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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (1)

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Duke Greroy’s work was very good.

Arsene had a lot of money, and it was evident from his mansion.

She thought about it the last time she came, but the decoration of the hallway, the ceiling painting, and the work of the handle gave off a rich feeling.

Her room was also much nicer than the one used by her mom, Countess.

Arsene’s next room bothered her a little, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Regina thought that she would just stay here for a moment, fascinated by material things.

She of course rejected it because her life was more important.

Arsene, who was likely to bully her from day one, surprisingly left her alone for days.

All she’s done in the past few days was to have a meal and tea time to look like a loving relationship, and in the mean time she got used to it.

“On this Friday.” Arsene’s voice rang out, breaking the silence.

Regina, who was having her lunch with him, lifted her head while slicing the salad with her fork.

“Did you know there’s a party at the Duke of Allegrand”

She said, “Yes”

‘Can I finally get something for you’ The thought flashed, and she put the dishes down, and she made eye contact with him.

“You just have to attend with me.”

After a simple answer, she nodded her head as if that was all.

She was puzzled by his brief reaction, and Regina stepped forward, she asked him a question.

“Is there anything else you want me to do”

“This time, you just need to be by my side.”

It might have been to make people recognize her face first that she was his fiancee.

Thinking so, she nodded her head as if she understood.

Regina picked up the fork.

Again the silent came.

A dinning room with just the two of them always looked like this.

Others thought that the two had bitten both to make their love affair, but that was not the case.

Chewing the vegetables in her mouth, she glanced.

Arsene was quietly eating her share of the meal.

The standard of neat dining etiquette so that you don’t even hear the sound of dishes hitting each other.

It was the perfect meal time for anything.


It was a sight that she had not yet gotten used to, despite having eaten together several times.

Every time I saw him at this time of day, I wondered if he was a human being.

Maybe he really came to the house of the goblin.

“Designer Melos will be here this afternoon.”

Regina, lost in her thoughts, looked at the purple eyes that met her eyes and woke her up.

As if she was listening, her heart raced as if bewildered by the staring gaze.


“She’s the one who makes the dress for the party.”

Averting his gaze and nodding her head, Arsene looked at her with his chin resting on one of his hands.


It just felt weird to call her name.

Did he really do anything to his voice She couldn’t look straight into his eyes, so she looked at him.

He looked like he was going to say something, but after thinking for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s nothing.”

At the same time, his expression was smiling as if he had discovered something interesting.

She felt uneasy for nothing, so she faced him properly, but he just smiled round as if he didn’t want to say anything.

After dinner, she was reading a book for a while, and the designer, Melos, came to see her.

“It is an honor to meet, lady.”

Regina was not a Duchess because she hadn’t married him yet, she was just the Count of Blois daughter.

But the designer’s attitude was polite, perhaps due to the fact that she soon became a duchess.

After measuring every nook and cranny of her body, Melos left for a while for sketching.

Sitting on sofa waiting for Melos, drinking her tea, the door opened with a light knock.

She looked at the door to see if Melos had returned, and Arsene came in unexpectedly.

“Your expression is too much.”

Without realizing it, he smiled as she was making a face asking why you were here.

She quickly corrected her expression and saw him, and Arsene, who approached her after a short walk, took a seat right next to her.

Unknowingly, she slumped and tilted her upper body to the other side of her.

He said, “We need to show the other how close we are, so I hope you don’t run away.”


She looked at him, not understanding what he meant, and Arsene wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her.

His arms around her waist, her face approaching to the front of his nose, and his firm chest that she unknowingly touched.

Regina was surprised by the sensation and stopped like a mannequin.

“We’re in love at first sight, and we’re about to get married.”

Before Regina, who had hardened, could say anything, Melos returned.

“Lady Regina, if you’d be so kind as to try on the…..”

Melos, who came in with the door open, stopped for a moment when she saw the two of them sitting close together.

Regina, who was in his arms, turned her head and smiled awkwardly.

Arsene kissed her forehead as if he were seeing a lovely lover before greeting Melos.

“Long time no see.”

Melos seemed bewildered for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure and held out the clothes that her assistant had been carrying.

“This is a simple fitting dress.

Would you like to try it on”


Regina, who was gently freed from Arsene’s hand, went into the dressing room with Melos.

She knows he wants to show people how they are in love, but it was not good because her heart kept racing.

Calm down, Regina.

‘You can’t be possessed.’

For her dreaming of escaping one day, that face and that voice were a bit of a stumbling block.

It seemed like she would fall for him who keeps trying to use the beauty trap.

As she put on the dress, Melos walked around, picking up her waist and sleeves, and taking notes.

After putting on the few dresses she had prepared, she took a deep breath and went back to Arsene.

As soon as she came out, he smiled broadly and reached out.

Recognizing that Melos would be there, she approached him and hugged him softly.

Arsene, who burst into a small smile as he embraced her, stroked her cheek with his eyes dripping with honey.

In the end, Regina chose to bury her face in his arms, ‘You’re really good at acting.’

The feeling of the arms wrapped around her back made she felt uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you later then.”

Melos, who had organized things, bowed her head and said goodbye.

Upon hearing the sound, Regina jumped up from her seat and sent her off.

Melos just said goodbye as if she didn’t want to show interest in them as much as possible and left, but Regina saw.

As her assistants alternately watching Arsene and herself cautiously, perhaps this is what he wanted, they all backed away and the door closed.

Regina stood still and walked towards the door without looking back.

As soon as she grabbed the handle, a shadow fell behind her back.

Arsene, who came a short distance, bowed his head to her ear and placed his hand over her hand.

There was a laugh in his voice.

Goosebumps crept behind her neck.

Regina shrugged her shoulders with strength in her body, and closed her eyes, wanting to deny her reality.

He said, “I hope you doing it well at the party.”

Arsene hand overlapped and opened the door by turning the handle as it held it.

As soon as his hand fell off, she scuttled out of her seat.

Her ears seemed a little hot too.


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