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Chapter 1 : I Got Caught by A Villain (7)

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When she opened her eyes, doubting her ears, the rings were pushed in front of her.


The moonlight hit the ring and shattered it.

The man holding the ring box was definitely Arsene Greroy.

“Did you just– did you just tell me to marry you”

“I asked you to marry me.”

She pinched the back of her hand because she couldn’t believe this ridiculous situation.

It wasn’t a dream. 

“Why did the Duke….”

Then Arsene, who had tilted his head at her for a moment, took the ring out of the box. 

“You must love me.”

‘You must love me ‘

Regina stared blankly at him at the strange words.

‘Is there anyone who says I love you like a third party’s feeling’

“Lady”, Arsene drew a drawing smile and held her hand. “When I killed him, “ Regina’s hands wince.

A cool finger wraps around her hand. “I know you were there,” Arsene, who was looking at the white hand, lifted his eyes and faced her eyes.

She couldn’t avoid the purple eyes that she looked down from the distance.

Like a rabbit in front of a bottle can’t move as if it’s hardened. “This would be better for Lady than dying.”

The ring he was holding slowly slipped into her fourth finger. 

Arsene, who bowed willingly, kissed the ring and smiled. “Will you marry me” 

The wind blew, there was only the sound of the rustling of grass.

Even in such a dark place, he looked like a person who shone with the moonlight.

Regina, looking at the curved eyes and the pupils in them, suddenly came to her senses and blinked.

“Wait, wait….”

Arsene waved his head as if to speak as if he were asking her to speak. 

“What does the Duke gain from marrying me”

What does the Duke gain from marrying Count Blois family, who is neither a rich family nor a long-standing family He couldn’t have done anything if it wasn’t for the benefit.

“Lady saw me commit murder,”

Regina rolled up her hands, smiling at the blatant remark.

As it happens, Arsene was still holding her hand, She realized that and tried to release it right away, but Arsene, who was forced to pull it off, forced her to take a step closer to him. 

“I need someone to marry me and to hold public opinion” he bowed his head and whispered in her ear, as if he were trying to seduce her.

The seductive voice was real.

Regina, who almost had her legs loose in an instant, stood with her legs closed with all her might.

The story wasn’t really bare, but the voice alone gave her goosebumps.

He was a man who used his advantage well.

She stuttered to avoid getting involved “However, it’s possible without… marrying me.” 

Arsene smiled as he saw her making fun of the subject.

“How can I guarantee you won’t run away”

Regina, who was about to take a step back, stopped at the remark. “And just in time, I needed someone to fill duchess seat.”

A gentle touch slowly pulled the hair back behind her ears.

Purple eyes curled savagely as they looked at her.

“Is there anyone you like”

Trembling pink eyes met his eyes.

If there was, he would have killed that person.


“I wouldn’t let you go if you had.”

Regina had no idea what to do with this absurd situation.

A cool wind swept through them once.

He still held her hand with a stiff face, and suddenly, Arsene pressed his forehead to her forehead and whispered to her that she was genuinely lovely, unlike before.

“I love you.” He smiled as if he was about to kiss her, then kissed her forehead.

He left traces of the gentle touch.

She held her breath and looked at him.

“Let’s schedule the wedding as soon as possible.”

What’s wrong with him She looked at him with a puzzled look because her head couldn’t keep up with the sudden change of attitude, and she heard a familiar voice from behind.


Turning her head, Isota, who covered her mouth, and Kai, with a strange look, stood.

The leopard, which was hovering around them a while ago, quickly disappeared.

“Regina, don’t tell me you’ve been strange…..”

And Isota shook her head in disbelief.

“I can’t belive it….”


Regina forgot what to say at their sudden appearance.

Only then did she know why Arsene said “I love you” out of the blue.

He acted on purpose to show them.

“Your friends are here.

Then I’ll get going.” 

Arsene, who greeted politely, stepped away as if she had left her seat.

Regina couldn’t hold him and just stared blankly at him.

“Oh, come to think of it.” As he was about to turn around, he put his hand in his arms as if he had just remembered.

What will it be this time A little nervous, when he saw him, he handed her something. “Be careful not to lose it next time.”

It was a hair decoration she dropped.

Regina suppressed a sigh of despondency. “Thank you……”

Was it all planned for her to come here and meet him Reaching out and picking it up, Arsene grabbed her hand slightly and let it go.

He walked away and Regina faced Isota and Kai.

“What happened Since when”asked Isota, grabbing her arm urgently.

Regina, who was rolling her eyes not knowing what to say, chose a horse and barely said a word. “Not long ago…..”

Isota looked at her with a half-width face as if she had been stabbed in the foot by a trusted axe. “Are you really going to get married”

“…. I think so.” She think that’s bound to happen.

She knew she had to keep all this to herself.

She felt like she wanted to shout that the king’s ears were donkey ears. 

“Let’s go back.” She only made eye contact, but she didn’t open her mouth.

Kai returned to the banquet hall with Isota, who was out of space, and Regina, who was exhausted.

She looked at him as if she wanted to say something, but as whe stepped into the hall, Arsene, surrounded by people, caught her eye at once.

After noticing it for a while, he turned his eyes and smiled deeply at her.

No one realized he smiled at her because it was just a moment.

Only Isota was fired.

Regina saw Isota at the sound of teeth grinding and was surprised to see her eyes blazing with anger.



Kai handed her the handkerchief he had without saying a word.

After receiving a handkerchief, Isota squeezed it as if she were going to tear it apart. 

“I can’t admit it…”

Regina felt subtle.

It is no wonder that Arsene was a villain in the original novel, but at the same time, he was a sub-male.

This means that she had a fling with Isota.

But now she knows that that huge look in his eyes is not a positive interest.

Is this, like, the original is going wrong She couldn’t tell.


Regina was now sitting in her father’s office.

So, and there was a marriage proposal between her and her parents sitting opposite her.

“Will you marry Duke Greroy”

She talked as if she had a crush on him at first sight and had somehow fallen in love with him.

It didn’t sound so awkward to say that she fell in love at first sight because he was definitely a charming person.


Count Blois had no grudge against the emperor, because he was a loyal aristocrat to the Emperor.

And that was the problem for her.

“I see.”

“Marriage is entirely your choice.

You must have thought about it and decided.” 

The mother sitting next to her said she didn’t care and leaned back on her back.

They trusted Regina too much.

The marriage between the socialite Arsene and the ordinary Count daughter was a little surprising.

The Countess thought that if it was love, it could be, “Have you decided when to get married”

“We should meet and talk about it now.” She didn’t want to get married in a hurry.

For now, she had to pretend to accept it and delay the marriage anyway and find a way out in the meantime.

That was the result she thought. Arsene was the person who was likely to kill her if she got married and became a wife.

It was not a love affair, it was a marriage based on necessity, so there was no hesitation.

It would be easier to deal with an accident and death because it is close to you.

“So I’m going out for a while today.” 

A letter arrived along with the proposal, telling her to visit the duke’s residence this afternoon.


Regina was simply prepared and headed to Duke Greroy.

When her maids, who were in charge of her dress, were told that she was going to the Duke of Greroy, Regina tried with all her heart and sincerity, but she had no reason to show him.

Regina followed the duke butler to Arsene’s office, and after a moment she trembled and set her feet in it.

“Come on.” The man sitting at her desk rose from his seat, smiling softly at her appearance.

“Sit this way.”

Regina followed his beckoning and sat down on the sofa on the side.

It was hard to believe that they were holding a lifeline.

A sample of a gentle and courteous gentleman, “I was called to set a date for the wedding, but when would be a good time”

“I…” she spat out her dry lips and carefully prepared words.

“It was so sudden that… ..can’t we postpone our marriage a little and get engaged first”

Her eyes met with Arsene, who was still smiling softly, as if she had done something wrong, and his gaze automatically turned downward.

When she lifted her head in her puzzled mind, he rolled his eyes and smiled.

“I’ll tell you, lady.

It’s probably best not to run away.”

Then yes.

She struggled to pull her hardened corners of her lips up to make her smile.

“I wouldn’t dream of that, duke.”

The moment Arsene was vigilant, she had to run away for that moment.

Regina was going to play an obedient figure in which she seemed to have given up on everything until then.

“Then let’s get engaged first.

Instead, there is a condition.”

“What is that”

She was at a loss for something.

She had no choice but to accept whatever the conditions were, but let’s just listen.

“Even during our engagement, lady have to stay at the Duke of Greroy house.”

How did she say that she graciously consented to the engagement She glad she didn’t get married right away.

It could become a problem later if it was legally entangled, it could have been a problem later.

“I hope you are ready to come in right away.”

She nodded her head.

If he put her next to him, there will be times when he will be vigilant no matter how much.

Let’s take that opportunity.

“And let’s organize the names.” Arsene slowly crossed his legs and leaned against his back.

He opened his mouth as he tilted her head languidly.

“Call me Arsene.”


This was a bit embarrassing.

To call a person who is taking their own life by name in a friendly way. 

“You can’t call me Duke when you’re about to get married.

I’ll call you Regina, too.

Is it okay”

Apparently, the title “Duchess” or “lady” was a bit formal when it came to love and get married.

She was forced to nod her head firmly. “Yes…Arsene”

The name Regina spitting out of her mouth was unfamiliar as if it had never been heard before.

She felt a little goosebump, and she felt something strange.

She didn’t know what it was for.

Arsene’s purple eyes gazed at her.

He looked as if he had something to wish for. 

“Yes, Regina.” 

The smile folding his eyes, seemed to see someone he really loved.


The engagement ceremony was very simple.

It was only Regina and Arsene, the two of them, and a priest.

It felt strange to be confirmed under the gaze of others.

Immediately after her engagement, Regina packed her things and headed to the duke house.

Because he really wanted her to come in.

Her parents didn’t object, so things went smoothly.

Arriving at the Duke of Greroy house, Arsene reached out to meet her at the entrance of the carriage, and held out hid hand.

His hand held out in front of her eyes was long and beautiful, but somehow it felt creepy.

It’s such a creepy feeling that if you hold this hand you won’t be able to return to your normal daily life after being possessed by a monster.

Regina hesitated as she held his hand as if she had made up her mind. Arsene, who was waiting for her to hold his hand, smiled roundly.

“Welcome, Regina.”

When she got off the carriage and stood in front of the front door, the workers waiting in the lobby bowed their heads.

“This is your home now.”

We Arrived.

At the home of the villain.


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