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Chapter 6 {2} : Foundation Day, Truth and Sincerity (2)



It was the day that designer Melrose visited.

Regina sat on the sofa with Arsene, watching Melrose line up dozens of dresses. 

Unlike Arsene, who was looking at the dress in a relaxed manner, Regina was stiff as if she was a mannequin.

It was because Arsene arms were wrapped around her waist.

Every time his hand moved slightly, she flinched and trembled.

Even if she tried not to care, the body temperature beyond the hem of the cloth came so vividly that she couldn't ignore it.

Arsene had a smile on his lips as if she was funny. 

Seeing that smile, she was embarrassed to react to each one, so she shut her mouth and set her body straighten up.  But she had no choice but to collapse again at the touch of his gently caressing like it was tickling. 

Seeing that, he laughed.

At the sound of clear laughter, the assistants looked at the side for a moment, but after receiving Melrose gaze, they turned away. 

Moments later Melrose finished displaying the dress with her assistants.

"I added decorations to match the color of your eyes."

All the dresses Melrose displayed were decorated with such colors.

Regina, thinking about it, looked up at Arsene, who was sitting relaxed.

"Is this all custom-made"

"Yes, it is."

The answer came from somewhere else.

She turned her head and looked alternately at Melrose and the dress.

"I'm only going to wear one, so why do you have to do so much...."

"If you want to choose one, you have to see it yourself and choose it.” 

The way he responded in such a calm way was to the point of laughing.  No, but who customizes all of it Let's try on ready-made clothes and then make it customized.

The dress that is popular these days was so rich that she thought the fabric would fit a few meters.

The price goes up every time the length increases, so if she sells those clothes over there, she probably didn't have to make money for escape.

Regina just shook her head at his unreserved extravagance.

But it's not her own money, and she didn't mean to stop him from spend it on her.

Thanks to this, she was able to agonize over the real thing in front of her.

However, all the dresses Melrose prepared were pretty, so she couldn't choose it.

"How about that one"

She followed Arsene's hand and saw a white dress. It was a dress with one more layer of translucent silk on the outside, which was inflated with the generous use of fabric, and sparsely decorated with lavender flowers.

The upper part of the dress was off-shoulder, showing shoulders to the fullest, and a large light purple ribbon was attached to the center of the chest.

"I think it would be better to add a jewel in the center of the ribbon." 

Regina thought the outfit was fine, so she nodded her head right away without considering any other options.

"I'll take that one.". 

Then Arsene gave her a subtle expression.

"You have to choose what you like instead of what I like."

"I think that's fine, too."

Overall, she liked the dress, so if he asked her to choose, she wouldn't be able to choose it even if it took a day.

So choosing a dress that Arsene picked out seemed like a way to save time.

Regina seemed to really like it, and he shrugged his shoulders.


Then, you choose my clothes."

Regina, who faced a difficulty, put on a puzzled expression.

As Melrose show the men's clothes on display, Arsene seemed to go well with anything he wore.

'Fashion is complete with the face.

Your face eats everything, what more do you need' 

Eventually, after thinking for a while, she shook her head.

"I can't choose. I think you'll look good in anything......"

Arsene laughed briefly at her honest words. 

"Still, isn't there something that looks better in your eyes"

Then he brought his face closer to her and looked into her pink eyes. 

As if to look at his face carefully once more, her heart pounded again.

He looked so handsome that she felt burdened. 

The amethyst eyes that approached her nose gleamed. His flawless skin and smooth nose seemed to be pressing her like ceramics.

He acted as if he wouldn't back down until she picked out .

"  ......That's looks good."

Eventually, she picked up one of men clothes.

Regina, who chose clothes for him, turned her head as if she couldn't stand it anymore, and his body trembled lightly as if holding back his laughter.

"Then let's try it on."

Melrose and her assistants were divided into two to help Arsene and Regina change.

When she entered the dress room and changed her clothes, Regina suddenly cared about the shoulders that were clearly revealed.

The air touching the skin was bizarre because it was cut more than she thought.

As she stepped outside, Arsene stood wearing the clothes she had chosen a while ago.

When his gaze met, all of her joints creaked as if they were made of wood.

Her fingers shrank with a strange feeling rising from the tip of her toes.

Regina came closer to him, hoping that her hair would hide her burning ear.

"The shoulders are a little, a lot exposed. I've never worn something this low...."

She blamed the dress for her shame, and he pulled his lip and smiled.

Then he reached out and wrapped his arms around her exposed shoulders. 

"It's pretty."

It was strange that the hand that did not touch on purpose was like tickling. A chilling sensation seemed to run through her body.

“If we get married in the future, you will have to do more than this, but what if you are already trembling like this” 

Regina raised her head at the sound of his playful voice. 

"Don't make fun of me."

His joke eased her nervousness.

Her face turned red.

There's no way Arsene and herself could do anything more than this.

It shouldn't have happened.

By then she had to run away.

They were checking again to see if the size of the clothes was right, and talking about what needs to be changed, and Arsene gestured to Severo.

“By the way, Regina, I have a present for you.”

Severo, who was waiting nearby, brought a small box.

When he opened the box, a familiar earring appeared.

"I thought it would go well with the necklace I gave you as a present before."

She thought she saw it somewhere, and it was made similar to the necklace he gave her before the engagement.

In other words, he ended up telling her to wear the necklace.

He approached her with an earring from the box. His head, which stopped right in front of her, tilted slowly.

A careful touch rolled up the hair slightly and put it behind her ear.

The hand that came down the ear gently grabbed the earlobe, and the end of the earring slowly pierced into her flesh.

She couldn't even breathe properly as he was concentrating on looking into her ears.

He straightened himself up again.

The purple eyes, which were looking at the earrings, turned to look up and made eye contact with her.

"It's pretty."

Raising the corners of his eyes, the smile on his face seemed to make her heart tremble.

He picked up the other side and touched the other earlobes.

Regina lowered her eyes not to look at him as he approached her.

Pink eyes fluttered in confusion between the eyelashes that were raised like shades.

A diamond earring completely slid into her earlobe, and his hand finally fell off.

After he stepped back, her gaze slowly lifted.

The moment she faced the purple eyes staring at her, she thought.

Maybe she had to run away before she met him.



On the second day of the foundation festival, Arsene participated in the founding ceremony held at the temple and returned to the mansion after lunch.

Regina was busy preparing for the party and could only see him right before he left for the Imperial Palace.

As soon as she got up from her seat after finishing her final makeup, Arsene came.

"It suits you well."

He smiled satisfactorily as he saw Regina wearing the diamond necklace and earrings he had gifted her.

She was also mesmerized for a moment by his neat platinum blonde hair and his beauty, which seemed to shine more today.

No matter how many times she looked at it, she thought God made up his mind to make a masterpiece.

Regina, who took a deep breath and came to her senses, received his escort and headed for the Imperial Palace.

The imperial palace was always large and splendid.

The gold decorations that flashed in the light and the elaborate stone statues erected all over the place seemed to show their authority.

After getting off the carriage, Regina entered the hall where the banquet was held with Arsene.

As they entered under the dazzling light of the chandelier, people's attention poured towards them.

People still wondered about their story.

Things like whether the two of them, who seemed to have no contact at all, are getting along.

They liked to predict whether the rumored lover would have a happy married life, and they liked to invent provocative stories. 

Some were even thinking of building friendship with Arsene through Regina.

After getting entangled with Arsene, she received their gaze at every party, but Regina still couldn't get used to it.

"If I can resemble the gaze, I think it will become powder and disappear."

Arsene laughed a little at the light joke she made to relieve tension.

"If that's the case, I'll have to lock my lovely fiancee in a place where no one can see her."

The answer to the joke was quite suspicious.

When she heard that sentence, he seemed like a person who was obsessed with and imprisoned.

When she lifted her pink eyes and looked up at him with a strange look, he just pulled his lips and smiled without saying anything else.

'Scary person.'

Regina vowed to run away before he could really imprison herself.


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