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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (3)

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Regina, who slept late until the sun rose in the middle of the sky, found something strange in the dinning room.

“Where is Arsene”

He always came before her and there was no one waiting for her today.

When she spoke, Severo, the butler who was by her side, bowed his head slightly. 

“The master go to the palace early in the morning by order of His Majesty the Emperor.”

“Early in the morning”

‘What time did he leave’

Furthermore, she felt something on her mind when she heard that he was ordered by the emperor.

“He left the mansion around 5 a.m.”

“5 a.m” It was early in the morning, so it was dawn.

When Regina walked over to her table and sat down, only her lunch was served. 

“It is said that there were simultaneous fire in various parts of the city in the early morning yesterday.” 

While holding a spoon to eat the soup, she blinked at the news Severo gave her.

‘At the same time I think someone set the fire.’ It seemed she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“Currently lord Arsene is investigating whether the fire were caused by Arson.” 

However, there was no way that Arsene would be taken to the Imperial Palace for Arson incident only.

Regina noticed that he had something hidden behind it.

‘By the way, was there such a story in the original…’


She searched her memory, but couldn’t quite remember.

It was a long time ago, and it was also because the memories of the past were blurred by inheriting Regina’s memory.

‘Even so, it’s possible to think of something.’

She flipped through the salad and thought it was strange, but suddenly she remembered that her situation was different from the original.

‘Is the content changed and something that didn’t exist happen’

It was by no means a good thing that an Arson incident that never occurred was a good thing.

But what has changed that has even caused a fire

“Get ready, I’m going out.” 

She cut off the lamb’s shank and suddenly wanted to see the situation, so she decided to go out to see the scene.

Of course, it wasn’t like she could catch the criminal or know the reason for the change.

For some reason, she can’t shake the feeling that all these changes started because of her.

She just wanted to see the extent of the damage.

And with this excuse, she wanted to go out without Arsene. 

Severo went out without saying anything. Arsene didn’t seem to be keeping her from leaving the mansion.

When she finished eating and was ready to go out, an escort with brown hair was waiting for her. 

“What’s your name”

“It’s Izzie.” She lowered her head slightly without saying a word.

Regina, who set out first in her wagon to one of the places where the fire was supposed to have started, soon after she arrived near the charred building.

The building seen out of the window was left with only a small amount of shape, so that one could only guess what it looked like originally.

Nearby, police officers are conducting investigations and people were prohibited from entering.

“Do you know how much the damage situation is” 

Regina asked Iz, who was sitting opposite her.

She somehow felt that she might know.

As expected, Iz answered her questions. “There are only about three people injured in the fire around here.”

In the early morning, there were few people injured As she tilted her head, Iz gave an explanation of the situation.

“This building used to be a restaurant.

It was early in the morning, so there were no customers, and the fire broke out while only a few employees remained.”

Was it deliberately aimed at a time when no one was around Or maybe it was because they were choosing the time to notice the fire late

After looking out the window of the wagon for a while, she looked at Iz. “I want to go out and see.”

Iz, who opened the door of the carriage at Regina’s words, went down first and held out her hand.

She could have jumped off, but she held Iz hand all the way and got off.

As she stepped out of her carriage, the burnt smell brushed the tip of her nose.

Looking closer, she could see the situation better.

When she looked at the building from outside the restricted area, the police did not stop her.

Since there were so many people like her, they seemed to leave it alone unless it interfered with the investigation.

A door that has lost its shape, a wall that cannot be recognized what color it is, or black tangled objects in it, a blackened and half-fallen signboard.

If this is the future that really changes through her actions.

Her heart was a little heavy.

But even if she was scorned, her own life was precious.

She wasn’t a hero.

She wasn’t the type to sacrifice and die for others. She only thought that she would choose wisely.

After looking at the building for a while, she was about to turn to move to another place, but suddenly a strange smell came from somewhere.


Regina turned her head slowly and glanced at the man standing next to her and staring at the building.

At first glance, their eyes met.

‘The smell of oil!’

The man was smell of oil.

Suddenly, her whole body was tense.

There are not many people who are pickled in the smell of oil to the extent that their whole body exudes.

The coincidence of seeing such a person, especially in this situation. 

Iz was looking at her from a few steps.

Regina took her gaze away from him without notice and turned her body around as if her gaze had just coincidental.

As she approached Iz to return to the carriage, she heard the voice behind her.

“Excuse me.”

Goosebumps ran from her head to her toes.

She looked at Iz as if she didn’t know she was called, and took another step.

“There, the dark-haired woman.”

Her heart trembled, Iz who had been a little far away, approached this way as she could not see her expression.

He couldn’t be the enemy she didn’t know now.

She heard a man following her from behind.

It could have been better to turn around before he caught her.

As soon as she thought so, she turned around, an unexpected person appeared with the sound of a horse.


Arsene, who got off his horse, came up to her at once, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on the forehead.

Suddenly, the body, which had been stiffened with tension, loosened softly.

She couldn’t be more relieved to have Arsene right next to her.

She wondered if she was referring to a person, as an enemy Arsene is the worst, but as an ally, he’s the best.

“What is it” 

Arsene answered instead of her, and the man who was talking to her paused and looked at his face.

As Iz approached just in time and stood next to them, the man bowed his head, “It’s nothing.

Excuse me.” 

Then he turned and left. Arsene released her when the man disappeared. 

“What’s going on here”

“I wanted to see what was going on…” 

And she never thought she would meet someone who looked like an arsonist.

‘If I had known, I wouldn’t have come out of the carriage.’

Was that man trying to attack her Did he really an arsonist

Regina, who was thinking about that man, recalled that Arsene was investigating the case. 

“Arsene, that guy smelled of oil earlier.”


Don’t worry, I had someone tail him”

She said it just in case, but the answer came back as if he knew it.

Now there was only her, Arsene, and Iz.

But when did they add a person

Meanwhile, he led her back to the carriage, Iz riding on Arsene’s horse, and he sat across from Regina.

“Let’s go back to the house.”

Her plan to look at other places where the fire had occurred also fell through.

She didn’t intend to go around even after meeting a strange person, and she had a subtle feeling that she was going to be scolded by him for some reason.

“Usually, noblewomen don’t come down to places like this”


What does this mean Regina didn’t know if he was taunting her now or joking around with her.

She didn’t know what to say to him, so she rolled her eyes and heard his laughter.

“Like last time, I guess you are not the type who likes these things.”

At that, she remembered the hand she saw at the corner of the alley.

For a moment, the man sitting in front of her looked strange.

In a moment, he turned into a person who would laugh and slit her throat, not a person who saw herself as lovely.

“I thought about it from the last time.” 

His soft voice was like a vine that entangled her whole body.

Her movements suddenly became unnatural, as if she had been struck by paralyzing poison.

“I think lady is afraid of me sometimes.” 

Arsene, leaning back on his back, looked at every corner of her face.

As if looking for something from her.

“Are you afraid I’ll kill you”


She couldn’t say no, and she couldn’t say yes.

But he smiled at her as if he had read her thoughts in her silence.

The purple eyes were slightly hidden along the curved eyes.

“Don’t worry.

I have no interest in killing my wife.” 

When she stopped breathing and looked at him, he tilted his head. 

“Unless you betray me, of course.”

Should she believe that What kind of personality was Arsene in the novel She didn’t think he went back on his word.

Arsene, who was watching Regina sit with a serious look on her face as if it was funny, suddenly remembered.

“Come to think of it, my brother told me to visit sometime with you.

You can say no if you don’t want to.”

She blinked her pink eyes a few times when he said brother.

The only brother he spoke of was the emperor.

What kind of big man refuses a call from the emperor Sitting like a doll with her hands neatly folded, she shook her head. 

“How can I say no to the emperor request I’ll go.”

“Personally, I’d like to say no, but I won’t stop you if you want to go.”

That makes her nervous.

She wanted to know why he wanted to say no.

She wonders if something happens when she goes there.

Come to think of it, she doesn’t even know why the emperor calls her.

Is it because she’s Arsene’s fiancee Or is the Emperor aware of the incident

‘I can do a good job without doing this.’

Regina shed tears inside.

She missed a peaceful life.


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