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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (4)




Returning to the mansion, Regina followed Arsene to his office.

It was to talk about what she should do in the future. 


"I thought I'd be looking for another case if I didn't see you there."


She wanted to refute that she was not trying to put herself in a dangerous situation on purpose, but she had nothing to say.


It was her fault that she visited the site of the fire today.

She sat down in front of him and waited for his order, and Arsene put a cup of tea in front of her.


"Last time I said I needed someone to catch the public opinion of society.





Long and straight fingers gripped the teacup.

It looked like it would have been left in a picture for someone who likes pretty hands. 


"I cannot attend women's gatherings.

For example, a tea party hosted by the Duchess Alegrand."


He held a cup of tea.

White steam was scattered in the air.

Arsene, who had a sip of tea, put the glass down and looked at her.

His eyes gaze at her neck.


"You're going to go to places like that and you're going to control the flow.

You can bring a rumor," he approached her with his upper body bent.


Regina, who was fiddling with the glass on the table, stopped as it was.

She couldn't breathe as he was approaching her. 


Reaching out, he pulled down her black hair behind her ear.

Slowly, the cool body temperature down the neckline left traces.

The soft touch made her shoulders flinch.


"Come to think of it, I haven't seen the necklace I gave you after that." She was blown away by his words.


"That's..." she couldn't tell him she kept the necklace in one of the chest drawers.


The necklace, which at first looked like a death row prisoner's rope, is now like a leash for a pet. 


That mean, it wasn't very enjoyable.

After thinking for a while, she said.

"It's so precious that I'm saving it."


The corners of his lips curved.

It was a lie that neither he nor she would believe.

But he didn't question it. 


Shaking his hand, he leaned back on his chair.

Instead of bringing up more about the necklace, he asked another question.


"When will we get married"




She knew it was a question that would come up someday, but she wanted to avoid it as much as possible. 


She think it's better to keep talking about the necklace.

Regina picked up a teacup she had been fiddling with for no reason and took a sip of hot tea. 


How long does it take for her to get a good chance to escape she could hear her head spinning, but Arsene didn't say anything and just stared at her.


Then someone knocked the office door urgently.

Their eyes turned to the door. 


The look on Arsene's face showed that no one was scheduled to visit at this time.


"Come in."


The door opened as soon as he uttered his permission.

And the man who come in was wearing a uniform.




The man approached with a pale blue face, and his legs loosened and he knelt in front of Arsene.


"Duke, Inspector Hugo...



The man, who had been speechless for a moment, spoke again. 


"Has been murdered."




Arsene, who got off the horse, walked past the confused police to where Inspector Hugo's body was.


"While I'm alone for a while....

I think he's been murdered."


"What about the suspicious person around you"


"I haven't found any."


"Then the murder tool."


"That, too.

I haven't found it yet."


The familiar body was bloody and cold.

Looking down at the dead, he looked around and gave simple instructions to the person next to him.


"Tell everyone who was assigned to the scene to come to me one by one."




The police, who briefly reported the situation, were sent among the others and Arsene was left alone in front of the inspector's body. 


After a while, a man, who appeared somewhere, knelt next to him.


"I missed it." Even bowed his head a little more apologetic.


"I think there are more than five people who have moved together."


He had already predicted it because the fires broke out simultaneously, but seeing that more than five people were moving together, it was most likely a group.

Perhaps one of them was the one who killed Inspector Hugo.


The body was neatly cut through the cervical spinal cord by inserting a knife between the cervical vertebrae at once. 


At this level, he wasn't just a rogue or a rebel.

Arsene, who was looking at the scars of the dead Inspector Hugo, gestured, and Even disappeared somewhere again.


After grabbing the Inspector's body once more, he rode a horse to the palace. 


The palace was large, but he moved without hesitation.

It was familiar because it was where he lived as a child and he, who can be said to be the closest aide to the current emperor.


As soon as he heard a call from inside the emperor's office, Arsene opened the door and stood in front of the emperor, Ruairi.


"Did you find out who the culprit was"


"There are more than one arsonist at the same time.

We need to look into the details further, but I don't think the arson itself was meant to achieve anything."


Ruairi clicked her tongue as if annoyed.

The fire is like someone's plan to draw people's attention to the victims and the restoration of burned buildings. 


"Probably he was working behind the scenes for that time."


"And one inspector under investigation died."




"I think he was killed,"


Ruairi sighed as he signed the document.

"I don't know when I'll ever stop doing this.



"This is the path you chose.

In order not to die."


it was safest for him to become emperor.

Even though he didn't want to be punished. 


Ruairi kept his mouth shut, knowing that it was the path he chose and that Arsene worked hard for it.


He rubbed his temple, "Finish it quickly and find out what they're up to."




"Oh, and."


Ruairi, who stop him, who was about to leave after the report, tapped the desk. 


"What did your fiance say"


Arsene looked at him for a moment and replied, "she is agree.

I'll set the date and go to an audience soon."


It was a face that didn't look very pleasing.

He've heard that he doesn't have any other feelings for her, but is it just annoying to come to see him 


"But did you even have to get married"


"I don't think you need to worry about that."


"How cold of you."


Rather, he laughed as if it was funny.

Arsene's reaction was like this.

He wondered what kind of person Regina Blois was.




Regina sat on the bed and looked through her memories carefully. 


She met the arsonist and the inspector who was investigating the case died,  where all the events did not occur in his memory.


Arsene was the main character in the novel.

It's impossible not to be recorded.

It's not a trivial matter, so it's definitely something to do with him.


And when she first took possession of this body, she believed that the memories he had could be put to good use.


That's what she did, so she took the original book as a lesson and tried not to stand out from Arsene's eyes.

But now she don't know which option is a good one. 


What will happen in the future was unpredictable.

In fact, by this time she had already died and Isota should have started digging into her death.


But it didn't happen because she wasn't dead and there was nothing to do with it. 


After sitting for a long time contemplating, she got up from her seat and rummaged through the drawers. 


She remembered writing a memorable plot when she entered this body not long ago.




She took out her notebook that she had not used since then, which she had kept in a corner, and came with her necklace, which Arsene had given her.


Anyway, she brought it because it was a gift from him, but it wasn't different there or here. 


The necklace, which had been left carelessly without being put in the box, glittered as it came out. 


"It's pretty."


There were so many jewels that she wondered how much they really cost.

As she stared at the necklace for a moment, she remembered what she had heard from him before.


The hand that caressed her neck and the words that seemed to care that he never touched her. 


When she remembered that, she couldn't put it back in the drawer, so she put it on the dressing table.


Regina, who turned her head away from the sparkle necklace, opened an exaggerated notebook to recall her memory. 


Most of the notebooks were blank pages because they were not used very often. 


So she thought it would be easy to find if she had written something down, but "I think I wrote it here...



No matter how many times she looked through the notebook, there was no part of the original. 


"I'm sure I wrote it, right" 


She looked all the way through from the first page to the last page, but there was nothing.

In-between, things like scribbling only caught her eye.


Not confident in her memory, she tilted her head in confusion.


"I didn't write two notebooks, but the fact that I couldn't find them does that mean I didn't write them.

So that memory was a dream"


After thinking about it for a long time even after lying on the bed, she eventually fell asleep without getting an answer.


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