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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (5)




The next day, she was told that Arsene woke up late again and left the mansion early in the morning.


Probably because he was still looking into it yesterday.

Regina nodding her head insignificantly, she ate alone and headed for the library. 

The library was as large as the duke palace. 


The bookcase filled with tags and the sunlight coming in through the window in a space so large that it felt like a library was peaceful enough to forget yesterday's events.


Before she came into the Duke's, she would often go out and stop by the bookstore. 


When she went there, the smell of the books and calm atmosphere made her happy.


Regina took one of the books and opened it.

After falling into this world, she didn't have much greed.

All she wanted was to live with her life. 


Suddenly, the blue haired police officer she saw yesterday came to her mind, Regina shook her head, and stared intently at the black letters.


Even if her struggle not to die resulted in a butterfly effect and took the lives of others, she didn't want to give up on living. 


So while she was trying her best to focus on the contents of the book, Savero came to see her.


"Someone looking for you, lady."


The Duke Greroy was the one who came up to her mind and sought that out.

When she tilted her head in wonder at him, the butler said the person's name.


"She introduced herself as Isota Rose.

Marquis Rose daughter"




Regina didn't know she would come this far.

Putting her book, she went straight to the drawing room where she was waiting. 


When Regina opened the door, Isota, who was looking around with a grim expression, jumped up from her seat.




As if the expression on her face she had just seen was her misunderstanding, her angelic smiling face ran up to her and hugged her tightly.


"What's going on here, Isota"


"I came to see you."


Isota greeted her as if she hadn't seen her for months and sat down, tea and cookies were simply arranged.


Talking about everything she wanted to say, she made sure to forget what was her concern.

Isota unexpected visit helped her.


After a long time listening to her and eating cookies, someone knocked on the door. 


When she asked to come in without a second thought, she saw platinum blonde hair she had never expected to see here.


"I came here because I thought I should say hello since guests have arrived."




Isota gave a slightly dazed expression as if she was dissatisfied with his appearance.


Arsene seemed to have noticed it, but Arsene smiled casually and approached Regina. 


"Can I sit next to you"


It was a question of whether he could join her for this simple tea time.

She doesn't know why he wanted to participate, but it was hard to refuse. 


And she remembered that Arsene liked Isota in the original novel, so she checked their reaction when they met up close.


She rolled her eyes for a moment and then nodded, and he sat down next to her naturally. 


Isota's expression distorted for a moment, but Regina was too conscious of Arsene, who was approaching.


Isota was holding her hand, but her nerves were swept in that direction.

As he sat next to her, she could feel his physical presence in the air that had come in.


Looking at them for a moment, Isota calmed down and smiled broadly and spoke to Regina. 


"I enjoyed the cake you sent me."


Regina calmed her mind and looked at Isota's blue eyes.

If it was a cake, it was probably referring to what she had bought on the way home from meeting Arsene before her engagement.


On her way home, she found a famous dessert shop.

She bought it in passing, but she didn't have the energy to go all the way to the Marquis Rose, so she remembers sending it to the servant.


"I'm glad you enjoy it."


As she took a bite of the cookie and nodded her head, Arsene, who had been looking at it for a while, reached out and rubbed her mouth gently. 


"Regina, there's cookie crumbs on here."


The finger that wiped the corner of her mouth lightly wiped her lips as well. 


Regina, who was eating cookies, forgot to chew for a while and looked at Arsene.


Unlike her, who had a fluttering heart, he had a soft look.

It seems that the acting of pretending to be a lovely couple started in front of someone else has begun.


Isotae suddenly saw an act of love in front of her eyes. 


She's sorry for Isota, who suddenly saw his act of affection in front of her, but she couldn't neglect it because it was her job.


Isota, who was looking at it with a frown unknowingly, turned around. 


"That's right.

Why don't we go see the opera at the grand theater this time I heard the primadona this time is a famous person.

It felt a little different from the last play, so I was curious."


"Well, that's good."


Regina's daily life was not as restrictive as she thought.

She didn't care what she did as long as it didn't overlap with the schedule Arsene dictated.


And now he had nothing to do with her.

It wasn't that she expected she would be locked up in a mansion.


When Regina, who was worried about his responded, he smiled as if it was all right.

Unfortunately, that smile didn't last long. 


“There is a box seat in the name of the Duke of Greroy, so you can see it there.” he smiled as he looked at her with a friendly look.


She expected it, but she didn't really know there would be a box seat for the Duke Greroy. 


If it was a large theater, it would have been an outrageous price.

In fact, he owns a mansion of this size, but only one box seat, so from his point of view it didn't seem like much.


Isota put the teacup down hard at the words that emphasized his natural show of wealth and that she was his fiancee. 


"Isn't the Duke busy I don't think you'd enjoy being caught up between two ladies, so you can go to work."


Arsene didn't lose his smile despite the rude remarks Isota gave to him. 


"Nothing is more important than spending time with my lovely fiancee.

We always have tea time around this time."


If someone else had said it, he'd take it as it is, but when he said it, it meant 'you're interfering.' As she looked at Isota, she could understand it, and there was a spark in her eye. 


Arsene just grinned as if there was something wrong with what he said.

Regina, who looked at the two alternately, stopped with cookies in her hands. 


'You guys...

What's wrong with you'




"The generous Duke will be able to give that opportunity to 'Regina's most precious friend at least once."


"It's embarrassing, but it's not long since I fell in love at first sight."


Isota and Arsene smiled as if they would not lose.

However, Isota, who is not patient enough, was already angry and could see her eyebrows moving. 


Arsene, on the other hand, was calm and relaxed, with a gentle-looking smile.


'Aren't you the original female lead and the sub male lead' 


However, there was no possibility of romance blooming anywhere in their conversation or expression. 


In the end, until the end of tea time, Isota failed to beat Arsene and returned home grinding her teeth.


They really didn't seem to have any affection for each other.

It was hard to believe that they were the sub male and female protagonists of the original, but rather they seemed to be wary of each other.


It was a big event that shook the content itself for a single romance flag to be drawn in a novel whose main content was love. 


Is all this really because of Regina, she Does its mean that she had such a big impact that she survived


Regina, who turned around after seeing Isota off, pondered for a while and asked him. 


“What do you think of when you see Isota”


His purple eyes stare at her sudden question. 


"What should I think" He blinked slowly, as if he didn't know what she wanted him to answer.


She can't even ask if the feelings of love are springing up.

The question she asked after choosing what to say was a little funny. 


"Isn't she's pretty" 


Isota was a beautiful woman with bright blonde hair and clear blue eyes.


So Regina dark hair looked relatively dimmer when standing next to her.

Naturally, Isota was very popular. 


She sometimes counseled her that her courtiers annoy her.

Although her character was not the kind and cultured woman desired by aristocratic society, but her appearance covered it all.


She shook her head again, thinking she had asked a question that was too obvious, and Arsene raised his eyebrows and answered in a brisk manner. 



I think I'm more pretty."


Regina lost her words for a moment at his unexpected reply.

He tilted his head as if something was wrong with her looking surprised.


Having settled her embarrassment, she could not deny his words.


There was no lie in what he said.

Arsene was a beautiful person no matter who looked at it. 


If he had been on Earth, everyone would have thought he was a celebrity. 


No, he went more than a celebrity, and even if he said he came down from the sky, they would believe it. 


Sometimes she thought there was a halo behind him.


She couldn't tell if it was the light reflected on the blonde hair or if it really exuded an aura. 


"Really, don't you think of anything" 


She asked again, and he leaned slightly and put his face to her, having so far been of little interest.


"My lovely fiancee seems want me to like another woman."


Suddenly, a cold hand on her cheek caressed her skin.

She got goosebumps when he touched her earlobes and the recesses behind them. 


It was not out of fear.

As he looked at her burning ears, he smiled and swept her hair over her ears.


The ears exposed under the bright light must have turned red. 


"I only see you, so don't worry." 


Then, he kissed her so that she could hear a stinging sound in one ear. 


Couldn't stand it, she turned around. 



I'll go to my room." She said, and quickly walked up the stairs.


People who watched it smiled happily at the appearance of the owners who looked like young newlyweds. 


Arsene smiled as he watched the back disappearing from sight, then stepped out and waved lightly.


A man appeared silently at his hand gestures, and he bowed his head. 


"I found the arsonist.

But ..."


"Is he dead"



" Even bit his mouth as if he had been ignorant.


Arsene walked without pointing it out.


"Guide me."


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