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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (3)




After meeting Ruairi, she was able to go out.

Although she had to take her escort more than her previous one. 


She still had something she could get from somewhere.

Regina immediately made an appointment with Isota and Kai to meet at the cafe.




Upon entering the cafe, Isota, who found her, jumped up from her seat.


"In the meantime, you've refused to go on a picnic, you've also refused to visit.

I was so sad."


Two days after the kidnapping, she got a call from Isota.

She was asked to go on a picnic.

She, of course, was rejected by Arsene. 


So unfortunately, she asked Kai to go, and she replied that she would come to play with the duke.


She had nothing to say, and awkwardly nailed Regina to her seat and turned her around. 


"It happened.

By the way, did you two go to a picnic"



Without you, why am I going with Kai" Isota answered, erasing her expression, and she looked at Kai once.


Kai also frowned once more and shook his head.


“So, when are we going to have a picnic, huh How about boating The weather is getting warmer these days."


"I think you'll be fine, how are you, Regina" 


Regina, contemplating on their request, nodded her head slightly.

She's been stuck in the house for a while, so can't she just wander around now


"Really Are you going with me" Isota, who smiled and hugged her tightly. 


"Isota, keep your dignity." Kai shouted, but Isota didn't even listen. 


Needless to say, she glared at Kai.

She smiles at them again, thinking that she's started, and she feel a gaze from somewhere. 


Regina turned her head toward where she instinctively felt the gaze, and her eyes met the turquoise eyes as he looked at her.


His hair was the usual light brown, but the eyes of a mysterious color caught her eye. 


The man did not panic even when their eyes met.

Rather, seeing his smile, she suddenly smiled at him and turned her head first. 


'What..... Why did you stare Why are you smiling'


Regina, who was worried, looked at him with squint.

He wasn't looking at her now. 


"Would you like to go get some sandwiches and bread"


"I'm going to bring a drink too." 


Attention returned to this side of Isota, who clings to her, and Kai's voice as she clashes with each other. 


The eye contact with a man passed into a faint memory.


Regina chatted with them over a cake after a long time. 


“So, when I went to Kai house, when you refused to have a picnic or visit, so do you know what Kai said"


"Huh What did he say"


"'Regina probably with something, be patient'" say Isota.


It's natural to be worried about not being able to communicate.

She looked at Isota who imitates Kai's voice and smiled, and Kai had a sullen expression on his face. 


He didn't like how Isota smiled.

Regina looked at Isota again.


"I'm at home, and I'm with my parents and my brother, what's there to be anxious about Stop fighting, you guys."


They seemed very friendly to each other when they met, but if they left it like this, they would growl again for a while. 


"Come on, eat the cake." 


Regina picked up a fork to dry them both.

When she scooped out plenty of the strawberries and whipped cream and presented it to Isota, she pretended she couldn't win and ate it, but unfortunately the strawberry couldn't get into her mouth.




The strawberry covered in whipped cream fell onto Regina's hand, which was supporting Isota's bottom, as it headed towards Isota's mouth.


Kai pulled out a handkerchief from his clothes.

"Use this." 


His handkerchief looked luxurious to anyone looking.

You can't get whipped cream on a handkerchief like that.


Regina, who put the strawberries on a plate, shook her head and got up. 


"I'll wash it." 


This cafe was a high-class cafe visited by nobles, so there was a toilet.


After looking around, she held her palms up and strode to the place where the toilet paper was stuck. 


However, perhaps because she took her steps without hesitation, Regina ran into someone who was coming from beyond the corner and teamed up. 


Although she didn't lose her balance to the point of falling, the other person reached out and grabbed her. 


"I'm sorry.

Are you okay"


She looked up at the soft voice, and it was the man was before. 


"Yes, it's fine." She took a step back and let go of the man's hand.


It was only then that he realized that he had grabbed her arm. 


"Sorry for touching without permission." 


The man raised his hands to the side of his shoulders and gestured not to touch. 


"That's fine."


"Because I was trying to catch you.



"Thank you." 


Regina checked her outfit with him to see if the cream on her hand had gotten anywhere else, and bowed her head. 


Then, as she passed him and went to the bathroom, he suddenly called her. 






She looked into his turquoise eyes, wondering if there was anything more. 


"Nothing, I'm sorry." 


She thinks he has something to say.


Regina shook her head in amazement, but without asking any further questions, she greeted him face to face. 


'Your eyes are pretty.'


Looking at the green and blue eyes, somehow her heart melts.

It was a comfortable color. 


In some ways it looked blue and in some ways it looked green.


She thought of his close-up eyes and washed her hands when she came out and the sun was setting outside the window. 


The number of people in the cafe has decreased a little since dinner time is slowly approaching.


"It's already this time.

Shall we go now"


Regina, who returned to her seat, winked out the window and looked outside and nodded. 


"Then I'll see you on the boat.

'I'll pack up a lot of food!"


They promised to meet up a few days later, and went back to the mansion in their respective carriage. 


Regina returned to the Duke's house, handed her coat to Sally, who was waiting for her, and asked.

"What about Arsene"


"Duke in the dinning room."




Looking at the clock, it was time for dinner.

Arsene was originally on the side of arriving a little early, so she thought it might be so, and she walked straight to the dining room.


As she entered, he looked up at his papers up to here, and looked up at her.


"Have you been having fun with your friends"




Arsene called the butler who was standing nearby and handed him the documents, and he went out of the dinning room with them, and as soon as Regina sat down, the prepared menus filled the table one by one, and after all the food was served, all the employees in the dinning room left.


"Lady Isota Rose and Kai Belloff"


"I have only two friends." 


As she nodded her head, she looked at him with an unfamiliar expression on her face, and found a hand wrapped in a bandage.


"Why are your hands like that"


"Oh, it's not much.

It's just little cut." 


But she saw the blood seeping out of the bandages.


"I don't think it's just cut.

Show me later."


Recalling her own supernatural powers, she patted her neck once involuntarily. 


"I don't know if I can cure it."


His gaze followed as she touched the part of her that had been unconsciously cut.





She looked at him at the sound of a slightly subdued voice, but perhaps she was mistaken, he was casually eating the soup.


His hand might have been dulled by the bandages, but he was in an elegant posture.


He showed an impeccable manner as if he was born with noble blood. 


At first glance, it looked like a machine designed to move like that. 


Just by looking at his movements, she couldn't tell that he had injured his hand.


That's why she checked his hands from time to time while eating. 


Regina didn't know why she cared so much about his wounds. 


Anyway, it was Regina who asked him to show her, so after the meal, the two went up to his office together.


They sat side by side on the sofa, facing each other.

Arsene, who held up his hand, loosened the bandage that had been holding him tight, and the bloodstains grew thicker as each layer was peeled off.


"Isn't this a big deal" 


When she looked at his hand, she saw that his palm had been cut so that the flesh could be seen. 


'What do you do to get a scar like this'


Regina, who opened her mouth to see the wounds in disbelief, carefully grabbed his hand with both hands. 


She frowned slightly as she took his hand.

Lifting her gaze and looking at him, he was looking at her with mysterious eyes.




In Arsene's eyes, she looked cute and innocent. 


His straight, long fingers were extended towards her.

He had such pretty hands that he could be a hand model.


She squeezed his hand, and she looked at his wounds halfheartedly. 


'.......What should I do' 


Originally, she didn't know how to use her powers.

Her own wounds healed instinctively.


She was in a situation where she was going to die if she didn't do it, so she seems to have activated her powers momentarily, but as she held his hand with both her hands and stood still for a while, a voice mixed with laughter was heard above her head.


"Let me help you" 


When she raised her head, he smiled at her like it was so funny.



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