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Chapter 3 : Suspicious Person (8)




After the party, Regina returned to the mansion and followed Arsene to his office. 


Arsene, untied his cravat from his neat ties, leaned against his desk and looked at her.


"How was it"


The purple eyes, which were slowly opened, maybe a little tired, met her eyes. 


No matter how you look, it's like a scene from a pictorial, this was a scam.


Regina, who had been blinded by his face for a moment, quickly came to her senses and reported today's performance.


"I don't know why, but I think Duchess Haynes has a good feeling for me.

Thanks to you, the work went smoothly.

She said she would invite me to the upcoming tea party."


He was silent for a moment, as if thinking about something, and then nodded his head. 


"The Duchess of Haynes has an eye for people.

It would be nice to make some acquaintances with the people you met at the tea party."


Arsene put the cravat he was holding in one hand on his desk and got her up.

As he stood up straight, her gaze moved upward.


"What you're going to do from now on is similar to today.

You just go to the party I'm talking about and make friends with a few people.

And report every day."


"Every day"



Every day."


Regina's eyes widened as he told her to report sincerity.

She wondered if it was necessary to receive such a thorough report. 




Eventually Regina nodded her head and walked away.


Arsene sat in his seat, closed the door, and looked back at her as she left. 


Contrary to what she usually wore for her party, her gorgeous dress disappeared. 


He really liked the way she got used to the duke house within a few weeks.


It was fun pretending not to know even though he knew she was doing other things with that little head.


It seemed like it was a good choice for him to let her in.

After all, someone had to fill the duchess position, and he had to deal with the woman who witnessed the murder, so she was brought in.


It was a coincidence, but it was satisfactory.

But the problem is... 


'Is it because I liked it too much' 


He also knew that his own reaction was not as usual when he recalled Regina was kidnapped not too long ago.


And an impulsive kiss on her lips which was something Arsene couldn't imagine.


He had never been like this before, and now he is very awkward.

He was lost in thought for a moment, and a man who had no idea where he had appeared fell down in front of him.




Arsene looked down at Even, who had awakened his thoughts for a moment, and then shook his head.




"I have a feeling that arson, Inspector Hugo's work and human trafficking are intertwined with empress dowager, but I haven't found any physical evidence to prove it."




"It seems that empress dowager side is planning something else.

The details are still under investigation, but it's unclear."


His fine brow furrowed.

It's like a very time bomb when you burst into work without a break.


In fact, he wanted to block everything by killing empress dowager, but Ruairi didn't want that.


How can you say that it is such a big deal to kill a person who has even killed his father and ascended to that place and has not bled 


However, Ruairi killed his father and ascended to the place, so it seemed that he could not take care of the person he once considered his mother.


"Find out exactly what it is.

Preventing it in advance is important, so as soon as possible."


In the end, it was Arsene who got busy.




Slowly, her mind cleared and consciousness returned.

Regina, who woke up early for some reason, got up from her bed and pulled her rope next to the bed.


"Miss, are you awake"


Arsene didn't interfere with Regina's sleep, so her wake up time was jagged after she came to the duke mansion. 


But she had hardly ever happened this far, so Sally came in a little surprised.



A little early"


"You'll be able to get up earlier than usual and have breakfast with the Duke."


As she said, it was not yet time for breakfast.

After a brief dressing up, Regina went down to the dining room.


Arsene, who was drinking a coffee, saw her coming into dining room and put down the cup.


The morning sun, a different feeling from the midday, came through the window and shone brightly.


"You got up early."


"I woke up well today."


As she sat down, freshly baked croissants and warm milk were placed in front of her. 


Arsene put the papers he was looking at to one side and looked at her as she started eating. 


He felt relaxed.

It was amazing to see her having breakfast in front of him again.

She must have witnessed his murder some time ago.


Regina, who finished eating, feeling his gaze clearly, got up with him.


"Today I am going to visit the Imperial Palace.

I think you'll probably have to eat lunch alone."


"Yes... Ah, I see."


He said that he had been properly dressed in the morning.

He seemed to be leaving for the imperial palace right now. 


As a fiancee, he said he was going to enter the palace, so she did something to send him off, so Regina decided to see him off.


As he approached without realizing it, she almost backed away, barely holding her legs and looking up at him.


And at that moment, he bowed his head and his lips landed on the border between the cheek and the corner of her mouth.


"I'll go."


Brightly shining platinum hair fluttered in the morning breeze.

The slender, curved purple eyes were mean. 


It was clear that he kissed it narrowly on purpose.



Go ahead." 


But Regina couldn't say anything about it, and she smiled and saw him off.




Arsene, who snuggled up on the horse, quickly ran out of the mansion.

Regina, who looked at his back, slowly turned her body.




As soon as she turned her head, she saw the butler Severo, who was waiting behind her, smiling happily.


"I can't believe my master is getting married."


The older butler was also close to Arsene's mother, so he said he had known him since childhood.

For that reason, he seemed even more glad that Arsene was getting married.


"How many rumors circulated after seeing that he was not even engaged, let alone getting married, by the time he turned 28."


Severo laughed as if he was Arsene's mother, telling a bizarre story. 


Certainly, when it comes to the nobleman of the Yurdenian Empire, they had a fiancee when they were a teenager, and it wasn't strange at all.


In the original story, Isota was the first person he had a crush on, so it was natural for him to see her, but with such a famous person, even the slightest touch would cause scandal.


"Oh my gosh, I've been screaming like a bee."



I'm fine Please treat me comfortably."


There was nothing wrong with showing off well to the butler.

He is so loyal to Arsene, so she don't know if it will help, but it's just in case.


The butler goes to work, Regina moved to the library.

She didn't have any plans for today, so she wanted to go back to sleep, but she had a job to do.


Entering the library, which was almost the size of a house, she slowly looked around the bookshelves. 


Poetry books, novels...

she thought about it when she stopped by the last time she visited, but Arsene bookshelves were filled with all kinds of things.


The hand wandering between them stopped at some point.


"I found it."


She opened it up and stared at it.

It was a map.

No matter how much she said she had inherited the memory of her body, it was not perfect. 


Besides, she was a well-bred aristocratic young girl, she didn't have to go far away, so she didn't know the geography of anything other than the capital.


After checking the map of the Yurdenian Empire and the world map, she began to plan a rough escape route.


'First, through Entanto- If you go to the Allied Powers of Miss Brunn, it will be difficult for Arsene to follow, right'


The Miss Brunn Allied Powers had a bad relationship with Yurdenian, so it was clear that they would not let foreigners swear by them, so by then, Arsene wouldn't be looking for her either, but it was just in case. 


Regina, who was drawing a plan on the map by hand, took a deep breath and sighed. 


'What happened to me I need a way to protect my family.

Arsene is insane'


If it was against his mood for her to run, he could have attacked Count Blois for any reason.

Otherwise, one day, neither a mouse nor a bird could have treated her as if he had killed her in the original.


And then a man flashed in Regina's mind, 'Emperor Ruairi.' Even if he said she was the subject of handling because she saw 'the incident', she wasn't Count Blois.


The male protagonist in the original was not someone who would stand by the sacrifice of an innocent person. 


A person above the Duke of Greroy.

A person who can defeat Arsene.

He was probably the best person to do her request.


'How do I get to Entanto anyway'


Every time she went out after coming to the duke's house, she saw one escort close to her.

She doesn't know if there were many more out of sight.


She didn't go with an escort because it wasn't a particularly dangerous place, so she felt that they were more surveillance than escorts. 


Will she be able to escape from them and go all the way to Entanto The only hope was that they weren't as talented as Arsene.


If Arsene had been monitoring her, she would have given up quickly.

Regina, who had some plans, laid out the map well.

She put it back on the bookshelf so it wouldn't go away.


"Shall we go out" 


It seemed like it would aid her plan in escaping.

Wouldn't it be a little looser if she walked out instead staying in the mansion


Regina thought so and put it into practice right away.

After a quick lunch, she called Sally after the afternoon tea.


"I'm going to the park, can you help me prepare"


"Yes, I understand."


Sally is skilled and quick in preparing.

Sally, who had been with her since she was at Count Blois's house, was the only one she had brought here.


With her help, she changed clothes and went outside, but Sally even gave her a parasol.


As she went down the stairs, there was a carriage ready for her.

And next to her today, Iz, an escort knight with her hair tied high, was waiting for Regina.


"I'll take you to the Capital Park." 


Taking Iz's hand, Regina climbed into the carriage, and looked out the window. 


There seemed to be no one following her besides Iz. 



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