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Chapter 2 : Another Villain (2)

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The carriage stopped. Arsene, who got down first, held out his hand.

Maybe she’d gotten used to it just because she’d tried it once, so she took his hand without hesitation.

As she entered the banquet hall, she felt a bright light and people’s eyes pouring in. Arsene, who looked at her sideways, is still handsome today.

It deserved everyone’s attention.

Neatly combed hair and neat robes for the party.

And the clear facial features and purple eyes that exuded a strange feeling drew attention.

Moreover, it was the first time Arsene had brought his partner to a banquet.

People chattered as they saw Regina standing next to him, who always walked in alone. 

“It’s been a while.

Duke Greroy.” Some of them brave came up to him and talked to him. 

“Long time no see.” 

“You haven’t been to a party lately, so I’m thinking it can’t be you.” 

After sharing a few words of greeting with Arsene, he glanced at Regina and said what he was curious about. 

“By the way, the person next to you… Judging by her unique hair, it seems that this young girl is probably the owner of the rumored necklace.” 

Arsene grinned when he started talking as if he wanted to introduce herself. “This is my fiancee.”

She heard someone breathing in, don’t know who, but she guess he was quite surprised.

Regina looked up at Arsene with a wide smile as if she was very happy.

His purple eyes were twisted, and they smiled at each other.

It wasn’t difficult to do.

After looking at him, she grabbed the hem of her dress and greeted the man standing opposite. 

“It’s nice to meet you. Iam Regina from Count Blois.”

“Oh, I’m Marquis Roneiante.

Nice to meet you.” People were paying attention to this with their ears wide open.

By now, the fact that Regina Blois was the fiancee of the Duke  Greroy had spread throughout the party. 

Arsene continued his conversation with Marquis Roneiante while still showing his caring look.

“Regina, this is your favorite cheesecake.” Arsene picked up a cheesecake from the table and handed it to her with his friendly tone.

‘When did you know I like cheesecake’

Regina did not lose her smile as she thought about it, and she took the plate he handed over.

She could feel people’s eyes poking her cheeks.

“The Duke seems to love her fiancee very much.” 

Marquis Roneiante, who had never seen Arsene like that, was looking at them with a curious eye.

“Would you marry me if I didn’t love you” Honey was dripping from Arsene’s eyes.

To other people, he looked like he was in perfect love.

‘You don’t love me, but you’re getting married.’

She hung on the inside, but she ate the cheesecake diligently without revealing it on the outside.

Either way, the cheesecake was delicious.

Looking around for Kai once more, she swung around, but instead of finding him, she witnessed a slightly bewildered sight.

A young girl was crying very sadly.

Her eyes met with the other young girl, who was comforting her, even though she was desperate.

Seeing her making a subtle expression and averting her gaze, it seemed like what she was thinking must be true.

‘Why did you like such a man ……… ‘

Standing in the corner of the banquet hall, she couldn’t stop crying and left with the support of her friend.

Her mood was messed up.

‘Please meet someone better ……..

All she could do was pray in her heart.

Regina looked at where they had left and then took her eyes off and brushed her thoughts away.

She did nothing wrong, If she thought deeply about this for nothing, she would only be tired of herself.

She stares at the empty plate, struggling to think, contemplating whether she should eat another piece of her cheesecake.

“Regina.” Someone called her.

When she turned her head, she saw Kai approaching her.


Arsene’s gaze moved towards her at the sound of her voice.

The Marquis Roneiante, who was talking to him, also looked at them. 

Kai, who came close to her, looked at Arsene gently and bowed his head. 

“I’m Kai from Marquis Belov.”

“Oh, it’s been a while, Marquis Belov son. Long time no see.” The Marquis Roneiante pretended to know him.

Kai greeted them briefly and took a step towards Regina.

“Regina, I want to talk to you for a moment,”

“Oh, yes.” 

If It’s ok for her…there was a reason for attending this party as Arsene’s partner, so she didn’t know if she was free to leave.

Realizing that she was looking at Arsene, Kai looked at him. 

“Duke Greroy, is it okay if I take Regina with me for a while”

Arsene, who was listening to their story, raised his eyebrows, fiddled with her hand, and gently let it go. 

“I’m jealous, but I can’t help it.” 

It was such a thorough performance that she thought there would be no such lover.

“Thank you.”

When he gave his permission, Kai immediately took Regina and left his seat.

As she walked away, she could feel Arsene’s gaze set on her back.

“What’s up”

They went to the sparsely populated seat and looked up to see Kai with a complex and subtle expression.

She thought she had gotten used to his unchanging expression, but maybe she was still lacking.

She had no idea what he was thinking.

Perhaps the two of them could not go out to the terrace, he went into a corner and took a seat, whispering quietly enough that only they could hear them.

“Regina, are you really going to get married”

“Uh… huh.” 

She thought she’ve heard this question from Isota the other day, too.

But after she hesitated for a while, his expression turned serious.

“Are you being threatened”


Regina, who blinked in surprise at his sudden words, shook her head, hoping that she would not be caught flustered.

He had a sharp sense of the case, but she couldn’t tell him the truth.

It was enough that she alone gave Arsene herlife.

“What kind of joke are you making.

We’re getting married because we love each other.”

“I thought you were….” Kai shut his mouth as he was saying something.

She waited for him to speak, but the few words were sighs.

“I’m glad you’re doing it because you like him.”

Regina felt worried about his words and actions.

She has a good friend.

She smiled at the sight and raised her hand to stroke his head.

“Did you worry about me, Kai I’m fine.”

He looked dumbfounded as she stroked his head, “I’m not your brother.”

“You’re so cute, just let it go.”

“What does it have to do with me being cute”

She paused and then burst out laughing, sighing and shaking her head.

It was as if all of her tensions had been resolved by talking to him.

“I’m going….

There’s your fiancé staring at you all the whole time.”


‘You’re afraid I’ll tell him about it’

Turning her head, Arsene was really looking this way.

When their eyes met, he smiled like a habit.

Is he just sticking to the concept

“Are you calling him by his first name”

“Oh, yes.”

As she turned her head again, she immediately met Kai green eyes.

Regina let out a mischievous laugh.

Until recently, she didn’t even know his name.

They didn’t know each other, but it was funny that they called out their names and even got married in an instant.

Fearing that she might make a mistake while talking about Arsene.

“I’ve to go.” 

Kai looked at Arsene for a moment, then nodded his head without asking any questions.

It felt as if he knew what she was avoiding on purpose and matched the rhythm. She think It must be a mistake.

Regina went back to Arsene’s side.

When she returned, he smiled broadly as if he had been waiting and took her hand. 

“You must be very close.” 

Looking at Kai, who had disappeared off the terrace with a glass of wine, he spoke to her looking jealous.

Conscious of the Marquis Roneiante, who is still next to him, she has come up with an appropriate answer. 

“Just a close friend.

Don’t worry, Arsene,” and she smiled gently with her arms crossed with Arsene, as if he was the only one.

‘That’s a lot of work.’

To be honest, she thought she was very responsive.

She wondered if she had the talent of an actor.

Since then, Regina has stuck next to him and tried to create a lovely look.

He touched her cheeks, put her hair behind her ears.

And Regina, who returned to the mansion, sobbed as if all her energy had been drained.

She decided to cooperate with his work because her life was precious, but she was nervous all day because of unfamiliar physical contact.

Desperate to soak in the warm water, she climbed the stairs with Arsene and headed for the bathroom, and suddenly he called her.


She turned around wondering what was going on, and he was standing a step back and grabbed her hand.

Normally, she would have hardened it by surprise, but his touch was familiar because he was too close today…


She didn’t know what to do, so she looked at him holding her hands and lifted them up and kissed them on the palms of her hands.

As she felt the soft and moist touch on her sensitive skin, her shoulders shrank.

His breath touched the palms of her hands.

It was tickling.

“Good night.”

“Oh, yes.

Good night, Arsene.”

Suddenly, he kissed the palm of her hand.

She didn’t understand his strange behavior, but she answered him face-to-face.

Tilting her head while looking at him turning back, she curled her hands with the remaining touch of his lips.

‘What did you do…’


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