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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (5)






Turning her head to where the voice was coming from, she saw the man she had bumped into at the café yesterday.


A rather suspicious man with a smile like a bright retriever and a good looking face.


"We meet yesterday." 


He seemed very happy to have met her.

Otherwise, such a friendly greeting would not have been possible. 


Regina was a little surprised.

How could she run into someone she just met at the cafe yesterday, then meet again by chance at the temple Besides, why did it seem like he was so happy to meet her




Regina was amazed at how friendly he spoke to her even after the second meeting. 


“Do you often come to the temple”



I'm here for the first time today."


"Then it's a huge coincidence.

I don't come to the temple often either.

But to meet like this."


Perhaps because of this great coincidence, he was smiling.

His turquoise blue eyes disappeared between his softly curved eyes, and then they suddenly turned round. 


The man let out a short breath as if thinking of something, and then closed his eyes again.


"May I ask for your name"


Regina thought for a moment.

Her successive encounters are strange, but she doesn't know what kind of person he is, so she was a little hesitant to give her name at first.


"I'll let you know when we meet again."


So she avoided the answer.

It was a great coincidence that they met twice, but she was thinking that they might meet again. 


However, the man responded calmly, as if he did not understand the intention of rejection contained within. 


"Can we meet again"


Regina paused for a moment before she uttered a word.



If there's a chance, it could be, right" 


Although she wasn't really thinking about her next meeting at all.

The man made a strange expression. 


But after a moment, he smiled again like a spring day. 


'I've been thinking since the day I saw him, this guy's smile is cute.'


Seeing him smile over and over again made him feel a little friendly. 


The corners of Regina's lips went up against her will.

After a while, she suddenly regained her consciousness and turned around, fixing her expression as if she had never smiled.


"I have to go back, so...



"See you next time."


The man greeted her brightly as if he really wanted to see her again.


When she returned to the duke's house, the house smelled good, it seemed dinner had been prepared.


She never thought she was hungry before, but she was so excited.

Entering the lobby, she unconsciously went to the dining room. 


She was about to take a step, but stopped at the spot.


'By the way, if I go to a dining room now, I have to see Arsene.'


That happened was just yesterday.

She still couldn't have the confidence to look at his face.


She would think of his lips.

Even just this brief thought warmed her face.

As she looked on the way to the dining room, she turned right back and strode up the stairs.


"I'll have dinner in the room."




She didn't think she would be able to avoid the person living in the same house for a long time.

Besides, Arsene is the owner.

If he calls her, she had to answer his call.

But Regina was able to avoid it.


Just imagining him is complicated, but seeing him in person can't tell how confusing it must be.

Eventually, her dinner was moved to her room.


Meanwhile, Arsene, who was looking at papers in the dining room, saw the food being served on the table.


"Where is Regina"


"The lady says she eats in her room."


He couldn't see her face after lunch or dinner.

Arsene suddenly remembered the impulsive image of himself yesterday. 


It went through his head, his hand touched his lips, an unconscious action. 


Staring at the empty seat even after the food was ready, he immediately turned his gaze away and started eating.




Regina thought as she lay blankly, staring at the ceiling. 


'Can I do this' 


Originally, one of the reasons she received Arsene's proposal was to help him with his work in the society.


She would bring rumors and information, and she manipulates public opinion when needed. 


Of course, the reason she dared to marry was because he had to fill the duchess position. 


Because of her kidnapping, she knew she couldn't get away from him right away.


She admits that a lot of eyes are on them, so he has to show some affection.

So she rested and thought hard before going to see Ruairi, trying to find a way to escape.


But Arsene still left nothing to her.

Besides, that kiss, Regina, unconsciously bit her lower lip. 


Her reddish lips were crushed by the teeth, turning them even redder.

Her life, which should have been dead at his hands, is still alive, and she is his fiancée, which is not what she expected. 


'How did I end up doing this.'


This place was right in the novel she had read, but it didn't feel like a novel anymore. 


An event she hadn't seen had happened, and it seemed like it would happen in the future.


It had been a long time since she was already swept away by herself as a character. 


What should she do next It was self-evident that everything was going to go wrong, as a life she shouldn't have pushed other things into.


It doesn't go the way it was supposed to, is this really a novel Who set up this twisted development story


Obviously she had read the original, but she could no longer see the future.

How she should act.


'I wish someone could show me the way.'


There used to be a sign, but now it seems to have fallen into the open sea.

It wasn't right for her to choose and carve out.




The next day was the day they were decided to go boating.

Regina got up early in the morning and got into the carriage with the baskets her maids carried.


"I'll go."


Arsene, who was doing his morning routine in his office, looked out at the sound of a voice coming through the open window.


Now her accustomed black hair fluttered and vanished into the carriage.


Then the wheels rolled with the squeal of the horse.

He had been listening through the butler not long ago. 


He said she was going boating with her friends. 


'Was it Marquis Rosé daughter and Marquis Belloff son' 


His straight fingers tapped the window sill.


His gaze followed the back of the carriage as it moved away.

He had opaque eyes that had no idea what he was thinking.


Even, who was standing next to him, looked into his eyes.

His own master was originally a man who had no idea what he was thinking, but recently he has felt a little more that way.


He followed Arsene as he watched the carriage coming out of the gate.

Regina headed to her meeting place, not knowing Arsene was looking down from above.


"Come on, Regina!"


Isota and Kai, who had already arrived, greeted her.

A yellow dress that matched Isota's hair fluttered in the breeze.

Isota seemed to shine in her eyes.


'Every time I see it, I think about it, but after all, it was the main character.' 


"It looked like a two-seater boat." 


Kai also came out in a slightly different outfit than usual.

However, his neatly pulled back pomade-style hair remained the same.


"I'm riding with Regina."


"Whoever wants it, Regina hasn't said anything yet." 


As soon as the boat said it was for two, Isota clasped Regina's arms and clings to her.


Kai frowned as if dissatisfied with it, looked at Isota. 


"Regina, you're going to go with me, aren't you"


Today too, Regina, who was caught between the two, rolling her eyes, came out like a loach and pushed Isota and Kai's back. 



You two will hang it together."


Their faces frowned at the same time, but she didn't mind and put them on the boat. 


"If I leave it alone, I think it will be like this for a hundred days or a thousand days.

Have a good trip."


"Then Regina!"


"I'll do it by myself." 


Even so, seeing Isota and Kai quietly sitting on the boat that she had ordered, her laughter came out.


Regina, who pushed the tip of the boat off, waved gently at them.

Isota's mouth was sticking out, but she pretended not to see it. 


"Don't fight, don't fall into the water." 


Regina looked like she was the guardian.


As she went to the front of her boat, Regina grabbed the hem of her skirt to keep her sky-blue dress from getting wet.

And she took her step cautiously.


The boat floating on the water was as if it had stepped on jelly.

Her hands wandered in the air without realizing it because she was keeping her balance. 


She said it confidently, but the first boat she rode was a little scary.

Then she heard a familiar voice.


"Can I help"


When she turned her head, the man smiled with his eyebrows folded beautifully.

The man was smiling happily whenever she saw it.


"See you again."


The man took her hand even though she hadn't said anything yet. 


Thanks to him who supported her as if to use himself as her support, she boarded the boat safely. 


The strange feeling remained in her fingertips.


“I guess we're meant to be.”


Regina sat in her seat and looked up at the man standing in front her. 


Unlike when they met at the temple, he appeared to be out on a picnic in light clothing.


"I said you'd give your name the next time we meet."


The man skillfully follows her and sits down before she can even say anything. 


"Did you follow me" 


Regina and her friend talked a lot in the cafe, so she thought he might have heard it.


This was a boating spot, and there were still quite a few people other than them. 


But it seems hard to call it a coincidence anymore that she met one person so often.


"I did."


The boat left and flowed into the center of the river.

A former rowing man led the boat in familiar movements. 


Regina did not break her boundaries and treated him awkwardly.

The man must have felt it too, but he was still smiling sweetly as if it would melt.


His twinkling eyes stared at her mercilessly.


"....Call me Leah." 


In the end, she gave him her name.

Of course, she didn't.


Leah was a nickname her parents used to call her.

He probably knew that wasn't her real name either. 


The wind whipping over the water blew past them.

Uncommon black hair fluttered across the sky blue dress. 


'That color is pretty, but the brown hair he obtained, which looked blonde in the sun, gleamed.'


The owner of the hair is practicing her name.

After pronouncing her name silently, he chuckled.




The name that rolled off the tip of his tongue didn't seem to be calling her.


It was an unfamiliar sound.

Regina nodded awkwardly, thinking that she should know his name too. 


"What's your name"


The man blinked, as if he didn't know that she would ever ask his name.  Then he smiled happily.

The emotion seemed unadorned. 


'Is it something to be happy about' 


He was a little suspicious and odd.



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