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Chapter 5.

Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (3)



It was evening when Regina was attacked, but it wasn't a time when people weren't walking around.

Besides, it didn't happen on the outskirts, but it was an incident where dozens of black people faced each other in a place close to the center.

At that time, there was a person who saw the patterns drawn on the wagon from afar and the black hair between them. Although he did not look closely, he could roughly guess the contents just by knowing that she was surrounded by dozens of people wearing masks.

Whoever it may be, he thought he couldn't keep this story to himself...

...and by the time she heard it, it had already spread in society.

Someone jealous of her for marrying Arsene ordered them.

Regina Blois defeated them. 

No, Arsene Greroy appeared like comet and saved her.

Rumors were rife.

What they could not see in person stimulated their imagination.

The high-ranking political aristocrats thought that this might not just be the one who was jealous of their marriage, but it might be keeping Arsene in check.

Anyway, for those who like provocative rumors, his work was a very good story.

But it didn't matter to Regina how much they chewed and tasted the story. 

What's important to her is–

"The Count Blois has requested a visit."

Regina sighed and nodded her head. 

As the rumors spread, there was nothing stopping her parents from finding out.  She thought maybe they were sending someone to make an appointment. 

And after a while, a person from Count Blois opened the door of the drawing room and entered.



It was not the employee who came from the count, but the Count couple themselves.

Regina, who didn't know they would visit so suddenly, looked at them with a puzzled face.

"Did you get hurt somewhere" 

The Count couple, who came into the drawing room, did not sit down and immediately came up to her and looked anxiously.

She was still puzzled by the situation and was pouting her lips, and Arsene came in behind the Count couple.

She made eye contact with him and asked about the situation with her eyes.

He tilted her head as if he didn't know.

"Uh, I'm really fine.

Would you like to sit down for now"

At her words, the Count and his wife finally sat down.

Arsene, who was standing behind them, also calmly sat next to Regina.

"I thought my heart was falling when I heard rumors that you were attacked by unidentified men.

Are you sure you're okay Why didn't you tell us" 

"I was afraid that you would be worried. Things went well."

"Even so."

After Regina calmed them down, the Counts' eyes turned to Arsene, who was sitting next to her.

Whatever the specific reason, it was almost certain that Arsene had put her in danger. 

The Countess began to worry about Regina's safety.

There was no guarantee that something like this wouldn't happen again.

But Regina said that she fell in love for the first time, and she was engaged, but now that she's here, she can't force her to break up right away. 

Besides, she couldn't convince Regina because Arsene was sitting there with her. 

Regina, who felt their gaze, tried to step up instead, but Arsene spoke to them with a serious attitude that she had never seen before.



"I'm sorry I put your precious daughter in danger. It will never happen again."

The Count couple, who didn't know he would come out so low-key, seemed surprised.

Both fell in love at first sight and were about to get married, but they couldn't even guess Arsene's feelings, whom they had never met a few times.

The Count couple, who were exchanging eyes with each other, looked a little worried.

They didn't want Arsene's position or power. The most precious thing was their children.

If they had coveted the power of the Duke Greroy, Regina would have pushed ahead with the marriage, even if it was dangerous.

After a moment of thought, they answered him with the same seriousness.

"I trust you, Duke.

I hope that we don't hear stories like this next time.


They decided to believe in his true appearance and had a brief tea time after that.

After they had finished talking and returned, only Arsene and Regina were left.

She didn't know Arsene would do this.

In front of the Count, he was not an authoritative duke, but a strong young man.

They may well be pressed by his status, but they chose to have faith with his attitude. 

In a short time, he grasps the tendency of the count couple and chose a more effective method.

Arsene looked at her with new eyes and smiled.

"You have good parents." 

When she heard him, there was a story that passed through her mind.

It was the story of a young Arsene.

His father avoided him, and the only thing that could be called his mother was empress dowager.


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