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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (4)




"Think of this as a cure, think of a wounded hand.



Regina was dubious and concentrated her thoughts on what he told her to do.


'Clean hands, clean hands, better hands.' 


After thinking about it for a while, she suddenly felt something under her hand, and his wound moved.




Without any dazzling light or effect, As she blinked her eyes at the bizarre sight, his flesh slowly filled up and his cracked back disappeared completely.


Surprised, Regina raised her head and looked at him.

Arsene was smiling as if seeing it. 


How does he know a way she doesn't even know Looking down at his hand once more, she ran her fingertips over his wounded area.


It really disappeared without leaving a trace. 


'Did the wound on my neck heal in this way'


After waving his hand for a while, admiring her own ability, she suddenly raised her head.




She was going to say it was a very useful ability, but she couldn't finish her words and shut her mouth.

Their faces were too close.


She was so close that she buried her face in the palm of his hand, and then suddenly lifted her head, and there was only a bottle between them.


Her thoughts stopped when she saw the purple eyes staring at her with mysterious eyes. 


Long fluttering eyelashes and eyes so close that you could see the grain of the iris beneath them. 


Platinum hair brushing her forehead.

Slowly lowered his head, breathing mingled in the distance closer than a bottle.




When she remained still, he swallowed her lips, which moved gently.

He bit her lower lip lightly, the tip of his tongue licked her lips poking through the gap between it. 


Without hesitation, the tongue that entered as she opened her mouth without realizing it, found another one and touched its end.


The feeling was strange. 


The tingling sensation on the sensitive tongue, when the hot body of another person touched her, in an instant, she feels goosebumps all over her body. 


She, who had been hardened by her exhilarating pleasure, squirmed and stuck out her tongue slightly.


Her hands, which he was holding with both his hands, grabbed her against and pulled her towards him. 


In an instant she sat on his thigh and leaned against his body, her soft chest pressed against him.


It was as if the pounding heartbeat was transmitted through the skin that touch it. 


"Ah, ha...




A moan like a sigh lingered in her ear.

'Is that my voice'


Suddenly, Before she knew it, he hugged Regina a little deeper.


Her head was paralyzed by the sensation of rubbing the small bumps.

She didn't know that the inside of her mouth was such a sensitive place. 


She breathed in with a pleasure she had never felt before, but did not wake up to the urge to use the mucous membrane on the inside of her cheeks.


At this moment, only the soft, damp, and hot body temperature dominated the thought. 


She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach from the exhilarating feeling that went all the way to her toes. 


Her whole body touched him as Arsene hugged her close to him.


Regina, who was sitting on his thigh, trembled as she felt something hard between her legs.


Because of her posture, she could tell what the thick thing was without even looking at it.


Her head was dizzy as she thought that something she had never imagined had reached her.  


She couldn't help but think of his provoking thoughts as it filled her mouth, then pulled her out, and pushed her back in.


As she squeezed the hem of his robe out of breath, he slowly opened her lips as he poked inside her gently. 


Her saliva, which she couldn't swallow, dripped and wet the corners of her mouth.

She heard a voice she didn't know it belonged to.


It was only him and her that existed in the place now.

Arsene kissed her lightly once more and drank the saliva from her lips.


His arm that she had been holding back slowly loosened.

As she breathed in, she realized what she had just done.




She was obviously crazy.

Arsene and kiss She, who had been clinging to her liking for a moment, passed her own eyes. 


The color of her ears, which had been burning red, spread all the way to her face. 


She got up from her seat, holding her weak legs, and ran out of the place as if running without saying a word.


She worried that he would catch her, but luckily he let her go to her room. 


"I'm going crazy...."


With a man who was betrothed with a mortgage on her life...

like that... 


She jumped into the bed, covered herself with a blanket, and rolled her feet.


She was so embarrassed that she was speechless.


'What were you thinking I like his face, I admit.'


She admits that he's handsome enough even if she doesn't like Arsene.

She couldn't figure out why he kissed her. 


As Regina sat on the bed, forcing herself to bring other things to her attention to push it out of her head, she just had something else to ponder. 


"My ability."


Arsene was pushed aside for a moment when she consciously paid attention and deliberately spit it out. 


There was no mention of Regina ability in the original story.

Searching the memory of this body, she found that few people in this world had such powers.


They knew that healing was the power of God, and few were blessed by God.

Does God really exist 


Originally, she was not a person of faith, but to say that there is no God, she skipped the world and fell into a book.


Even in the body of another person.

Such an unbelievable thing happened, and there is no such thing as a God. 


If the god they worship really exists in this world.

If he looked down, he would know for sure that she was not a spirit from this world, or that he had deliberately buried her here.


As she was thinking about other things, Arsene kept coming to her mind, so she thought it would be better to go out than to stay in the mansion.


Of course, she thought it would be better if she could find out why the power of god appeared in her.


After washing herself neatly, she lay down fully covered with a blanket, and emptying her head... 


After tossing and turning for over an hour, she finally fell asleep.




The next day, after having lunch in the room, Regina made simple preparations and left the mansion quickly. 


It was because she was likely to meet Arsene if she had delayed here.

It wasn't far until she arrives at the largest temple in the islands, Planacio.


She glanced up at the rather large temple in front of her and stepped into the building. 


The temple was quiet.

The entrance was large enough to hear footsteps, but no one was passing by. 


'Is nobody here'


Gazing at the high ceilings and embossed columns, she entered and stopped in front of a large mural. 


The mural contained so many different contents that we had to look closely at each part.


The most striking part of them was a red-haired woman holding out the staff, and all kinds of things were lying under her feet, that woman seemed to have won the battle.


"Do you need help" 


As she looked around her at the sound of the voice echoing through the large space, someone was approaching her.


White clothes with gold embroidery on it, she looked like people working here.


"May Rastein -sama's blessing with you, may name is Lucia the priest of the Planacio."


She also bowed her head to greet Lucia, who lightly placed her hand on her chest and greeted her. 



It's my first time coming to the temple, is it really this quiet"


"It's prayer time now, so everyone is in the prayer room."




Somehow, it was so sloppy.

If so, it seems that this priest was also on her way to the prayer room, can she hold her As she pondered, Lucia smiled softly.


"Can I help to guide you"


"I would be grateful if you could do that.



'Anyway, I was thinking of wandering around in this big place, but it turned out well.' Regina decided to follow her.


"Is there any place you want to go"




“Then there is a place that first-time visitors to the temple must visit.

In the Planacio, there is an exhibition hall where relics and paintings are displayed.

The library is great too, but if you've never been, I think it would be better to go to the exhibition hall."


Her ears were full of the word relic.

Regina nodded at her, wondering if she could get any clues about her abilities, Lucia led her to the exhibition hall.


"As you may have guessed, the mural you saw earlier is a founding myth.

It was a long time ago, until the first emperor, His Majesty, destroyed the evil things in this land and established the Yurdenian Empire."


As she searched through Regina's memory, her vaguely similar story came to mind. 


Seeing that Lucia doesn't come up with details, it seems that she wasn't interested in history.


“As you know, the first emperor was blessed with the power of healing and fire, by receiving the blessing of Rastain.

There was nothing against him who judged by fire, and in the end they were all dragged into the abyss."


She rolled her eyes for a moment at Lucia words.

It was the first time she knew. 


That aside, the story of the supernatural that she was looking for came out.

Regina cleared her throat for a moment and slyly spoke.


"That, the power of healing.

Is it possible that it is also acquired"


"It is almost congenital, but there are some people who have devoted themselves to Rastain on rare occasions.

They are really respectable people."


If so, did she have this ability She had never dedicated herself to a god named Rastain. 


'Then did this power come to her'


"Does it show only to those who have devoted themselves to Rastain and have been blessed"




Regina's expression became mysterious.

Looking through this body's memories, she showed no interest in history or religion.


She was not interested in Rastain.

While chasing Lucia with serious thought, she came to the entrance of the exhibition hall.


The sound of footsteps ringing in the hallway diminished.

There are two paladins were guarding the large door that opened on both sides.


Lucia stopped in front of the door and put her hand on her chest. 


"May Rastain's blessing with you."


After greeting Rastain's blessing, a paladin placed his hand on the door and opened it. 


The exhibition hall was more colorful than expected.


As soon as she walked in, flash of light filled her vision.

Lucia smiled slightly as Regina opened her eyes and looked around her.


"Since the holy relics have been gathered over thousands of years, it has become a historically valuable place."




From crowns studded with ornaments and jewels, to gold statues engraved with saints, long swords, and old books filled the exhibition hall.


"This is the ring of Saint Thecla.

It is said that she received the ring when she decided to dedicate herself to God."


Priest Lucia explained to her each of the relics and pictures.


Unlike the original Regina, who was not interested in history, she liked these stories, so she really like visited the exhibition.


Thanks to this, Arsene was successfully forgotten from her mind.


As they went inside, examining each object, they reached a semi-separated space at the far end.


"And this is..."


In the deepest place, there was a long staff lying in a glass case.


“It is the staff that the first emperor Peha used." 


When she looked closely, it looked similar to the staff she saw on the mural earlier.


“There is a legend that this staff has the power to purify evil spirits.

Of course, it's a legend.

The main opinion is that the story was misrepresented because the first emperor was holding it when he used his ability."


It seemed likely that she would, too.

In the first place, as in other founding myths, it is not entirely true that the first emperor drove out evil and established the country. 


The staff seen through the glass tube was studded with small gems, mainly large diamonds.

The crown, the staff, and the jewels here seemed to make a small garden.


"But wouldn't it be dangerous to leave the relic here and could be stolen"


There were so many jewels, and someone could have coveted them.


"Don't worry, there's an alarm that will sound if someone takes something inside."


It was the most advanced technology she had ever thought of. 


Is it similar to the principle that the door opens automatically 


After looking around the exhibition hall, Regina went back to where she had come from, following Lucia's guidance.


In the meantime, she could see more people than before as the prayer time had ended. 


"Then I'll leave.

May Rastain's protection be with you."


Lucia, who led her back to the mural they had met, put her hand on her chest to greet her and went back to the hallway. 


Since she had spent quite of time in the exhibition hall, the sun is almost setting. 


Regina tried to leave the temple to return to the duke mansion. 


Then, someone called her.


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