the first semester.


"Oh, right.

Let's call over Shiori-chan, too."


'He~y, Shiori-chan,' Ayane called out as Takagaki noticed her.

Fuu, she let out a breath and headed over to my seat as well.





9th out of 180.

The three of us were stunned.


"It's still the midterms, so it's like this for now."

"T-that’s right, huh."


I could only reply dispiritedly to Takagaki's cold words.

As expected, Takagaki, coupled with her demeanor, was someone who could also study well.


"W-well, Takagaki seemed to be smart herself, but Tasuku and Ayane also did their best!!"


――― It wasn't my intention to be so sudden, but I started 'Operation You Two Are Diligent' I thought of during the test period.


By making my voice louder so that others could hear the two names I mentioned, I could have the students react with, 'Hmm'.

What do you think would happen then


"Huh~, Asami-kun came in 32nd! That's amazing~!"

"Harube-chan's ranking is better than mine! Ugh~, I have to work harder!"

"Takagaki-san ranked 9th! Teach me how to study next time~!"


Normally, my classmates were reserved and wouldn't talk to these two, but now they did with an opportunistic look on their faces.

Also, I was apologetic that Takagaki got dragged into this.

Please don't glare at me like that...


Well that aside, maybe, just maybe, someone would probably say this.


"You two study and teach each other, don't you I'm envious."


It was common knowledge that the two of them were childhood friends.

And I, who didn't stand out at all, would probably be treated as an extra in their eyes.

And then, girl who were sensitive to romance would direct their jealous gazes to the two.

It was perfect.


"You two study and teach each other, don't you I'm envious."


It's here!! It was even word for word.

I'm amazing...no wait, was my thought process more of like a girl's...


"No, no, I was taught Hiro-kun~."

"Me, too.

Hiro-kun always comes in and saves me."


I was drifting off to strange thoughts when Ayane and Tasuku passed the ball to me.

No wait, I did teach you, but don't draw attention to me now!


"""Huh, that's surprising."""


What's with you people.

I don't know what to say myself, but you all got too uninterested! And everyone came along together so fast!


As I was inwardly clicking my tongue, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

From its direction, it must have been Kuramoto.

I wonder what happened, thinking that as I turned my head around.


The shaved-headed Kuramoto was making a smug face for some reason, and he showed me his ranking should have been the talk of the town.

There, it showed 5th place.


――― This guy was funny, huh.


I hadn't asked him if his grades were good to begin with, but he must have put in the appropriate amount effort.

His ranking should have been the focus of attention, but since it was presented in a way that only I could see it, the interest of the students around me continued to be on Tasuku, Ayane, and Takagaki.


I felt such pity for him that I gently placed my hand on his shoulder.




After all that fuss and laughter ended, Tasuku and Ayane went to their respective clubs, since club activities should resume today.

Takagaki also saw them off, returned to her seat, picked up her bag, said her greetings, and left the classroom.

Kuramoto rushed out as well, yelling, 'Oh no, club!'


As I got up from my seat to wait for those two somewhere to kill time, I suddenly saw the ranking of the glasses girl who was still staring at her results, and I was absolutely stunned.


1st out of 180.


Apparently, there were too many high-level students around my seat.


⸻⸻⸻ (ノ*ФωФ)ノ ⸻⸻⸻ TN Notes:  Sorry for the late update again.

Reason was college. Also, glasses girl is OP, huh.-

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