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Chapter 5.

Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (4)



No matter how vicious the villain is, everyone has a childhood. 

Arsene is immoral and has no hesitation in killing people, but he was also a living creature that came from a human belly. 

He was a child who needed someone's attention and love.

In his childhood memories, the only person who could be called a mother was Alicia, the Queen at the time.

Arsene's mother died giving birth to him.

And Ruairi mother, the Empress, became increasingly ill, and she died at a young age that they couldn't even remember.

Later, Ruairi thought, the Empress was not inherently ill, but died of several years of poisoning.

But when they were young, unaware of this, only the Queen Alicia was a mother who loved them. 

In the original story, the past of Ruairi and Arsene was mentioned. 

In their memories, Alicia always had a gentle smile, supported whatever they did wrong, and was always a kind person who called their name warmly.

Despite her busy schedule, she even went out for a walk for the children.

They loved playing ball, but the rules of play were simple.

The ball should not touch the floor, and the person who touched it once could not hit it in a row.

It was a simple game, but they focused and did not notice the passing of time.

[Older brother!  This way!]

[I think the ball will hit the floor!  Hurry up, Logan!]

[Ruairi! Be careful not to fall.]

[Yes, mother.]

They often fell because they couldn't look around while running to see the ball in the air.  Alicia was watching them, and she gave them attention once in a while. 

When they were playing after class, the Imperial Palace was filled with the laughter of children.

When they got tired of playing ball for a while, they went to Alicia's side to drink juice, and lay down on a mat.

It was a peaceful day.

[This, what.....]


Clear purple eyes stared intently at the blood on his hands.  There was no guilt in those eyes.

He didn't know whether to say it was innocent or inhuman.

The Emperor was taken aback.

He noticed that sometimes his son behaves 'differently' than his peers, but he thought it was just unique.

But this wasn't it. It was not a category of uniqueness that killed people and didn't care.

He got goosebumps all over.

It was definitely the child who inherited his blood, but he looked at Arsene as if he were seeing something foreign.

Next to Arsene, the Queen Alicia, who saw the same scene, recovered her bewildered and put her hand on his small shoulder.

[It's okay.

Anyone can make a mistake at least once.]

Upon hearing her words, the Emperor looked at her with eyes of absurdity.

[No, Queen, now–]

[Your Majesty.]

Her blue eyes looked at him resolutely.

The Emperor, who received the gaze, was about to say more, but then shut his mouth and left.

Since then, Arsene has often appeared different from others.  It was no simple difference.

He is now playing the role of a perfectly normal person to blend into society, but he was also a child at the time.

Although he was 'extraordinary' than his peers, a child who was not over 10 years old was not good at hiding himself, so he sometimes made mistakes.

Every time that happened, the way people looked at him changed.

It was an instant to change from a pretty and cute child to a monster or a scary one.

The truth they learned did not leave the palace, but was buried under the fence.

It is because the fact that the prince of a country is not normal was something that could lower the prestige of the country.

[Arsene, don't worry.

You didn't do anything wrong.

I will punish all those who call you a monster.

So don't keep it in your heart.]

He didn't care about their story at all, but apart from that, Alicia's comfort was good.

She made his behavior reasonable.

Her voice was always warm, and he slept well when he lay on her lap. 

But it didn't take long to realize that she wasn't sincere either.

[That gave me the creeps. When you look at me with those purple eyes, I want to slap you.]

Alicia hated him, who was young enough to kill her.  She cursed his innate ability.

He felt something breaking inside.

His head just said 'I see' and accepted the reality, but it was frustrating as if something was stuck inside him. 

So he started to distance himself from everyone. 

The same was true of his older brother, who put himself to the throne by killing his father.

Once again, with blood on his hands, the Queen did not hide her original heart.

[I raised a devil child.]

It was dumb of herself in the past to raise a person against her with her own hands.

[I should've killed you when you were young.]

The blue eyes were filled with hatred.

Arsene, who had already grown beyond killing, was in front of her.

She was indescribably angry that her plan, which she had been preparing for a long time, had collapsed.

[You should have come to your senses, Mother.]

[I'll rip you apart and kill you someday.]

[I'll be looking forward to it.]

His mother died when he was very young.

All that existed now was just an obstacle standing in his way.

Ruairi was no different.

He lived with her as his mother longer than Arsene.

When he learns that she intends to make her own child the Emperor and kill him who was the Crown Prince, he loses her mother from him too.

However, they couldn't root out something deeply embedded in their unconsciousness, so the moment they saw Isota, the heroine, they became interested without realizing it.

It was because Isota looked like Alicia.

Blonde with clear blue eyes.

It was a Lady, who looked exactly like her and had a completely different personality from her.

Regina lifted her head and looked at Isota sitting in front of her.

The Empress Dowager she saw when she was kidnapped was surrounded by a black veil, so she couldn't see her face. 

'It's because she looks like Empress Dowager...'

Regina, who was looking at her quietly, came out of her thoughts at the sound of a voice full of anger

"I didn't like him in the first place!"

Isota put down the teacup roughly, huffed and cursed Arsene.

"Are there any injuries"

Kai, who was sitting across from her, looked around at Regina, who was eagerly eating. Being surrounded by dozens of black men, it was natural to worry.


I'm fine." 

"How come you can't even take responsibility for your fiancee's safety You should have expected this!"

Isota hates to admit it, but since he is so popular, she got angry, saying that this kind of situation could be expected.

Isota's anger did not die down because the social world speculated that someone who could not control jealousy had ordered it.

'Maybe it was something that was all expected.'

At a glance, there were a lot of people around her that day.

It was too much simply for the purpose of surveillance.

All he did was known she'd be in danger.

"I should have gone back with you then."

Kai blamed himself, thinking that it would have been less dangerous if he had been there.

Regina, who found a subtle gloomy energy in his expression, smiled more brightly on purpose.

"It's all right.

There were plenty of escorts."

“But if I had known that something like that would happen, I would have driven you home.”

Isota sighed at the same time and drooped her eyebrows.

"Has the culprit been caught"

“Um… Arsene is probably chasing them.” 

At that time, a few escorts chased after them, so wouldn't they have something

After all, she thought that the only person who could target Arsene was Alicia. In the original, she was mostly the one who threatened Isota. Even if it was sent by someone else, it seemed that they would eventually end up as Empress Dowager people.

What Arsene wanted was not to find out who the culprit was, but to prove that she was the culprit.

“If he can’t even catch the culprit, then I really won’t forgive him.” 

She patted her back softly as she watched Isota clench her fists. 

"Calm down, Isota.


I'm fine."

"But you must have been scared."

She should have stopped Regina when she said she was getting married.  It's a shame that he dared to take Regina away and get her involved in this kind of thing.

Kai shook his head as she was about to hit Arsene if he was in front of her.

"Shall we go for a walk in the garden together"

To refresh the mood, Regina suggested taking a walk.

After pouring out and slowly calming down, Isota pondered for a moment and then accepted.

"The Duke's garden is very pretty. There are seeds brought from other countries, and the gardener's skills are excellent."


"You'll love it when you see it."

Isota seemed to be curious, but she couldn't show it on the outside and only her eyes lit up.

Regina noticed this and led her with smile.

But she did not know that she would meet Arsene on her way out to the garden.



Facing Arsene, Isota glared at him enough to stab him with her eyes. 

"Ah, Regina's friends.


He must have sensed it, but he responded calmly with a smile.

"It's been a while."

Kai greeted him normally.

However, Isota had an uneven face and only lowered her head lightly.

Arsene did not lose a soft smile in an attitude that could be considered rude.

"Where are you going"

As he approached Regina, he grabbed her fingertips slightly and asked.

Isota's gaze followed his hand, moved along his hand and then sharply looked at his face again.

"I was going out to take a walk in the garden."

Regina wanted to get out of this situation, so she tried to hasten her steps.

However, Arsene, who seemed to be thinking for a while, said something like a bolt in a clear blue sky.

"Can I come with you"

She widened her eyes at the unexpected words.

Kai glanced down at Isota without realizing it.

As expected, it was a gaze that was looking at an incomparable enemy.

Regina's eyes were hard on him with a complicated mind.

Can't he see this expression right now Isota is saying everything with her eyes...  Knowing that something will happen when they went out together.

But she can't say no to him, and eventually accepted his request.



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