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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (6)




There are only a few corpses.

There were more than five people bothering Evan, who was tracking him, but four bodies were in front of him. 


Looking down at the cold body, Arsene examined the face of the dead man and turned around.


"Move the body.

I'll have to take a closer look."




"Their face have been ruined."


No, precisely, their faces were crushed and unrecognizable.

Arsene thought there was an empress dowager behind all of this, but there was no evidence.

She thoroughly left no evidence.


No, to be precise, their faces were crushed and unrecognizable.

Arsene thought that the empress dowager was behind all this, but there was no evidence.

She really left no evidence.


"We followed the trail to the hideout, but by the time we arrived, he was already dead."


"How many hours has it been since he died"


"It was about an hour or two."


"Judging from the situation, it seems that he had killed some of his members and left them alone then ran away"


The reason for the arson could not be heard from the dead, so those who run away had to be caught.


"I was following them, but it seemed like someone was helping them out.




How's is her majesty the empress dowager doing"


"It's been quiet lately."


"It can't be"


There was such a great commotion, and there was no way empress dowager could stand still. 


Because she never misses a chance.

Arson, it was obvious that she was doing something behind the scenes.


"Look into it again." 


He didn't know what she's up to, but it was clear from her personality that something big was going to happen.




Regina eventually picked up a date with Isota and visited the grand theater. 


After showing Arsen's identification card and going to the box seat of the Duke Greroy, she felt the employees treating them with great care.

It was definitely a different treat than usual.


“I guess money is the best.”


As she left the grand theater and talked to Isota, she looked sulky and strode to the carriage bearing the pattern of the Duke Greroy. 


She seemed offended by the wealth compared to herself. 


"But when you get married, you have to look at personality, Regina."


"You were right.



Even so, she thought Arsen would be nice to someone he likes...

but the in the novel he was also very devoted to Isota, the heroine. 


He tried to give her everything she wanted, and in the end, he gave her death as she wished.


She hoped for a peaceful Yurdenian Empire without the empress dowager. 


In the original novel, Isota, wanted Ruairi safety.

And Arsene, too, held a knife in his hand to grant her wishes.

So he remained in her memory all her life.


After following Isota's footsteps, she thought about Arsen's personality and quickly arrived in front of the carriage.


Come to think of it, isota wouldn't know that he threatened her or killed a person, but seeing her angry, it felt like she was stopping her friend from marrying the worst human being.


They both got in and shut the door, and the carriage started slowly, "I want you to live with me for the rest of your life."


"And with a cat and a dog" She nodded.


Laughing at the consistent assertion, she started talking about how cute cats and dogs are.


Then, what happened to the leopard she saw the day she got married to Arsene 


She remembered the cat and the large leopard next to Arsene.

It disappeared in an instant.

As if by magic, anyway, how was there a leopard in the imperial palace


Hearing Isota's story with one ear, she thought of various possibilities, but no answer came.


It couldn't disappear so neatly unless that big beast had evaporated.


"So if you live with a dog and a cat...

oh, we're almost there.



The carriage stopped in front of the gate of Marquis Rose.

Through the darkness that had descended, a lit mansion could be seen. 


Isota roughly finished her story and opened the door.

She said, "I'll go play again next time.

Think about marriage slowly."


She left her words to reconsider her, and went inside her house. 


Regina, who shook her head at her persistence, let her go and leaned her body on her back.


"Lady, shall we return"





The duke's carriage was more fluffy and better than any carriage she had ridden. 


The ride was good and the noise was low.

Being alone in that quiet place, she fell asleep with a feeling of comfort.


At some point, the body, which was slowly shaking along the carriage, stopped suddenly. 


Regina, who fell asleep, wondered if she had already arrived, but when she looked out of the window, she was not at the duke mansion.


"What happen"


She knocked on the driver's side wall and asked a question, and the answer came back after a while. 


"Lady, the carriage suddenly broke down and you must get off for a while."


Regina, who was about to open the door at those words, stopped while holding the handle. 


Is it because she's just woke up from her sleep The voice that had just spoke to her was different from the voice of the coachman she had heard before. 


She suddenly had goosebumps all over her body. 


'Ah, please, don't tell me.

Who imitates a horseman' 


Besides, what will they gain from doing that




But come to think of it, Arsene had many enemies.

She thought she might be they target.




A voice was heard calling her from outside once more.

If that voice was really a man who mimics a coachman, it was equally dangerous inside and outside the carriage. 


Because that means the driver has been beaten.

After pondering for a moment, she gave strength to her hands. 


The carriage door that was filled with unpleasant things froze silently.




Masked people were sitting under the dark lights.

All the colorful costumes proved their identity. 


The place they are looking at is on the stage, where the fire is shining brightly.

There stood a child with both hands and feet tied.


The person who appeared to be the host came forward and started the auction. 


The winning bid was set between the voices calling the price while holding the license plate.


The host thumped the rod and decided the owner of the child.

Arsene, who was sitting in a mask and watching them, stood up and gestured.


"Arrest all of them."


In a flash, police officers from all directions attacked all the people sitting in masks, the hosts, and the people working behind them.


Arsene, who stepped out of the bewildered crowd and came out of the building, took off his mask and frowned.


As he investigates the arson case, it was this trafficking that was behind it. 


A fairly large auction with more people than expected.

After the chase, they uncovered the auction house and raided the site, but he was still in a bad mood.


Did empress dowager just set fire to something like this If the arsonist really had nothing to do with the empress dowager, then it makes sense.


But his senses insisted that there was still something he had not figured out.


Mounting on a horse that had been parked on one side of him, he decided to return first to his mansion. 


Their disposition will probably be decided tomorrow.


Arsene, who quickly arrived at the mansion after running down a street where darkness fell and no one was passing by, felt a noisy atmosphere and hardened his expression.


After passing his words to the servant and entering the lobby, the butler who found him and approached him bowed his head.


"What's going on"





His eyes grew cold at the hesitating look.

But even before he could hear the butler's words, he noticed something.


"Where's Regina"


On one side of the lobby, the escort that had been attached to Regina looked injured.


"Lady Regina has been kidnapped."


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