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Chapter 4 : Ready to run (1)




Regina's feet hit the front yard of the temple.

She once again visited the temple. 


She needed a reason to go out, and this was the place that came to her mind. 


Regina was also curious about the library she had heard from the priest Lucia the last time she visited.

There is a high probability that most of the books in the library are related to religion, so wouldn't there be a book about healing power 


Iz, who followed as an escort, decided to wait outside the temple just like the last time.

Because the temple was a place where the security was tight, so she doesn't really need Iz's close guard. 


Iz never disobeyed her opinion, and nodded her head gently.

Regina left her behind and went inside without hesitation.


Even today, the high ceilings were magnificent.

As she looked around, she found a passerby and asked for directions.

"Do you know where the library is"

"It's there, when you go down this hallway and turn left."

"Thank you."

As she walked through the hallway that she felt familiar with, the sound of footsteps rang on the marble floor. 


Unlike last time, there were quite a few people passing by.

Some of them bowed their heads slightly when they made eye contact with Regina.

Regina soon found a place that looked like a library door.

There were two knights standing on either side of the large door.

Unusually, the white armor was surrounded by golden decorations, so anyone could see it as a Holy Knight. 


When she bowed her head to greet them as well, a knight with a temple-style opened the heavy door.

As she entered the library, the smell of paper and wood filled her.


Because the Great Hall of Planacio itself was an old place, the books in the library also had the smell of the years they had passed.

As she took a step or two, Regina looked around her, admiring it.


The study at the Duke's residence was also large and neat, but the feeling was different from this one.

The temple library was the first thing that caught her eye with its ornate ceiling paintings and white marble statues. 


Some decorations were gilded and sparkling, and the marble floor was covered with thick carpets.


It was so beautiful that she didn't know if she had come to read a book or just take a look at library.

The bookshelves filled the first floor and were completely filled up to the second floor.

She saw a handrail crafted in detail along the corridor on the second floor.

'The temple seems to have a lot of money.' 


Regina looked around in confusion, as she fumbled through the bookshelf, reminding her of her purpose here.

The beginnings of the Yurdenian Empire, the history of Rasteinism, the Rasteinism and the Cresmir Empire....

She walked slowly in front of the bookshelf, peering through the back of books that seemed to have been published long ago. 


As expected, most of the content was related to temples or Rastainism.

Then her eyes stopped in one place. 




She remembered that Lucia said that her healing ability was Rastain's blessing.

Her hand was engulfed in the book.

She quickly flipped through the pages, dug the content, then returned to the front and opened the first page. 


“We call the power to fill the torn flesh and attach broken bones 'the ability to heal'.

And we consider this a blessing from Rastain.

To go back to where the ability to heal began, it leads to Rastain.

As everyone knows, Rastain's power is ....—” After that, the praise for Rastain continued a little.

Regina quickly skipped what she knew about. 


“For example, some people couldn't lift their hands due to broken bones all over their bodies, but they were neatly attached with the ability to heal.

Another person was in danger of blindness due to an eye injury, but his ability made him look forward again.

The other had a disease that rotted the whole body, and in an instant, the new flesh circulated, the odor disappeared, and there was no scar left.

As a result, there were many people who coveted the healing ability, a sculpture of God's power.

The way they did to gain ability is so vicious that I won't introduce it in this book."

As more and more people died or disappeared by those who coveted their abilities, many people hid their abilities.

Or, he entrusted himself to the temple, used his abilities solely for them, and was protected by the Holy Knights.

But this was also not perfect.

The healing ability has been passed down for generations.


However, after too long from the first person who received the divine power, the blood was obtained, and fewer people expressed their abilities.

In addition, the strength weakened.

In the end, it was enough to treat minor abrasions, in the case of holy water with concentrated abilities, depending on the degree of concentration, even a little of broken bones or cut flesh could be attached.

'But how did I survive' 


If, as stated here, the healing powers could only heal minor abrasions, then she should have died at the place of the decapitation.


But she survived by suturing her wounds in an instant and splicing her blood vessels. 


Regina stroking the spot where she had been cut without realizing it, reconfirmed that her neck was properly attached.


According to the contents of the book, her abilities were on the same level as those of the early ones who received divine power directly.

She scoured the text, looking for a case like her.


On the back, the history of Rastainism and Blessed was written in more detail.

But even in the exceptional cases described in the book, there had no one like her.


As she flipped through the book, all she could find was how to use healing powers or how to make holy water. 


'What What is it really' 


Confused, Regina looked down at the book, sighed, and closed it.


She put the book back, looked around a little more, and then left the library.

Although she couldn't figure out why she had this ability manifested in her, she had her own conclusion. 


'That I am a very rare case.'


If caught, your life could be in jeopardy.

And, apparently, it was already endangered. 


'Everyone who was there saw it!'


At least Arsene, he saw.

Regina's complexion turned pale.

It was thought that the reason Arsene was trying to win her own heart was simply because her healing powers were rare.


But it wasn't.

It was because she was the only person with 'This level' of ability. 


He was so calm that she thought everyone else could do this.

Somehow she felt dizzy.

She thought Arsene was the only one she should avoid, but it wasn't.


She just wanted to live her life quietly and eat delicious food...

It was as if she had fallen into a world with bombs everywhere.


"Uh, nice to meet you again."


Regina, who was walking, looked up at the welcoming voice.

As she looked ahead with her gaze on the marble floor, Lucia, wearing white clothes, was standing there today as well.

Lucia had a gentle smile, as if glad to see her again.


"Hello, priest Lucia." 


Regina, who had her most serious expression on her face, barely smiled.


"The library is really cool."


"Isn't it It's a place I really like.

Reading a book by the window makes me think a lot."


Regina nodded her head, remembering the sunlight coming through the large window. 


Then she suddenly asked Lucia about what she had been thinking for a while, and she thought that she wanted to hear her opinion.


"Priest Lucia, I have a question..."


"Yes, ask me "


Regina, who took a deep breath for a while, was encouraged by her benevolent expression and opened her mouth.


"Healing ability.

I heard it's not that strong these days...



"Yeah, that's right.

These days only minor wounds can be healed."


"By the way, what if someone with power as strong as the initial healing ability appears"


As if her question was unexpected, Lucia raised her eyebrows.

After thinking for a while at the unexpected content, she smiled at her.



If someone strong that much appears, the temple will probably try to serve him.

Of course, he will make the choice.

And there will probably be a lot of risks involved.

There are so many people who covet their abilities, they used to hide in the temple.

If you don't trust temple, you'll probably have to run away.

The healing ability really only heals, so you can't attack like magic."


Lucia nodded her head as if she was happy with her conclusion.

She shrugged and smiled.


"But it's no longer as strong as that.

By the way, the Lady is very interested in healing powers"


A little startled, Regina pulled the corner of her lips together, smiled, and quickly rolled her head to come up with an excuse.



And history is also important."


Lucia wasn't suspicious of her, and it didn't seem like she was going to harm her, but she was instinctively defensive.

Even so, it was better not to say anything rude. 


"That's right.

Thanks to you, I also came up with a fun idea.

Lady, are you going back now"


"Yes, May I visit the library more often in the future"




The temple is always open." 


Luckily Lucia still saw her off with a gentle smile.


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