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Chapter 4 : Ready to run (3)




Regina, lying in bed to fall asleep, was lost in thought as she looked at the canopy ceiling. 


Funds were needed to escape from Arsene.

Now she was actually living together as if she were married. 


Arsene was already treating her as a Duchess.


What she meant was that the Duke of Greroy was responsible for everything she ate, drank and wore.

She offered to send her living expenses from Count Blois because she still had the surname of Blois, but he refused.


The way she could save money was by subtly removing the cost of dignity.


However, it was clear that saving the money that was given to the future Duchess of the Duke of Greroy would be obvious.


She thought bringing a piece of jewelry or two would be fine, but when she remembered that Arsene could enchant her jewelry, she was naturally dismissed.

She didn't know what kind of magic was affixed to the items given to her.


'Is there a way to raise funds without Arsene knowing' 


As She pondered, She suddenly remembered the Holy water. 


Holy water, could only be bought by visiting the temple without being distributed from outside.

Therefore, they cannot make and sell holy water carelessly.


If she could make holy water, she could sell her healing abilities through the temple.

She could make something similar to holy water.


'It'll be fine to make medicine.'


It was said that holy water had different effects depending on the concentration.

That meant she could control the extent of her healing powers. 


She thought that if she could put a little less of her power into making a medicine that worked well for her, she could make money with it.


Regina, who had been working hard on her plan, sighed at her sudden confusion. 


The reason she wanted to leave Arsene's side was that she didn't know when he was going to use his whims to kill her.


But when she realizes that her powers are like the smell of blood that attracts the sharks, she thinks maybe she'll be safe with Arsene. 


Of course, that was on the premise that he didn't do the 'atrocious things' described in the story to test her abilities.


Arsene Greroy was strong.

It wasn't just moderately strong, it had the power of a disaster to the extent that even the male lead in the original story could not win.


If she didn't get out of his grasp, he would do something to keep the other from approaching.

The eyes staring at the ceiling engulfed in darkness were filled with conflict.


Her desire to settle down was just whispering to Arsene to give her a leash.

On the other hand, she shouted that she could hide such abilities.


'Hopefully, it can be hidden.'


But because Regina afraid of it, she didn't run away and give up her right to life. 


'Oh really.' 


This was all because of Rastain.

Why would Rastain give her this ability As the night progressed, her conflict deepened.


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