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Chapter 92

Count Orlen seemed to be quite pleased with Selena

To build a relationship with a man other than Kalcion, Selena had to finish her deal with Kalcion and give up returning to her original world No matter how hard she thought about it, she couldn’t imagine it happening

“I’m grateful that Count Orlen welcomes me with an open heart, but that’s not going to happen”

“You don’t know what people think Men of the Renbirds were very famous for being tough on women It remains to be seen how much fuel there will be in that mind



“Oh, I wanted to see Lady Selena for a long time I don’t recommend you switching to another”

As a man, Kalcion was getting a pretty harsh evaluation It didn’t matter if he was devalued, but it made it difficult for Selena to know when or how she would be thrown out

The Duchess of Renbird’s seat was hers at this meeting as well, and she had to stake it out Kalcion was half insane today, so it was worth expecting a certain desirable reaction Only one strong memory was enough for everyone

“I’m sure there are people here today who change their words here and there, right”

“Everyone does the same wherever they go, don’t they”

Selena laughed low, “Good for me”

Kalcion, who was left alone, was growling like a caged beast People couldn’t get close to him, who was openly unpleasant

“How far is the bathroom”

“Not too far…”

“Why is it taking so long”

“Well, they might be chatting on the way”

“Can you ensure that the washrooms here are safe”

Viorela couldn’t answer because it sounded ridiculous Kalcion’s pushed, “Why can’t you answer If you weren’t that confident about the washrooms, you should have notified me in advance!”

Why didn’t he confess that he couldn’t stand it for a second

Whether to talk freely and deal with the anger of Duke Renbird, or endure this moment and have a peaceful night, Viorela’s fell into deep dismay

“What are you doing”

Fortunately, Selena returned before Viorela made the choice of her life


Viorela’s mouth widened at Kalcion’s cunning coyness This time, new concerns took over her mind about whether she should reveal it to Selena or not

Selena, sitting down, narrowed her eyes at Kalcion instead of raising her glass again Kalcion asked, unable to bear the uncertain look, “What’s wrong”


Selena called him calmly

“Yes” He replied without any delay At least he was able to come back because he didn’t think of anything else or look at Selena in front of her

“Cion” This time, he was affectionately called It was a nickname that was made by force to act like lovers, but it was a contributor used several times to shock people


Though he still seemed repulsed by the name, Kalcion answered steadily

Selena took a step up



Kalcion couldn’t respond to this one Selena frowned as she called again, “Darling”

Kalcion managed to let out

“What’s wrong”

Selena smiled contentedly

“I don’t want to drink this anymore because it’s not strong Can you bring me a new one”

Selena usually didn’t ask for anything of this kind There was no reason to ask someone else to bring a drink He didn’t know much about drinks, but doing anything at Selena’s request was forever valid

Kalcion rose from his seat in silence People straightened their backs at Kalcion’s behavior as he approached the drinking table

“Come on,” Selena said, taking a sip of the wine that Kalcion had brought her, but putting it down right away

“Not alcohol, just water Get me some water”

This time, he might turn the table over How dare she ask the Duke People watched Kalcion’s later actions with their eyes wide open Contrary to expectations that the table might be overturned, Kalcion turned to the table again

“What about ice”

“Just three”

It seemed safe to call him a faithful servant, not a Duke Not only did he go to the drinking table and pour water directly, but Kalcion also chose the ice cubes very carefully from the ice bucket

Selena, who was contentedly handed a glass of water, took a sip and put it down as well No alcohol, no water, it was just for Kalcion

Like people, Kalcion didn’t know why Selena suddenly started to be so capricious as such a wicked lady However, contrary to the preconceived notion that he would be a fairly small and narrow person of patience, Kalcion asked generously


Selena chuckled at the permission to do more

“I knew people could think of our relationship as temporary and one-sided”


“So I was wondering How far can you go for me”

Selena flashed her eyes with mischief

“…Where would you want me to go” There was no playfulness in Kalcion’s eyes What he said was true to the very end Selena pointed her finger at the sky

“Then, my dear Can you pick a star from the sky”

Instead of asking, Kalcion looked up at the sky

“First of all, we need to find a way to access the stars”

He didn’t say that he couldn’t He sounded like he wanted to find a way to pick up the stars until he died That was enough It was a good answer compared to asking, “How serious is your heart to me” or “Is that even nonsense”

Selena tilted her finger slightly to the side toward the flowers of a tree

“Please pick those flowers today Next, pick the clouds above the flowers, and then the stars”

The flowers were not hanging low either They were on a tall branch three times the height of Kalcion Non-athletic people could not reach them

The guests’ eyes turned to the flowers at the end of the tree How would Kalcion pick a flower from there Before their expectant gaze could reach him, Kalcion moved

Lightly tapping on the ground, his legs flexibly landed in the middle of a wooden pole Kalcion’s body flew swiftly through the sky His fingers brushed against the branches Despite flying a high distance, his landing was correctly estimated His cape fluttered down like wings In Kalcion’s hand was a flower pointed by Selena There wasn’t a single squashed

“The clouds are going to take a while”

Selena smiled brightly, picking up the flowers that Kalcion held out

“I can wait”

No matter how long it took, it was impossible When Selena declared that she would wait until she died, and the two would be together until that moment, people released their breath

Real Love

Hot air flooded into the carriage back home The night air was cool, but the excitement that Kalcion picked flowers did not go away easily

“What’s going on What happened!”


Selena shook her fists

“You did such a great job!”

Kalcion didn’t even shrug On the contrary, he felt awkward and coughed vainly

“I did”

“Yes! It was perfect! The moment you handed over the flower, I almost mistook that the Duke really loves me!”

It wasn’t known if he hated Selena’s fussy appearance, but Kalcion spoke

“You said you lost your mind earlier, and you really did If you keep going like this, I don’t think there’ll be any problems wherever I go!”

“Is this what real lovers do”

“Uh…, wouldn’t that be the case normally This is the standard of the world I lived in”

Since marriage was quite different in this world, Selena’s idea that there could be a significant difference in views of love flashed through her mind

“…Isn’t that right here”

“I don’t know I think it depends on the person”

“…Even if it’s this much”

Selena’s excitement subsided in an instant Obviously, the romantic atmosphere remained the same here, and people’s reactions were what she expected

“If you’re a couple, don’t you just want to look at each other, be obsessed, do everything good for them, and act cute”

Kalcion tilted his head

“Well When I saw lovers hanging out with each other, they seemed to be absorbed in increasing physical adhesion regardless of time and place”

There were lovers like that in the world Selena lived in, but not all of them If you called them your lover, you would basically have affection for them Selena could feel the difference in the worldview Then she shook her head

“No, that’s too light There’s love and affection in this world too, isn’t there”

“There must be Someone can be in love with the person they married or in a relationship that includes feelings of love I think that’s it The word love itself is not so often used, but it’s unfamiliar every time I say it”

Kalcion fiddled with his chin as if the word that didn’t roll naturally in his mouth was uncomfortable Selena asked in bewilderment

“If you say so, the term “lover” could mean that it’s not important, am I right”


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