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Chapter 5 {1} : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (5)



The four entered the garden together.

Arsene didn't let go of her hand, and held it in his arms.  The warmth that touched it was awkward. 

Every time they touched each other, it felt like it was tickling her over and over again. 

He looked up at the sky while she cares about their hands.

"The weather is very nice today."

Under the scorching sun, he bent his eyes and smiled.  Her platinum blonde hair shone like a jewel in the light.

Even though Isota's sharp gaze was felt from the side, he didn't raise an eyebrow. 

Regina tried to smile as naturally as possible at the way he looked at her.

"Yes, that's right..."

The garden full of sunlight was very pretty.

The blue sky and the well-maintained landscaping were a perfect match.

It would have looked more beautiful if it hadn't been for this uncomfortable situation.

Looking around, Isota spoke to Arsene in an uneven tone.

"The garden is safe, right"

She frowned at him as she smirked, and added another word.

"I feel like Regina is being threatened by someone these days."

Kai gently grabbed her by the shoulder as if trying to stop her, but she didn't mind and looked at him intently. 

Arsene nodded as he was taking a moment to think about what she said.

"Our Regina is such an attractive person that there are many people who are aiming for her."

Arsene looked at Regina by putting the word 'our' in front of her name, as if on purpose.

Isota referred to him as "Thanks to someone," but he suddenly praised her and accepted her.

Isota, who thought he was falling over like a rascal, had eyes full of dissatisfaction.

But listening to him, Regina suddenly remembered something she had forgotten. 

Empress dowager Alicia was a person who wanted immortality. 

And among the records she read at the temple, there was data showing that those with healing powers age slowly.

So, perhaps, the attack a few days ago was not aimed at Arsene's fiancée.

But herself, Regina Blois.

She could feel her blood draining away.

Alicia was likely to hear from her person that she had the same healing power as the early ones.

Regina looked up at Arsene with her shocked eyes.

When he made eye contact with her, he nodded as if he could see it.

'Oh, my God.'

Regina, who felt a little dizzy, took one more step and tilted as if she were tripping over at her own feet. 



When she suddenly stumbled and collapsed, panicked Isota and Kai reached out to her.

But before them, there was someone who took Regina as she fell.

Arsene took her into his arms and hugged her.

Reassured that she hadn't fallen to the floor, Isota stared at him.

He caressed Regina's face even more, as if to respond to that gaze, he pulled her hand around her waist.

"Are you all right, Regina" 

He acted as if he was panicked because she suddenly collapsed.

Regina is momentarily distracted by his abruptly clasping her body and his hands stroking her face, then she realizes that Kai and Isota are watching from her side.


As the embarrassment subsided a little, the Empress Dowager face came to mind again. 

Tears welled up.

She hasn't even escaped yet, but there's already one person after her, or maybe even Arsene.

It was a situation that made she sighed that she had to run away from their grasp.

She'll run away very, very far and hide in the valley.

So no one can come.

Regina, who had regained her balance, tried to move her steps to end her walk.

She looked up at Arsene, who still had his arms around her waist.  It was difficult to walk because he was next to her. 

But he only smiled as if he was asking why, but he didn't back down. 

Even though she pointed her eyes at his arm, he looked as if he didn't know.

Rather, he lowered his head and pressed his lips lightly on her forehead.

Surprised, she tried to pull herself back, but was trapped in his arm and unable to move.

"Why don't you just go back when we're taking a walk together"

"Isota, the way you talk."

Kai sighed when Isota, who was watching from the side, complained.

It was known that she didn't like this marriage very much, but Arsene was still the Emperor's younger brother and Duke.

He wasn't the kind of person to be treated like this.

But Arsene was not angry at her for being rude.

Rather, he raised his lips and hugged Regina.

"I don't want to be apart for even a minute.

Please understand.



She grumbled a little more before closing her mouth.

If Regina had really hated it, she would have dropped it somehow.

But in her eyes, the two looked like lovers without fail.

In the end, Regina walked around the garden, hugged by Arsene.

The body temperature over the cloth permeated as if assimilating into the contact part.

The firm body kept tickling.

After taking a walk, Isota and Kai immediately returned to their homes.

Isota seemed to want to stay a little longer, but Kai took her out.

After they returned, Regina followed Arsene into the office.

"Is the attack on that day aimed at 'me' rather than your fiancee"

She wanted him to say no, but the answer was harsh.

"That's right.  They want your healing powers.

If you searched for it in the temple, you would know, but your abilities are a bit rare."

It seemed that her eyes went dark.

In the original story, there were two villains who were about the same as the final boss, Arsene and Empress dowager Alicia.

And they both aimed for her.

One was on the same side externally now, but soon she was going to escape from him, and one threw a dagger at her without hesitation.

'Is this life really **...'

After all she was just an extra, why did she have to live such a rough life

Why on earth did she have to come into this body.

Now, her life is very chaotic.

"So you can't run away from me even more."

Arsene said with a slow open eye while she wiped away her tears inside.

Regina was startled because she thought she had been caught thinking. But there was no way he could read her mind.

As she hesitated, she soon nodded shamelessly.


You have to protect me."

Arsene's smile deepened.

Covered by his curved eyes, his shaded eyes looked straight at her.




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