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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (7)






Her head was heavy and her body was limp.

She seemed to have opened her eyes, but there was nothing. 


No matter where she was bound, her body did not move as she intended.

It was full of damp air and a strange smell, but that alone didn't tell her where it was. 


How did it happen Obviously, feeling that the driver's voice was strange, she hesitated, then opened the door.



Someone attacked her.

She struggled, but that person was too fast, and she lost consciousness as soon as that person did something. 


Her hazy mind gradually returned.

It was then Regina knew that she was sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together.


'Where am I' 


She lifted her head and looked around her, but she saw nothing.


By this time her eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, but it was still dark. 


It really seemed like a space where not a single light came in.

Who the hell kidnapped her Personally, she've never had this much grudge against anyone. 


Even after searching through Regina's memory, there was no such thing. 


Suddenly, Arsene's face came to mind.

It seemed that there would be more than a few people who were superior.


Her heart was beating fast.

Will she be able to stay alive this time She didn't know how much time had passed because she couldn't see anything.


Did Arsene know that she had been kidnapped Will Arsene come to save her 


Eeven though they were engaged, she was someone Arsene was trying to keep.

Regina didn't think he would let her go as easily as a discarded plaque.


Still, she was worried at the same time.

Only the sound of her breathing could be heard. 


Relax, she's the only one here.

The kidnapper doesn't know what she will do.


It was probably due to the anxiety of not knowing what would happen to her, and she was thinking of doing something other than sitting still.

To do so, she had to first untie the ropes that bind her body.

But sadly, all she has now is her engagement ring. 


'I don't think I can untie the rope with the ring...

I have to get out of here but I can't move even a single step.'


She's frustrated.

Helplessness drives people crazy.

As soon as she put pressure on her feet, the chair was pushed back. 


Luckily, it didn't seem to stick to the floor. 


'Let's find the wall.'


It would be faster to find the wall first, whether it be an exit door or a tool than to be in the middle.

Regina thought so and moved her chair behind her little by little so as not to make a loud noise. 


Her ankles were tied, but her legs were not tied, so she had no difficulty moving. 


She pushed back without getting caught, but at one point she felt something hard on her fingertips.

When she tilted her head back, she thought it was probably a wall that touched her head.

This time, she turned the chair sideways. 


She pushed the chair back along the wall, groping through the wall and the air to see if there was anything she could touch with her hands.

Moving without visibility was exhausting faster than she thought.

She felt like she was going to give up, but she still said there was just a little more, a little more...


Something touched her fingertips.

There was something other than the wall. 


'This is...


Regina fumbling at the object and soon knew it was a plank leaning against the wall. 


The board was quite thin, and the surface was rough because it had not been properly finished.

For a moment, she wondered if this could break the rope.

Regina brought the rope from her wrist to the board and quickly swung her hands up and down. 


Her wrists were also rubbed because she was tied up so tightly, but she could hear the faint sound of the rope breaking, perhaps as a reward for her efforts.

The sound of ropes and boards rubbing filled the space.

She was very nervous that someone would come in from the outside at the sound of the sound, but no one came until the rope was untied.

'It's broke!' 


The rope loosened and fell to the floor, freeing the wrists tied behind her.

This time, she leaned down and untied the rope on her ankle. 


Her fingertips were tingling because she was tightly tied, but her ankles were free as soon as she pulled with force.

Regina got up from her seat and moved her steps, fumbling her hand against the wall to find the door. 


The space was not as spacious as expected.

Turning around the corner, she soon found what looked like a door.

When she put her hand where she might have been, she grabbed the doorknob as expected. 


'Is there anyone out there' 


She grabbed the doorknob with one hand and put her ears close to the door, and she heard some noise outside.

"That ......

Don't let it ...




She heard a voice from over the door.

Then the sound of footsteps grew louder and louder.


'Is he coming this way'

Regina, who was restless, hid herself next to the door for now.

She didn't know how they'd react to the loosening rope. 


But now, it seemed that the only way to get away from the broken rope was through the open door after they came in.

'I think there's a high probability of getting caught.

It's better than sitting and being tied.' 


Regina, who took a deep breath, held her skirt in one hand and waited for the door to open in case she ran. 


On the other side of the door, a clatter was heard as if it were picking up the key, and then the door opened following the crackling sound and the key was turned. 




Her heart was pounding like it was going to explode.

The lamp shone in the room and it was only then that the inside came into view. 


"She probably hasn't woken up yet because you've used something powerful." 


The man who opened the door walked over to where Regina was sitting.


The man who followed also moved a few steps inward. 




The embarrassed man lifted the lamp and was surprised when he saw the chair that should be in the middle of the room was nowhere to be seen. 


As soon as she heard the voice, Regina dashed out the door, running as hard as she could before the person standing by the door saw her.




A man who looked like a watchdog came after her, reaching out his hand.

The person she pushed also stumbled for a moment and immediately balanced and followed.


Just before she ran out, she saw a woman wearing a veil looking at her.


Seeing that she was standing a step back in the midst of the chaos, Regina thought it was that woman who told them to kidnap her. 


She ran into the dark alley, relying on the dim light behind her back.

As she climbed the stairs to avoid the man's hand at close range, a voice calling for help rang out loudly.


She thought there would be guards, of course, but she had no idea it would be such a difficult route to escape. 


'What do I have to do' 


Since she couldn't stop, she forced her heavier leg to reach the end of the stairs, and a guard blocked her.


They saw Regina appear out of nowhere, seemed to be silent for a moment, then reflexively reached out to catch her who was running past them.




Missing the hem of the dress from the impact of the strong arms, she tripped and fell rolling on the floor. 








The man who eventually caught up with her crouched down next to her, throwing down an extinguished lamp.


Instinctively, Regina, who rose to the bottom, tried to run away again, but struggled because of the people who overpowered her earlier. 


"I'm sure she's tied properly, but why'd she cut it already!" 


Someone handed him the rope.

With the rope handed to him, he tied her wrists stronger than before, and he looked at the person behind him. 


"I'm sorry.

We didn't check it properly."


Regina turned her head and looked up, and the woman she had seen earlier was staring at her.


"Take her back."  She was dragged back to where she had run in vain.


Regina, who was thrown into the room with chair, for the first time in her life by rough treatment that no ordinary aristocrat lady would ever experience, found someone sit in front of her. 


A dark veil covered with black dresses, hair and face, and there's not much light, so she can't even see it, but it's like she's born in a shadow.


The woman sitting with her legs crossed and looking at her snapped her fingers.

Hearing her words, the man standing next to her raised the lamp to illuminate Regina's face to make it more visible.


Frowning her brows at the light suddenly approaching her eyes, she shook her head vigorously.

Someone who could kidnap Arsene fiancee, who is confident enough to afford it. 


It could be because she saw only fragmentary facts in novel, but now she only remembered empress dowager, Alicia Russell.

As if to give credence to her thoughts, a gentle voice flowed through the veil. 


"What's your relationship with Duke Arsene Greroy" It was clear from this that it was all because of Arsene.

And she had nothing to answer her question.

In the first place, the carriage she was riding belonged to the Duke of Greroy. 


She sure they knew it was Arsene fiancee and kidnapped her.

As Regina didn't answer her question and kept her mouth shut, the man who had lighted the lamp grabbed her chin with a rough hand. 


However, the action was rather irritating, and Regina forgot her fear for a moment, then shut her mouth and glared over her veil.

The woman who had been staring at her the same way asked a slightly different question. 


She said, "What deal did you do with him" 


Regina didn't even open her mouth.

If the person sitting in front of her was really the empress dowager, she would die whether she opened her mouth or not.

Arsene and empress dowager are both life-threatening whether they have had a crush within a few days, but if she had to choose one of them, Arsene was better.

She shed tears inside, thinking how she had come to this.

It's not choosing between the best and the best, it's choosing between the worst and the worst.

The tip of her nose wrinkled as she pressed down on her cries. 


"He's not the kind of person to get married without a profit.

There must have been something.


As she continued to listen to the following questions, empress dowager mood changed subtly.

Arsene and Ruairi were actually raised in the hands of the empress dowager, Alicia Russell. 


Arsene's mother lost her life in giving birth to him, and Rueiri's mother and empress also died when he was young, so she was the only one left.

The empress died and the emperor tried to put her on the throne, but she refused. 


The reason was that it couldn't be because the Empress's son, Ruairi, was alive. 


If you think about it a bit, that was a bad reason, but in the eyes of young Ruairi, she just looked like a good person who did not take the place of mother.

When she refused, all she did was look after her three children: Ruairi, Arsene, and her own child, Logan. 


They were still young, so they followed her without hesitation, and she gently cared for them as if she truly loved them.

So, as much as they knew the empress dowager, she knew them as well too. 


"Do you know what kind of person Duke Gregory is"


Regina closed her eyes, not wanting to answer with her eyes.

But she didn't mind, and continued.

"He's not a human, he's a monster." 


It was true that he possessed terrifying strength, which meant he was able to frighten people with his extraordinary abilities.

People always refused to deviate from their standards.

When Regina didn't react to any of those words, she dropped the bomb.

"Can a bastard who killed his own father with his own hands be called a human"


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